The night was quiet as the moon hung by the branches. There was not a single sound in the school at this time.

Yul locked the door of his room and switched off the lights. He then plunged into his comfy bed after turning his body.

“Ahh~~~~ I feel most comfortable lying and doing nothing~~”

Nonetheless, Yul did the cleaning for a whole afternoon, it would be more suffering with a human’s body. 

“Just sleep like this…”

Yul closed his eyes and prepared to dive into his dream.

But at that moment, Yul felt as if he was rubbed by something smooth.


The touch between skin caused Yul to be awake.

Don’t tell me Elsa is sleeping on my bed… Is she still thinking about what happened this morning? So she purposely came to my room…

Yul became excited when he thought about that and did not even switch on the lights to confirm. Yul flipped his body and used his arms to hug Elsa who was laying down beside

Elsa’s flexible and petite body was instantly hugged by Yul in his arms. Although not visible, the nice smell possessed by girls immediately enveloped Yul’s nose. Yul slowly moved his face towards Elsa’s silky hair by following the smell. The end of the hair touched Yul’s nose point, as if a spring breeze was blown through, creating a sense of nostalgia. Yul stuck the point of his nose with her long hair and sniffed it gently, his exhausted body was filled with satisfaction instantly. 

From Elsa’s reaction, Yul was sure that Elsa was awake. Since Elsa did not have any reaction after what he did……

Hmm? When did Elsa become this petite?

When Yul was wanting to continue doing something, he suddenly realised something was wrong.

“Master~ What are you waiting for?”

Suddenly, Silph’s voice echoed into Yul’s ear.

“What the fuck!!”

Yul was frightened to the extent that he jumped out of the bed. Then, he ran to light up the magic lights in his room.

As the light was brightened, Yul saw Silph who’s long hair shawled her shoulder as she was laying on his bed. While her originally fierceful eyes were a little flirtatious at that moment.

“Silph! Listen to my explanation! I thought you were Elsa! So I did not do that on purpose!! I really did not do that on purpose!”

Even though Silph was a sword, she still looked like a girl no matter what. 

Yul had thought it through clearly that it was his fault yesterday, it was not Yul’s principle to force a girl to do something she did not like.

“Master, you don’t need to think too much, Silph is master’s sword, so no matter how you use Silph, Silph will not have any complaints.”

If Yul were to nod his head now, Silph might throw herself into Yul without hesitation.

However, Yul did not think it that way, he knew Silph only went against her own will to make him happy. 

“Silph! Stop it! It’s really my fault yesterday night! I’m already reflecting on my own mistake, if you continue to be like that, I will think that I’m worse than waste.”


Silph looked at Yul and did not say anything. It might be that she was lonely, or she was sad, or she was regretting what she did yesterday. But all these were not shown on her cold face.

“If you understand, then quickly turn back into your sword form. I don’t know what to do if you’re like that.”

Yul looked awkwardly at Silph whose skin was as white as jade.

“Since master is not using Silph, then go to sleep quickly.”

Silph did not care about Yul’s order. She only dropped her words coldly and slept on Yul’s bed.

“Um… Silph, can you turn into your sword form, and return to the table??”

Yul asked.


But Silph did not answer Yul and continued lying on his bed.


Before Yul opening his mouth, he saw Silph sat up and said forcefully:

“As master’s sword, I need to always protect master’s safety. While a human has the least defence during his/her sleep, so it’s my duty to sleep beside master.”

After she finished her words, Silph laid on it again, and continued sleeping as she curled in the blanket.


She did not even follow him around from this morning, why did she say that suddenly now?? But looking at this situation, Silph would definitely stick herself with him wherever he slept…...