“Empire Royal Academy”, the school that the Empire was proud of, and also a top-ranking school on the whole continent. Anyone who studied in this school would have higher intelligence and would be way more talented than ordinary people. However, the 24 people in the class right now, in this case, were not. 

The classroom’s doors and windows were blocked by Sound Isolation and Sealing Magic. The sound in the classroom could not be even heard by the soldiers that were on guard. The Empire’s Chief Magician, Asemans, who was already 300 years old, and the officer wearing a dignified expression, were standing in front on the stage. 

“You guys should be clear of your own status! It was all for the Empire’s reputation! Or else you guys would be executed as deserters!”

The serious officer had his face darkened as he howled angrily towards the 24 people with his threatening voice. 


The 24 people in the classroom lowered their heads and showed nervous expressions, most of them were the young adventurers from the Adventurers’ Club who only had abilities that were below average. They only joined the temporarily-recruited army to get some money or to grab a chance to enter the official army. Although they had obtained their aim, the situation was completely different from what they had imagined. 

“Don’t be so strict, Officer Kerla. Since their opponent’s power was really intimidating, it’s normal for them to escape.”

Comparing him to the stern Kerla, the Empire’s Chief Magician was much kinder. 

“Students, please don’t be scared. What you guys should do is to have one voice about the matter, and learn well in school.” 

Asemans smiled as he scanned everyone with a benevolent expression.

“Although Lord Asemans said it like that, I would still want to remind all of you, anyone who leaked this information will be executed immediately. Do you understand?”


A dead silence replied to Officer Kerla. 

“Alright, alright~~ Mr. Kerla please don’t scare people like that. They are already my students, I believe they will listen to me. Now, quickly go for your entrance examination.”

The kind Asemans waved his hand and erased the magic on the door. The students who looked dead on their faces lowered their heads and walked towards the exit. But there was still someone staring at the ceiling with an infatuated expression.

“Student! Student!”

The kind Asemans walked towards Yul and waved his hand in front of his eyes. 

Female juniors wearing uniform…  Female teachers with long legs wearing black stockings....

It was Yul who did not see anything and only stayed in his own imagination with his saliva flowing out.

“Quickly, get up!” 

Officer Kerla growled at him angrily and pulled him out from his imagination.

“What happened? What happened? I did not peek! I really did not!” 

Yul stood up in panic as if he just woke up from a dream. 

“Please get out quickly student, there are lots of beautiful little sisters waiting for you at the hall’s entrance examination.”

Asemans looked at Yul jokingly and pointed at the direction of the hall. 

“Really? Did you guys finish talking? If you’re done then, I’ll leave first!”

Yul did not wait for their response and rushed towards the hall quickly as if he was flying. 

“Why did Lord Asemans want to give a chance to these people?"

After Yul left, Officer Kerla returned to his usual state, the dignified figure and aura disappeared instantly. If seen from the side, his waist which was straight earlier was bent slightly. 

“Give those youngsters some chances, there might be some unexpected gains.”

Meanwhile, Asemans was still being benevolent.