Lin Le hopped on to the stage and pointed YellowSpring with his large sword while adjusting his bib. “Come here, you villain! I’ll forgive your sins with a slash of this sword.” He shouted with righteousness.

Holding his two-handed sword, which was as width as his arm, he smirked. “Bullshit!”

Upon finishing his sentence, YellowSpring got into his defensive position, fully prepared for Lin Le’s sudden attack. Cautiously, Lin Le faked a step forward. Seeing YellowSpring being so cautious, he casually picked his nose and sighed. “Just one step and you’re already frightened? Ew, you’re so weak!”

YellowSpring did not let his guard down. Should I attack? Facing opponents who use heavy weapons, it’s always best to wait. Their counterattacks are incredibly strong as there’s a saying the best defense is the best offense. Angelite’s invincible attacks are impossible to master but more or less I still have a grasp of his principles. Usually, you attack when these opponents miss their first attack. Then, you’ve basically won. However, compared to myself, Lin Le’s speed isn’t slow either. It’s definitely because he has leveled up and gets all the heavy armors removed. As he was analyzing, Lin Le stomped the ground. The floor immediately cracked, and YellowSpring quickly dropped low and took a step backward, preparing to dash and dodge.

However, Lin Le did not engage. It was merely a stomp. “The floor is a little slippery. I’m just checking. Come on man, grow some balls. Do you think I would ambush you? Please, I ain’t that cheap.” Lin Le rolled his eyes.

YellowSpring was pissed. Damn, this guy is annoying.

“Oh, my shoelace is loosened. Don’t you dare to ambush me when I’m tying my shoelaces ya! If not, I’ll cut off your dick.” Lin Le bent over and tied his shoelaces. YellowSpring rolled his eyes. In this split second when YellowSpring was distracted, Lin Le got into a pre-run stance and dashed in full speed. Limit Break Ultimate - Nude-Walking Catastrophe (speed increases 100% and attributes are doubled)! Incredible Giant Sword Attack! In a blink of an eye, Lin Le appeared right in front of YellowSpring. It was well-known that these new giant blade warriors’ speed is comparable to an S-rank assassin’s.

YellowSpring’s heart sank. Damn it! Without a second thought, he used his Limit Break Ultimate - Demonic Spirit Possession. Thorns grew out from his head and his muscles were strengthened, radiating a red devilish aura.

Lin Le slashed his sword with his right. Knowing that there was no way he would withstand that slash, even in this state, YellowSpring quickly dodged and counterattacked. Surprisingly, the slash was just a decoy and Lin Le immediately followed up with a left uppercut.

“Brother Zhong, did you notice? Mad Devil Le’s combat style is getting more and more similar to the FlameEmperor. That control on the first attack was literally the same as one of FlameEmperor's signature - Physic-defying Moves.” Brother Zhao was shocked by Lin Le’s attacks which were so identical to the FlameEmperor’s.

“Indeed. The Really New Village’s Three Brothers shared the same characteristic which is that they’re growing rapidly, getting stronger every match. For example, Mad Devil Le fully utilized his advantage by teasing and taunting his opponent to gain control of the match. People say that the level of his intelligence doesn’t meet his skills. But I disagree. I think it’s more like a disguise. His stupidity can confuse his opponents, similar to Chrysanthemum Emepror’s.” Brother Zhong nodded as YellowSpring blocked Lin Le’s punch with the handle of his sword.

Lin Le smirked. Once again, he changed his moves and hit YellowSpring with his elbow, right into his throat. The hit was so hard that YellowSpring lost his consciousness for a split second. YellowSpring then pondered. This is bad. He quickly activated his purifying skill - Devil’s Blood Purification. He then bent down as he sensed a giant sword swinging above his head like an angled blade being suspended at the guillotine. That’s lucky. Balancing himself with his sword, he found himself in an awkward position. His head was at Lin Le’s knees.

Lin Le laughed and jumped up high. Followed up by a somersault, he landed hard on YellowSpring. “I’ll crush you!”

YellowSpring quickly rolled to dodge that attack. Right before Lin Le landed, a giant sword pierced on the floor, forcing YellowSpring to look up. Using the sword as a stand, Lin Le stopped for a second and swung his legs. Just when the skateboard shoes were about to hit right into his face, YellowSpring rolled and dodged it again.

A smile was written on Lin Le’s face. He quickly pulled out his sword and hacked with the skill - Ultimate Giant Behead.

“YellowSpring seemed to be struggling. Not to mention, it has been a while since the last time I saw him struggle.” Looking at YellowSpring being oppressed by Lin Le, Brother Zhao said.

“The giant blade warrior’s limit-break ultimate has no special effects when activated. Not gorgeous at all. Also, it isn’t obvious too since it only looks like it’s strengthening your body. However, followed up by that incredible speed, it was as if a top assassin rushing to you with a four-meter-long sword. YellowSpring barely caught up with his ultimate. But I think YellowSpring would not be defeated that easily.” Brother Zhong said as Lin Le’s sword landed onto the ground.

YellowSpring pointed at the sword, unleashing his Ultimate - Devil’s Finger. Lin Le bounced back as if he hit something impenetrable. Forcing him to almost lose his grip on the sword. Taking advantage of this opportunity, YellowSpring stabbed right into Lin Le’s heart.

Lin Le grumbled. You and your annoying skills! I have them too! Super Qi Shield! Activate! YellowSpring banged into it hard, unable to pass through. Coming back to his senses, Lin Le gave him a hard kick. Unfortunately, YellowSpring blocked it with his sword and stumbled backward.

“Qi restoration!” Lin Le restored his health, which he had lost due to the Ultimate - Devil’s Finger, by infusing the damage absorbed by the shield and its remaining qi into his body. YellowSpring’s ultimate had also reached its limit, losing the devilish aura. Despite both of their skills were on cooldown, with both having full health, it seemed like they had just started the battle. Staring at each other, it was as if everything went back to square one.

“That qi protecting skills and qi restoration was a perfect match. So perfect that it can almost be treated as a Limit Break Ultimate. Do you think we manage to witness their secret ultimates?” Brother Zhao mumbled.

“There’re conditions to activate a secret ultimate. If I’m not mistaken, YellowSpring’s can only activate it when his health is left 15%, with him staying alive for at least 10 seconds. It can be separated into three main bodies which last for 15 seconds. Within that duration, he can use most of his skills except for the ultimate.” Brother Zhong explained the secret ultimate of the Undead Devil General without referring to any data as if he knew it by heart. “As for the new Giant Blade Warrior, the series of secret ultimate can be activated when he obtains the death mark by killing. But, I think there’s one more condition needed in the case of dueling. And I’m not sure what that is.”

ThornyRose looked at Lin Le’s Giant Blade Warrior. She knew what the condition is. That’s when his qi is all used up. That effects of the skills are extremely disgusting.