“Here… Here… It’s really heaven!!!”

Yul, who was being squeezed in the crowd, could not resist yelling in his mind. 

The narrow corridor that leads to the hall was crowded with new students who wanted to join the entrance examination. Just like what Asemans said, there were indeed lots of beautiful and cute little sisters. Due to the fact that it was too crowded, Yul could not avoid touching different kinds of soft and sensitive body parts. 

Yul then squeezed through the throng with his reddened cheeks and lascivious smile. He could reach the hall in 5 minutes but he insisted squeezing around for half an hour. 

Finally, Yul reached a wide hall with a large group of people. The dome-shaped hall was big enough to build a football field, hence the crowd immediately scattered once they reached the hall.

A round of Magic Lights that could glow by itself were attached to the sides of the hall’s roof, this made the hall that was in utter darkness brightened up. On the ceiling of the dome roof, there was an impressive mural. But Yul did not pay much attention to the mural since it could not compete against the girls in his heart. 

“Are all the new students here?”

Suddenly, a loud voice echoed in the hall. Although the voice was clear, they could not find the owner of the voice.

“We won’t wait for those who are not here. Firstly, I would like to congratulate everyone for having the chance to enter the Empire Royal Academy. Next, we’re starting our entrance examination.”

Four magic arrays that were illuminated by red lights appeared in the center of the round hall. Then, a few clouds of flame were seen burning in each of the four magic arrays. When no one knew what was going on, four enormous wolves that were surrounded by fire appeared at the center of the hall. The wolves were two meters tall and they had scorching flames burning on their backs and heads. 

“Aren’t… Aren’t these the Flame Wolves that could only be summoned by a high-level Fire mage?”

The students who were close to the wolves subconsciously stepped backwards. 

“Oh my god! This is my first time seeing a Summoned Beast at this level this close!"

“What is the entrance examination about? They even brought out Flame Wolves.”

Some of the students were excited and some were afraid, but most of them were worried about the entrance examination. 

“Now let’s start the entrance examination, I hope you guys can survive.”




When the words were heard, the atmosphere in the hall became cold. 

“Are… Are you joking?”

“This joke is not even funny. Let’s start the test! Don’t joke anymore!”

Although the students were protesting on the surface, their faces darkened, because they knew that the Empire Royal Academy would not make jokes like that.

At that moment, a cloud of burning flame broke the freezing atmosphere, this cloud of flame was created by the magic that was burning around the wolves’ body.  The four wolves were now staring at the new students fiercely as if they were hungry hunters who had found their preys.

“We can only attack them now!”

As someone shouted, a ball made up of water was splashed onto one of the wolves. When the water ball hit the wolf, the liquid of the water ball’s outer shell clashed against the flame on the wolf’s body and produced a cloud of white smoke. But no one expected that there would be a person inside the water ball after the outer shell dispersed. That person immediately punched the wolf once the outer shell evaporated. The clash earlier weakened the flames on the wolf’s body, so the wolf took a few steps back when it was punched. 

“Alright! Now! Let’s attack!”

The student who punched the wolf shouted loudly towards the students behind him once he landed on the floor. However, most of the students have not experienced any real battles before, so they could only stand and do nothing. 

But time would not wait for them. When the other students were hesitating, the flames on the wolf’s body quickly ignited again. Before the student who attacked the wolf realized anything, the wolf then bit onto the student’s shoulder fiercely and threw him towards the walls at the side. The blood that was caused by the bite was then sprayed onto the students who were watching aside. While the student who was bitten turned unconscious and collapsed by the wall due to excessive bleeding.