“It’s really happening! Run!!!”

“Save… Save me!!!"

Most of the students ran crazily towards the narrow corridor as if they had lost their souls. They pushed and squeezed with each other without order, there was nothing more than escaping in these students’ minds. 

So good! So good! It feels so good!!!

Although the situation was chaotic, Yul grabbed the opportunity to squeeze with the girls, enjoying the soft touch that faded away quickly. 

Aside from those escaping students, there was still a group of students planning to fight against the Flame Wolves, and many of the people who survived the battle against the Ice Dragon were among them. 

“What a bunch of idiots, escaping in such a large-scale group will only be targets.”

It was said by a charming teen with blonde hair who was wearing a uniform. At that moment, he was using his own Wind Magic to block the flames produced by the wolves. 

“Hmph! At least there’s still someone who’s qualified here!”

When the blonde teen used his magic to block the Flame Wolves, a large rock immediately protruded from the ground and hit the wolf’s abdomen. It was a basic-level magic “Earth Spike”, it was cast by another female student who stayed. 

There were only 30 students who were preparing for battle in the hall. They automatically divided themselves into 4 groups to fight against the four Flame Wolves. 

However, the Flame Wolves were not normal summoned beasts. Although there were adventurers among the new students, they were still not in a good position in that very situation. With only 10 minutes, most of the 30 students were injured. 

“Goddamnit! I thought there were people here who joined in killing the Ice Dragon? Where are they!?”

A male student avoided the flames spurted by the wolves and immediately ran towards an injured guy. He then cast a simple Healing Magic on him. 

“Um, I’m one of them….”

The injured guy looked at the student who was healing him embarrassingly. 

“Fuck! You guys only defeated the Ice Dragon when it was weak!! We have no chance anymore, let’s run!”

The male student did not hesitate to stand up and ran towards the exit, but the wolf was already staring fixedly at him. When the guy was reaching the swarm of people, a large ball of fire was spurted out from the wolf towards the crowd. 


The guy panicked immediately. He had no way to defend against such a high-temperature fireball. 

When the fireball was getting nearer, a girl with long silver hair that flowed like satin blocked his view. The girl’s delicate features were just like an angel's. Her purple eyes showed determination while her white skin was like the first snow, they were beautiful and holy. 

A second after the girl appeared, a large ice shield appeared between the fireball and the girl like a wall. The huge shield made of ice immediately melted into water when it caught the fireball. Fortunately, the fireball disappeared in the air because of the Ice Shield’s chill.

“Chilling Ice Shield? This is an intermediate Ice Magic…”

The guy was stunned as he looked at the vanishing ice shield. 

“Run quickly! I’ll cover here.”

As the silver-haired girl was saying this, she immediately gathered the magic power into her hands. The chill solidified as if they were listening to the girl’s order. Next, a white ice sword that was emitting chills appeared in the girl’s hand. 

“So pretty…”

The guy who was saved was stunned, he looked intensely at the silver-haired girl who was holding the ice sword. It was as if his soul was hooked away by the girl. 

“Yeah… so pretty…”

At the same time, there was another person who was using the same expression to look at the silver-haired girl. It was Yul.