Yul could even hear Silph’s breathing behind the wool blanket yesterday night, this made him unable to dive into sleep peacefully. Hence, Yul dozed off during the morning lessons. Chloe knew she messed with him till late night, so she did not wake Yul up during class. Chloe still had a little selfishness for his apprentice who’s treasurous. 

But other students were shocked by this.

“Omg!! The Flame Witch allowed Yul to sleep this whole morning, it’s unbelievable!”

“You don’t know that? I heard that Yul only went back to his hostel at 4 in the morning. I think something happened yesterday night…”

“Shh!! I don’t wanna get exploded by fire balls!”

Two guys were whispering secretly and might not notice Elsa who was sitting behind them. Elsa frowned tightly and broke the lead of her pencil, but who would understand the pain in her heart right now?

“Elsa~~~ how about we have lunch together??”

After the morning lessons, Yul who just woke up had regained some energy. And the first thing he did was to look for Elsa to have lunch together.


Elsa looked at Yul and did not say anything, her gentle eyes unexpectedly made Yul feel a stabbing pain in his heart, and her attractive pink lips did not curl up slightly like usual.

She only stood not far away and glanced at Yul, she then turned her body and left as if she did not recognize Yul.

“Elsa… El..”

Yul looked at Elsa who was like a stranger and did not know what to do suddenly.

What happened? Their distance was just a piece of paper apart yesterday morning, but why did it feel like an ice mountain apart today?

At that moment, Aegir walked past Yul with a stormy face.

“Aegir! What happened to Elsa?”

Yul pulled Aegir who was leaving.

“You still have the nerve to ask about it??!”

Aegir swayed his hand away annoyingly. 

“Huh? What do I have to be ashamed about? I didn't do anything wrong too.”

Yul had a shortcoming, and it was to write out everything that he thought on his face. So when Aegir looked at Yul’s innocent face, she knew this idiot did not know anything.

“You… you’re not clear about it??”

Aegir looked at Yul to confirm again.

“Why would I ask you if I’m clear about it?? What’s happening to Elsa?? Yesterday we were…”

Yul quickly covered his mouth when he said until that part, if Aegir knew that he woke up with Elsa on the same bed yesterday morning, Elsa might have the intention to kill him.


Aegir stared at Yul’s action and was blank.

“Nothing, she cared so much for me yesterday, why is she like a stranger today? I even feel that it’s further than a stranger.”

Yul looked at Aegir and showed a confused expression.

“Oh my god! You had tons of acts as a rogue, I thought you are a love expert. Who knows you’re an idiotic guy!”

Aegir covered her face and exclaimed. 

“No! When did I act as a rogue! I spend time with Elsa with the aim of her being my wife wholeheartedly.”

Yul had a clear conscience, so he had much confidence when he said that sentence. He was not an ungrateful guy who forgets about girls he played with. Although he was a pervert, he did not force girls to do anything they disliked, and he would always take the responsibility if he had done anything.

“Marry her as your wife? Then you still dared to have so much gossip with Miss Chloe?”

Aegir felt utterly hopeless for the guy in front of her.

“How did I have gossip with Chloe?? Didn’t I just acknowledge her as my master?”

Wait! I think I called her honey yesterday. But there was no one around? Don’t tell me this was spread out?

“You even called her Chloe! Is this still acknowledging her as your master?”

Aegir laughed coldly as she looked at yul.

“Um… she said it made her old if I called her master, so I only called her Chloe. Anyways, there’s really nothing happening between us!”

He did not even touch her boobs and buttocks, and only hugged her thigh. 

“Then why did you stay at Miss Chloe’s workshop until 4am yesterday?”

“Um… that was because I did something wrong, so i was punished.”

It was definitely not because of me calling Chloe ‘honey’! Mm! No! 

“Then what is the contract mark on your forehead about?? This kind of mark was only engraved at this place when magicians as a couple kiss each other!” 

Aegir pointed at Yul’s forehead. 


Yul thought about it for a while and remembered there was something like this in the novels. When a couple placed their forehead together, a part of the soul would be engraved on each other’s mind, and then they kissed. 

“Tsk! This is a master-apprentice contract mark! It’s not even a couple mark!”

Yul covered his forehead and quickly explained.

“You engrave the master-apprentice contract mark on your forehead?? Do you think I’m as idiotic as you! And who says you can’t marry your master as your wife? There are so many examples of a master marrying his/her apprentice these days.”

Aegir glanced at the time and felt like she would not be able to be in time if she kept on delaying. So she turned her body and walked towards the canteen after finishing that sentence. 

“Wait! It’s okay even if I want to marry Chloe! I remember the Empire's law allows us to have a few wives right??”

Yul strided and quickly chased up to Aegir. Even if the Empire did not allow that, he was also not a human. But since it was allowed in the law, it meant that it was acceptable to have a few wives. 

“Having a few wives? You’re talking about the Empire’s royals, normal citizens would only marry one. And if you continue to be a womanizer, don’t mention a few, I’m afraid that you are not able to marry one.”

Aegir’s words were scornful, which woman would want her husband to be half-hearted on her? And Yul did not even have an influential family background, he was also not a celebrity, his magic was only average and it was just an Inherent Magic that looked awesome. But all these were not able to make someone enjoy the benefits of being a royal, no matter how powerful one's magical power was, normal citizens were still normal citizens. Even Chloe as a Flame Witch was not included as a Duke. 

Moreover, Yul was old-fashioned. If it was not for Elsa, there might be no one who wanted to befriend Yul.


When Aegir thought about this, she frowned. 

Okay, I’m his friend too.

Yul’s behaviour was not bad usually, he will also help me during punishments and actual combat lessons.

Yul became nervous when he heard Aegir’s words and quickly said: 

“Then should I explain clearly to Elsa now? I really like Elsa!”

Aegir could sense Yul’s feelings, although this pervert was lustful and had a glib tongue, he could see his feelings for Elsa along the way. As his friend, she should lend him a helping hand. 

“Sigh… Then when we reach the canteen, I'll look for Elsa. You better prepare how to explain it clearly to her.”

Aegir walked towards the direction of the canteen after she finished talking.

Yul heard it and quickly placed his palms together as he said:

“Thanks for heroine’s great kindness~~ I will never forget it in my whole life!”

ヽ( ̄ω ̄〃)ゝ