With his eyes shining, Lin Le lowered his body. YellowSpring held his sword firmly, anticipating whatever is coming. It’s coming.

Lin Le stabbed his sword into the ground and roared. The changes on the floor and the surrounding caught YellowSpring’s attention. Is this an area of effect skill? Or a limited skill?

Lin Le spread his arms wide open and clapped to set himself a beat. Soon, he began to dance the Little Bear dance. “Ah, ah lu lu, ah do do, hey! Relax, I’m just doing a praying dance.”

YellowSpring started to get nervous. This fella wanted to perform the Magic Sword Art?!

Lin Le pulled out the giant sword and slashed with full power. Fighting Power - Chop! In the moments after dodging Lin Le’s slash, YellowSpring quickly counterattacked. Surprisingly, Lin Le caught the evil-glowing sword with his right hand, blood streaming down in black. He then kicked right into his chest. The damage was so great that YellowSpring felt pain. Under normal circumstances, no one could withstand any hits or kicks during combat. Both of them were caught into a never-ending battle, attacking one after another.

YellowSpring managed to pierce through Lin Le’s shoulder but in return, his health points dropped to 15% as Lin Le cut through him. He instantly moved back and lingered around the border of the arena. Lin Le’s health points had also dropped below 20% and his skills were on cooldown. Lin Le held his giant sword tightly and dropped low, preparing for a counterattack. With only 10 qi points left, he fused them into his sword. He could only unleash one more strong slash.

Lin Le pouted. Why isn’t he attacking? YellowSpring smirked. I win. Secret Ultimate - Fission of Devilish Aura! Suddenly, he split into four shadows, each attacking from different directions. Lin Le swung his sword hard, using up all his remaining qi points. He only managed to kill one. The other three then stabbed right into Lin Le’s heart and chest. His health points dropped to zero.

“It’s over. I’m surprised Mad Devil Le can force YellowSpring to this extent. But to be honest, whoever wins, I’m not surprised. Well, judging from this battle, it looks like team fight suits Giant Blade Warriors more.” Brother Zhao said with sympathy.

“Wait, it hasn’t ended.” Brother Zhong noticed the victory sign had not popped out. Zuo Yiyi then pointed at Lin Le on the screen and shouted. “His health points turned from zero to one!”

ThornyRose sighed with relief. He did activate Giant Blade Warrior’s secret ultimate - The Persevering Soul. When one used all his strength and died during the battle, the health points will return to 1. Then, he would be immortal for 10 seconds and the Limit Break Ultimate, Nude - Walking Catastrophe will be refreshed and activated. This skill recovers 30% of his qi points, increases the attack power by 50%, and unlocks a series of limited skills under the secret ultimate!

YellowSpring, the commentator and the referee were shocked. Lin Le’s shirt had burst, his body swelled with veins, his eyes were bright red and the giant sword on his hand was glowing. Rage of the Persevering Soul - Chops From All Sides! Having three two-handed swords on his back, he held his giant blade high and slashed, unleashing a trajectory that covered approximately 10 meters. In a split second, YellowSpring was slashed into two halves.

“Player HappyAndCheerful won!”

The system message caught everyone off guard. Acclamation filled the stadium after witnessing that epic comeback at the verge of death. “When will the new Giant Blade Warrior avatar be released?! This is a real man’s avatar!”

Brother Zhao clapped as he said. “I never expected he would have an ultimate that can buff him and make him immortal. The price of Giant Blade Warriors is going to increase twofold. With such strong attacks and the secret ultimate of being immortal, the recruitment of Giant Blade Warriors will be costly.”

“But I think the conditions to activate that ultimate is not easy. Players at this level may find it easy to master the beat but still, the conditions can be harsh.” Brother Zhong noticed this point. He turned to see Zuo Yiyi staring at Giant Blade Warrior’s character stock that was soaring crazily. Her eyes were red. It was only a few moments after the match ended but the price raised by 50%! Brother Zhong took a deep breath. I’m rich! Haha!  His eyes got red too.

“Lele, sit the next match out.” ThornyRose knew Lin Le’s skill was on cooldown for some time after the secret ultimate. With 1 health point, he would be no match for VastSea unless his skills had no cooldown and qi points were fully recovered. Ah! Oh well, since he managed to defeat YellowSpring, that’s enough. ThornyRose regretted. She once had the opportunity to take YellowSpring under contract but she hesitated that time. And now, he was qualified to be the candidate for the next Heavenly King, young but with huge potential, same grade as Lele.

“Oh, okay! Sister Rose, remember to give me a higher bonus!” Lin Le requested as he pulled ThornyRose’s sleeve and sat on the sofa.

“Of course, your bonus is doubled!” ThornyRose put her hands around Lin Le’s shoulders and laughed.

SpyingBlade stared at VastSea. One on one with him? Damn, that fella has no weakness. This is going to be a tough fight.

“VastSea had a 100% win rate in the duel. He usually will not join the duel but if he joins, he never loses. Of course, it also has something to do with the reason why he never fights the FlameEmperor and LordAsked. No doubt that he is strong, so strong that people are scared of him…” Brother Zhao referred to the data.

“DarkBlade is a player who has power, second only to the Heavenly King. He annihilated MistyVeil and defeated HeavenBlessed. Being in Flame Dragon’s team, HeavenBlessed was looking forward to facing him again.” Brother Zhong smiled.

“Ever since VastSea left, HeavenBlessed joined Flame Dragon. Although he didn’t get to fight much in this season, he won most of his fight. It looks like he wants to regain his ‘Number 1 Assassin’ title. However, SpyingBlade who went all out in fights would be his biggest threat.” Brother Zhao was watching the stage where Flame Dragon was and played with his eyebrows. “Looks like LordGrinned was lucky that HeavenBlessed was eliminated.”

“Don’t look down at him. Although he may not be as strong as his brother LordAsked, he is still a good opponent, more or less the same with YellowSpring. But of course, that’s when you ignore his IQ and EQ.” Brother Zhong laughed.

SpyingBlade put on a mask and walked up the stage. He folded his arm and stood firmly. Suddenly, there were black shadows flashing at each corner of the stage.

Gongsun Qian played her eyebrows. Yifan is going all out. CloudDragon saw SpyingBlade clenched his fists and then laid his eyes on Ye Cang who was eating some weird food that Bingxue shared with him. I guess that facing him isn’t a bad idea after all.

VastSea walked up the stage slowly and looked at SpyingBlade a.k.a. DarkBlade, China’s top assassin along with HeavenBlessed. He never fought him before but he knew he was strong. He took a deep breath and pulled out his long sword. I’ll just have to do my best. No regrets. With a shield on his left hand, he dropped low and squinted.

They shared the same thought. Not only that, they seemed to share the same characteristics at some point. Both ordinary but extraordinary at the same time…...