“Why did the creature disappear so quickly…”

When Aegir and Yul ran to the end of the corridor while panting, the Earthbound Dragon was nowhere to be seen.

“So let’s not care about the Earthbound Dragon anymore, it’s better if we look for Elsa.”

Yul looked at the big hole irritatingly, he then averted his gaze to other places as if he was guessing where Elsa would be at. His own wife was ignoring him, who would have the thought to play hide and seek with the lizard?

“What do you know! This Earthbound Dragon still had a little dragon’s blood no matter what, it was natural to like shiny things!”

Aegir walked close towards the huge pit and said while frowning. 

“Shiny things??”

Yul’s eyes brightened when he heard of this, as if he had understood something.

“The Earthbound Dragon had spent lots of years burrowing through the grounds, so diamonds and minerals can be found on their bodies frequently.”


Yul widened his eyes when he heard of this.

“Think about it, what would a girl like other than beautiful clothes?? Even if Elsa is not a girl who longs for fame and money, but if you give a diamond to her now… Hey! What do you wanna do?”

Before Aegir finished talking, she saw Yul was ready to jump into the pit and quickly pulled his arm out of shock. 

“Is it necessary to ask that? Of course it’s to chase my diamond!”

Yul was held on by Aegir and could not sway it away. Although Aegir was a girl, her strength was very big compared to other humans. Yul did not know why a girl could have that much strength too. But it was not the time to think about this, Yul had only one thought and it was to jump into the pit.

“Are you crazy! If the route of this pit collapses, no one can look for you.”

Aegir pulled Yul with all she could. There was no support point in the route burrowed by the Earthbound Dragon, no one would know when the route would be covered by the soil above. Moreover, the environment under the ground was complex. Sometimes, the Earthbound Dragon wold even crawled up and down. If humans followed the route to find the Earthbound Dragon, they might be buried alive.

“What’s there to be scared of! I can just dig a hole up and crawl out!!”

Isn’t it just to drill holes! Will I, the strongest Apostle, lose to a lizard in digging holes?

“Don’t mess around anymore! If you can crawl out by yourself, other people have already done that.”

Aegir clenched onto Yul tightly, not allowing this guy to drill into the hole. While Yul was trying his best to break free from Aegir. If it was not for him to worry that Aegir would not be able to withstand his strength, he might have already unsealed his power and swayed Aegir to the side. 

“Heroine, please let go of me!!”

Yul saw that he could not do it hardly, so he could only use the soft way.

“No!! If you die in the hole then I’ll be a sinner.”

Aegir thought that this bad idea was thought by her, if Elsa knew that Yul listened to her and died in the hole to find the diamond because of her, Elsa would hate her for all her life. And miss Chloe too, if she knew her Inherent Apprentice was buried alive due to the fact that he listened to her words, she would definitely be dismembered. 

Moreover, even if they did not know about this, Aegir would feel sorry too. Although Yul was a rogue and a pervert, he was still a normal human. If he really died in the pit because of her bad idea, she would feel guilty too. 

Yul almost broke free from Aegir’s hands, if she did not take action hardly, Yul might just enter the pit. Aegir thought that diamond was less important than a human’s life, why not just knock him out here, there were other ways to apologize to Elsa, they could still give other things if diamond was not able to be obtained. 

Aegir started to store energy in his right leg when she thought till there and prepared to do an upkick, kicking onto Yul’s brain. 

But at that moment, a weird rustle echoed into Yul’s and Aegir’s ears. As they followed the source of the sound, they saw a lawn not far away was like a pair of lungs that were breathing, undulating up and down. Next, the grass on the surface of the soil slowly sank into the ground. In a split of a second, the soil that originally sank into the ground exploded out, while the “Earthbound Dragon” that penetrated into the ground drilled out of the ground in an imposing manner.



Aegir and Yul looked at each other and quickly let go of their hands. 

At the moment where Aegir released Yul, he then ran towards the Earthbound Dragon like a wild horse that had its rein thrown off. 

“Diamond!! Stand there and wait for me!! Don’t run!!”

Yul waved his fist aggressively, the overwhelming pressure released by him was forced towards the Earthbound Dragon. 

“Omg!! Will people fight the Earthbound Dragon like that?!!”

The Earthbound Dragon was naturally curious, so people would go near it carefully while hunting, because they were scared that the dragon would escape by drilling into the ground. While Yul was a special case, he rolled his sleeves up and rushed towards the dragon while waving his fist. 

“Sigh… there’s really no other ways to treat him.”

Aegir covered her forehead and sighed deeply. Since the situation was set, there were no other ways anymore. She could only rush with Yul no matter what. 

The Earthbound Dragon which was at the lawn lifted up its head and was stunned when it felt the pressure. Then, it saw Yul waving his fist, rushing towards it with a murderous intent. When the Earthbound Dragon saw his imposing manner, it was as if it was not a B-rank magic beast in his eyes anymore, instead, it was like a sheep that was waiting to be slaughtered. 

In addition, Yul’s speed could get him to the dragon in less than 20 seconds. The Earthbound Dragon was frightened to the extent that it forgot to drill, it lifted up its buttock, turned its head and ran into the forest beside. 

“Diamond! Wait!!!”

Yul was running behind while shouting, but the pressure given out by Yul now was useless. Because Yul was completely a butcher in the Earthbound Dragon’s eyes. Normally, a magic beast obeyed to people because they wanted to survive. But now Yul obviously wanted to kill it. It would rather escape than surrender and wait for death.

“Shit! This Earthbound Dragon is so scared that it’s not even drilling into the ground? It’s unscientific!”

Aegir was also utterly shocked by the scene, since the Earthbound Dragon’s natural escape act was to penetrate into grounds, the dragon might really be frightened by yul.

“Isn’t this going to my favour!”

Yul did not slow down and chased the dragon towards the forest in the mountains behind the school.