A night before the charity show, Flasher Uncle was once again transformed into LinHai’s Elephant Buddha. With this, a large number of people converted into believers of the Elephant Deity overnight.

Looking into the starry night sky with eyes of desperation, Flasher Uncle held the elephant by the seaside. What I need is not the worship of men, but the looks of fear, hatred, and shame in their eyes. Ye Cang and Panty Uncle they tapped his shoulder with a sigh.

“Let out all your dissatisfaction. Scream it all out if it will make you feel better.” Ye Cang comforted him.

“Men, turning into such shameless beings! Oh dear God! Return me the world that was once pure!” Flasher Uncle’s elephant roared towards the vault of the heavens. At the balcony and front porch of the little house behind, where Spying Blade, FrozenCloud and Wu Na stood, soaked in cold sweat and shook their heads. You don’t have the rights to talk that way.

One look at Fang Tong hands, the thought of her not washing for days to come was so staggering that Fang Ci didn’t know what to do but to hammer his head against the wall.

Looking at the three of them standing side by side, he murmured in awe “The three masters in the East, The Devilish Gentleman - The White Haired Asura, The Elephant Star - Flasher Uncle, The King of Panty - Panty Uncle.”

Flasher Uncle and Panty Uncle bed down the night.

The Moon-and-Stars square is LinHai’s biggest stadium which can accommodate roughly two hundred thousand people, competing with the capital’s Green Dragon Temple and XingYun city’s Chrysanthemum Pool for the title of China’s largest stadiums.

On the next day, Zuo Yiyi got everything ready as planned. The pressure of sharing the stage with these masters was getting to her. Ye Cang’s dancing skills were something not to be trifled with, Panty Uncle’s beat on the drums was remarkable and Flasher Uncle’s insane bass and roar were so good it should be a crime. Despite having the title Goddess of China, deep down inside, she knew that her skill was nowhere near theirs. All she had was her status.

The entire Moon-and-Star Square was packed with people from the capital or overseas. Lin Le’s prologue was then made. “That, eh, it was just on the tip of my tongue... Oh well, let’s begin!” LeLe forgot the lines.

Laughter filled the atmosphere. But this mishap got Zuo Yiyi choking on the deep breath she took. Is that all you’re gonna say? Walking out gracefully, everyone was shouting and screaming out loud.

“Okay. Okay, I know all of you guys are not here for me, but for the Three Masters of the East District. To be honest, Panty Uncle is so handsome, one glance and you’re out of breath.” Zuo Yiyi channeled her inner little fangirl, while the crowd adores that comment. Fans of Panty Uncle shouted. “We know!”

“Hoho. This charity show is for the children out there who became orphan, abandoned due to war, terrorist attack, and natural disaster. Children are the future of civilization, the world’s precious jewel. They are filled with infinite potential for a bright future, not to be forsaken by these tragic incidents. Everyone has hopes and dreams. However, not many can achieve it, even I. Despite those dreams are yet to be achieved, we have to follow the path even if it leads to totally different routes. To dream is our rights. However, from what I see is that many of these innocent children do not even have this privilege, leaving the world waiting for them to open up. Chrysanthemum Emperor once said ‘There is nothing more important than protecting the children.’ Such simple and straightforward phrase.” Zuo Yiyi’s touched the heart of the audience with his speech.

“So, the first song that we will be performing for our children is . Composed by a band from the East of LinHai. Does anyone want to guess? I’m sure you all know the answer.” Zuo Yiyi grinned.

“Flasher Uncle?”

“Goddess Yiyi said it is a band!”

“Panty Uncle?”

“It is a band! A band!”

“Oh, I know! It is the general!”

“t-105 may be a group but it is not a band!”

“Then, what is left?”

Wu Na was stunned by the audience’s reactions. Bringing along FrozenCloud, Ah K and a few others, she went on the stage. Wearing the black Gothic Punk attire, raising her middle finger in the air. “Fuck! Did you all just forget about me?!”

“Oh! Oh! I vaguely remember! It is Flasher Uncle’s, General’s and Panty Uncle’s vocal companion! The...something...Falling Sand band! I fan of theirs at some point!”

Wu Na infuriated. I am the lead vocal! Lead vocal! I organized that show! They were just guest performers!

“Ugh, now the bassist and also the vocal - our Flasher Uncle! Next, the drummer and vocal accompaniment - Panty Uncle!” Zuo Yiyi shouted. Flasher Uncle came down from above and his windbreaker flowed with the wind, holding up the bass when the audience screamed for him. Meanwhile, Panty Uncle came out from the black curtain like magic, taking down his top hat and started to bow. Zuo Yiyi was unable to stand several girl’s shouting. “And all you’ve been waiting! Known Soul Dancer! The Devilish Gentleman! The General! The Crusader King! Give it u for the White Haired Asura!”

The classical song, “Cai Yin River” played. Wearing a black and retro tuxedo, Ye Cang slow danced to center stage as if he was dancing on water and bowed with an arm on his chest.

“Now, I would like to introduce the lighting technician, the human gundam - Zhang ZhengXiong! Our sound controller, known as the genius young lady, Ye Tian! And also, our little prince at the side, Lin Le!” Cheers and screams were all over the place as Zuo Yiyi introduced the main members one by one. As the image on the screen showed Zhang ZhengXiong, his imposing and monstrous glaze sent chill down every spine. Followed up by the sound controller, Ye Tian who was wearing hip hop fashion and a snapback. This had won over numerous hearts. Lastly, the camera turned to Lin Le who was lying on the bench at the backstage, picking his nose, not paying any attention.

Zuo Yiyi nodded. Zhang ZhengXiong switched off the lights and pitch black everything went. The audience looked at the dark stage.

“The homeland that I dreamt of, a place filled with waves of laughter, chit-chatter, and care. In this land, sunflowers that are always smiling towards the sun.” Zuo Yiyi’s crystal clear voice came out of nowhere.

“However, the hurricane and rainstorm destroyed my leaves, blew away my petals. I am longing for the Sun to save me.” Wu Na’s low and hoarse female rocker voice lived up the mood. The raindrops, mimicked by the drum, transitioning into a rapid hammering. The soft bass transformed into the roaring sound of a hurricane.

A beam of white light shot on the stage. Ye Cang squatted down helpless. It was as if they are watching a monochromic silent movie. He slowly got up in the rainstorm and swayed in the wind, struggling to stay up, struggling to move forward. Although despair filled his gaze, a glimpse of hope could still be found.

“Save me! Save me! My body is breaking! My petals are falling! My leaves have been torn off!” Flasher Uncle swung his windbreaker and the elephant raid. It yelled out loud for help. Wu Na’s low and deep hum broke out along with Flasher Uncle’s outcry. “Save me! Don’t ignore me! I don’t expect you to restore my homeland but at least return the smiles of ours! Even here in this rainstorm, we can…”

“Fight on! Smile on!” Everyone shouted. A glimpse of warm light shined, far away. Ye Cang wanted to reach for it but he fell to the injuries in the rainstorm. His eyelids were getting heavier but the desire to live could still be seen from his helpless face as he reached out his hand for the light. His smile was miserable but brave nonetheless. At last, Ye Cang disappeared in the darkness. That beam of light faded, catching the audience’s attention. The stream of tears coursed down everyone’s cheeks as Ye Cang’s arm fell, making a muffled sound.