Shan TongTong then deliberately interviewed Lin Le, Little Ye Tian, Zhang ZhengXiong. Even the jack-of-all-trades SpyingBlade, Fang Ci and Fang Tong got interviewed too.

“Okay, today’s interview ends here. Thank you for such marvelous performance and bringing joy to the east district!” Shan TongTong ended the interview. FrozenCloud quickly stopped Wu Na from hitting her with the guitar, watched her leave and sighed with relief. With a bitter smile, she comforted Wu Na. “Your performance was amazing, and everyone saw that.”

Wu Na took a deep breath and opened up her fans listing. It had increased by twenty thousand. She was relieved. Then, checking on the Three Masters in the East District, she almost dropped her phone on the floor. She could not believe her eyes. They all had millions of fans and mainly consisted of international fans.

Ye Cang invited everyone to Old Wang’s place for a celebration, even Old Li from the ramen shop was invited. Some night market hawkers who were close to Ye Cang also came to set up a banquet. Dishes from Chinese cuisine, Japanese cuisine, and Western cuisine were placed all over the table.

An old woman, blue-eyed and blonde curly-haired, looked at Ye Cang complained. “White hair, you haven’t visited my shop for almost a month.”

“Next time for sure, Marilyn!” Ye Cang passed by Marilyn and apologized. Indeed, they had not been visiting Marilyn’s western restaurant for quite some time. Zuo Yiyi loved Marilyn’s restaurant’s dishes, not because of the high-quality ingredients but the ingredient selected and the marvelous cooking skills. There was a tale saying the best three hawkers in the night market were Old Wang, Old Li, and Marilyn.

Ye Cang invited them to sit and celebrate together. Waves of laughter filled the open-air banquet. Looking at Marilyn touching LeLe’s head, it brought up the past when they just got to know each other. Whenever he was hungry, he would go to Marilyn’s place like a stray cat scavenging for food. Then, Marilyn would always feed him with steak and puffs.

Old Wang poured Flasher Uncle some white wine. “Li Xiu is still…”

Flasher Uncle put up a smile and took over the glass of wine. He raised his glass and drank it, ignoring the question.

“It has been 34 years…” Old Wang looked at him and sighed. He then drank up the wine.

“Yeah, 34 years.” Flasher Uncle seemed lost while staring at the glass. He turned to see Panty Uncle which had also poured himself a glass of white wine. “Aren’t you going to drink red wine?”

“I want to drink something strong tonight.” Panty Uncle filled the whole cup.

Flasher Uncle suddenly recalled something. He was one of the few who knew Panty Uncle’s wife’s death anniversary. He did not say anything and once again, raised his glass. Three of them toasted.

Ye Cang craned his neck toward Marilyn, asking her how to cook a steak, make a puff and some other desserts. He then went to ask Old Li about ways of cooking other Japanese cuisine and he succeeded in getting the recipe to cook teppanyaki. At last, he came to where Flasher Uncle, Old Wang, and Panty Uncle were. He learned how to make meatballs. Sorrows filled the atmosphere when Wu Na, FrozenCloud, SpyingBlade, Fang Ci and the others saw Ye Cang going around asking for cooking knowledge.


LinHai’s East District, Red Crescent Hospital.


Flasher Uncle was holding a sleeping woman’s hand, looked tender as if he returned home. He stared at her silently. Please wake up, Li Xiu.

Under the leading of a matron, the novice nurse was going around and inspecting on patients. Upon reaching Bai Lixiu’s ward, the novice nurse sneaked at the visitors inside. Her jaws agape in bewilderment. It was the superstar, Flasher Uncle. The matron tapped on her shoulder and said. “Don’t disturb them. Let’s go”

“Matron, who is that woman? Is it Flasher Uncle’s lover? Soul mate?” The novice nurse gossiped.

The matron shook her head but then nodded. She sighed and left without saying a word. Knowing that it would lead to nowhere, the novice nurse stopped asking and caught up to her.


East District’s Graveyard, Sepulture Moon Forest.


Panty Uncle held a bouquet of iris flower and put it on the grave. His vision blurred as he looked at the portrait on the grave, a woman who smiled while making funny faces. He slowly raised his head and gazed at the endless night sky. “Which star are you, my wife.” He muttered.


A house at the beach.


“Today’s ’s main topic is the tuxedo! The top hats and the canes. Take a look at how Panty Uncle and General present the retro gentleman style!”

“The success story of Three Masters of East District. Let me lay it out. Firstly, it is t-105. The very first time this name was known was during the Combat Test, held six months ago. Many instructors and examinees were suffered and injured. It was commented publicly by all district on the broadcast. Next, it was the exchange meeting where Zhang Zhengxiong used pepper spray to defeat last year’s Grappler Champion. On the second round of combat test, they reached the Crusade and emerged as the Crusader King! Recently, they had two major shows. It could be said that they made an epic comeback and became the greatest among all. Nobody could surpass them. As for Flasher Uncle, I admit that he has strong determination and perseverance. He was only 18 years old when the first elephant raid happened. And now, he is already 51 years old. Undeniably, his determination deserves our respect. Lastly, Panty Uncle...ah… a Venus’ smile would be enough.”

Wu Na was reading the articles on the news. They were all related to the Three Masters of East District and Zuo Yiyi. Even her assistant, FrozenCloud had a decent length article based solely on herself. Where’s mine? She looked thoroughly at the comments.

“I still don’t remember the name of the band that came out first.”

“Let me check. It’s called the Falling Sand, a punk band from the East District. Not bad. They must have some qualifications to be worthy to share the same stage with Flasher Uncle, Panty Uncle, and the General.”

“The lead vocal is Su Bingyun. Goddess FrozenCloud?”

“I think so…”

“But I vaguely remember that there’s another girl, wearing some non-mainstream outfit.”

“The band’s second vocalist? It’s common though.”

Wu Na looked at those comments in shock. FrozenCloud glanced at the comments and cold sweat streamed down her face. Oh gosh, they got the name of the band’s vocalist wrong and mistakenly thought that it was me.

Wu Na slumped on the sofa. Guess that I will never be a successful singer and probably die without anyone’s notice. No! I must get hold of myself! Flasher Uncle became a superstar after several years with the elephant’s raid. I can do it too! Because gold will forever shine! The changes in Wu Na’s expression were all seen by FrozenCloud, from anger to depression, then to pulling herself together and lastly to being aspired. It all happened in approximately two seconds. Soaking in cold sweat, FrozenCloud admitted that Wu Na was incredible. Indeed, she was someone who interacts with the team leader the most.


Half-Moon Lake.

Ye Cang was teaching his two apprentices.

“Master, stop pretending anymore. I’ve known that you’re the General from the beginning. I knew it at the moment martial uncle came out. In LinHai, there’s only one person that has such supernatural physique and that’s human gundam.” Zhao XiangYu looked at the jade fox mask and said.

“Oh, you noticed? As expected from my apprentice, good observation…” Ye Cang laughed as he took off the mask.

Do you think I’m an idiot? Zhao Xiangyu was pissed.

Ye Cang took a last glance at the mask and grinned as he threw it to her. Zhao Xiangyu caught it and ask. “What’s this for?”

"A gift for you. Keep it.” Ye Cang slowly got up and stretched.