The silver-haired girl did not have time to care about them, she rushed towards the wolves and attracted one of them by shoving it to the side. As she raised up her left hand, a white magic array instantly appeared on her palm. 

At that moment, everyone in the hall could feel a gust of chill. Looking towards the source of the chill, numerous frost flowers flew up in the air in front of the silver-haired girl. Next, a biting, chilly wind blew, dispersing the frost flowers, and casting them towards the wolves. 

The wolf’s flame became even much duller at that time. The four feet of the wolf that were not twined by flames were frozen to the ground by the ice. 


The girl shouted, raised her ice sword, and rushed towards the wolf. The students who were already beside her also cast their own magic towards the wolves. 

Numerous magic were cast towards the wolves, Ice Hammer, Earth Spike, Wind Blade, although they were all basic-level magic, there were many of them, so the wolves could not move and attack as well. The girl also grasped the opportunity, she leaped, and raised the ice sword, slashing towards the wolf’s forehead. 

But when the girl nearly succeeded, a large fireball flew towards the wolf. When the fireball and the wolf came into contact, the flames on the Flame Wolf ignited again.

“Fuck! Who cast the Fire Magic towards the Flame Wolf?”

A student scolded angrily at the source of the fireball. Ordinary fireballs could only be absorbed by Flame Wolves, making their power even stronger. 

“Oh no!!!”

The girl knew that something was not right, but it was too late because she was already in the air and could not move by herself.

The wolf which had flames twined on its bloody mouth rushed towards the girl. But at that moment of life and death, an air wall created by a strong air current appeared between the wolf and the girl. The person who cast the air wall was the blonde teen who used his own magic to block the flames. 

“This air wall is not just a basic-level magic, right!”

The students at the surroundings were shocked by the powerful air wall. Everyone thought that the girl was saved because the air wall had an ability to bounce anything near away. 


Yul looked at the situation and was in discontentment. Because he knew that the silver-haired girl was in a really perilous state, she might be bitten to death in the next second. 

As what everyone had expected, the air wall might be able to block the wolf earlier but, the Flame Wolf’s power now was strengthened by the flame. To block the wolf, only a Defense Magic that had the same level as the wolf can be effective. 

However, there was not enough time, the wolf’s head had broken through the air wall, in less than a second, the wolf might be able to bite onto the girl’s snow-white throat. 

At that moment, Yul suddenly appeared beside the girl. Yul also unsealed his power a little simultaneously, although the unsealed duration was short, it was enough. 

Yul carried the girl, raised his leg, and kicked strongly towards the wolf’s head. The wolf that was 2 meters tall flew to the other side of the hall with just a kick. 

The hall then fell into silence. 

“Are you okay?”

Yul carried the girl gently and looked at her beautiful face caringly. Yul was thinking about how to leave a handsome impression on her, but she did not expect that the girl had her cheeks reddened as tears welled up in her eyes. 

Ah? This expression is different from what I had imagined. Shouldn’t she be admiring and be fascinated by me? Is she crying because she was scared by the wolves?

When Yul was confused by the situation, the feel of soft and warm touch was sent from his palm to his brain. It was something holy that he did not touch before. It was soft and bouncy, tall but tender. No matter how irritated one was, if he buried his face into it,  he could feel heavenly relief. 

As Yul thought of this, he could not resist squeezing it. 


A small but seducing moan was heard and sent to Yul’s brain, ringing continuously in his mind. 

Yul immediately came to a realization when she saw the girl’s reddened cheeks and eyes welling up with tears. 

“Wait! I did not do that on purpose! It was too comfortable so I could not control my hands!!l”

Shit!! I said I wanted to leave a good impression, now it’s all impossible!

Yul quickly released his hand, creating a distance between himself and the girl. 


The girl was all red and did not say anything, she was touched by Yul in front of 30 people and 4 wolves!

The students spectating started scolding Yul. 

“What a scumbag! How dare you molest our goddess at that dangerous moment?!"

“I know right! He did not do anything just now, but when he saw she was safe, he went to molest her!”

Yul’s action was too fast and too skillful, everyone at the scene did not notice that it was he who kicked the wolf away. Instead, in their eyes, Yul was just a pervert who took advantage and groped the girl. 

“Can people like you touch our goddess’ breast!?”

“Trash! How dare you molest her when the air wall bounced the wolf away! Are you that shameless?”

“Fuck! I’m so jealous!! I wanna touch it too!!”


Suddenly a dissonance was heard, but the guy who said the truth immediately stopped talking when the people around looked at him. 

“Enough!! Shut up you all!! The test is over!!”

When Yul wanted to explain, a woman with brown long hair and a perfect S-curve entered the hall. There was a girl with red-flaming hair coming in with her. The four wolves then immediately turned into flames and vanished when they came in.