Yul left the canteen was expressionless, his eyes were dull. It was as if his whole body was like a kite that had its string broken flying around, and did not know where the destination was. 

Suddenly a gentle breeze fluttered towards Yul’s face, the spring breeze was just like a girl’s gentle and soft fingers caressing Yul’s face. This made Yul think of Elsa and her soft, jade hands. 

Yul touched his cheeks, attempting to stop the touch of the spring breeze from leaving. But the spring breeze only stayed there shortly, just like Elsa who crashed into his vision accidentally, and left him accidentally. 

“Yul, are you okay??”

Yul was as if he heard Elsa’s gentle voice, he turned his head and looked towards the sound excitedly. He was thinking if Elsa had forgave him, and if Elsa didn't forget about him. 

But when Yul turned his head over, he only knew that it was his hallucinations. Because the person standing there was not Elsa who was smiling in his imagination, instead, it was Aegir with a worrying expression.

Yul felt grateful looking at Aegir who was worried. Although he was not human, he still had a fundamental heart of gratitude. Aegir did not only slapped Kyle for him, she was worried about him too. If he continued to be like that, he might cause much trouble for Aegir. 

Therefore, Yul adjusted his emotions to not let Aegir be worried about him. He then curled up the edge of his lips slightly and looked at Aegir.

“No worries! I did not have this kind of feeling before, so I just felt a little weird.”

Yul could not see how stiff his smile was, it was barely a smile. This smile nearly made Aegir heart broken. This was because she knew Yul liked Elsa. Even though this guy was usually perverted and acting like a rogue, he did not force Elsa to do anything overboard. It could be understood from his actions and visions on how much he liked Elsa.

“Don’t take things too hard man!”

Aegir looked at Yul who was haggard, she was scared that this guy would commit suicide. 

“No no! I won’t take it too hardly, since it’s hard for me to die even if I want to.”

Yul smiled again, although yul thought that he had adjusted his emotions, his voice and expression sold him out. 

This guy always writes everything out on his face!

Aegir gazed at Yul and walked towards him one step by another.

“It’s really nothing, since Elsa decided to leave me, this means that we’re not fateful. Since we’re not destined, there’s nothing that I can force on too.”

Although Yul was sad, he was clear. No matter written in novels or in reality, feelings could not be forced. What’s yours would never ever leave you, but what’s not ours would fly away even if you locked it up. 

That was why Yul must respect Elsa’s decision. Since they were not destined to be together, then he should not disturb her life. It was only love at first sight, there was nothing to be persisted on.

“Don’t lie to yourself anymore! Your expression has sold you out! Your heart did not even want it that way, why do you say words that opposed your heart?”

Aegir clutched onto Yul’s collar tightly, if she was merciless enough, she hoped that she could slap this guy to make him awake. 

“Aegir, I……”

Yul looked at Aegir’s charming eyes and did not know what to say suddenly.

“You what! Now! Quickly! Get Elsa back!”

Aegir got her face close towards Yul’s cheeks, used a loud voice and growled towards Yul. At that moment, the fragrance from Aegir could be smelled by Yul. 


Yul fell into silence as he looked at Aegir, he did not know how to respond. He wanted to do it that way, but he did not know how to compromise with himself. He did not want Elsa to feel awkward, he did not want Elsa to feel perplexed because of him more. 

“What an idiot!! You’re like a love expert when acting like a rogue, you ended up being an idiot who does not understand a woman’s heart!! Do you know how often Elsa discusses about you and how often she cares about you! If you don’t wanna leave the pain in your heart, then go get back Elsa!!”

Aegir was agitated, she gave Yul’s chest a punch after finishing her words. The punch was directly hit towards the centre of Yul’s chest. At that moment, the soreness in Yul’s heart could be felt from the physical pain outside. 

If it was really like what Aegir said, Elsa still had him in her heart, and if she still cares about him, remembers him, Elsa might……

Like him. 

When Yul thought about that, he became energetic suddenly. Although Yul cared much about fate and would not be forceful if she was not his, he would still definitely work hard to get the girl he liked. If he did not take action, he was afraid that the pain in his heart would follow him forever. 

“Thank you, Aegir!”

Yul hugged Aegir tightly, his vision that was dispersed turned energetic. 

“Ahh!!! I… I…”

With the hug by Yul, Aegir became nervous. Aegir did not expect Yul would hug her suddenly, she did not expect Yul’s chest to be so bold and reliable too. Lying in Yul’s hug gave her a sense of security silently. 

This is why Elsa is so into Yul, if this continues…

Aegir immediately pushed Yul away anxiously when she thought of that. 

“Alright! If you’ve recovered, then follow me quickly to look for Elsa!!”

Aegir turned her body and walked towards the hall where the actual combat was held, looking agitated. But if her expression was observed closely, it would be seen that her cheeks were slightly turning red