Ye Cang gradually walked up the stage, resting his hands on the hilt. He then said in silence. “Brother CloudDragon, that…”

CloudDragon raised his eyebrows. Here comes the bullshits.

Words had not come out from Ye Cang’s mouth. Then, a light flashed. Suddenly, he appeared right in front of CloudDragon.

CloudDragon was speechless. Distract me by using some petty moves? Damn this fella, he is so low-class. Using his arm, he then blocked the sword with one blow and hit Ye Cang’s neck with another.

Ye Cang spun around to dodge the attack and sent off two strikes but CloudDragon’s left iron knuckle once again blocked it. He quickly took the opportunity to attack when he saw Ye Cang stumbling.

Ye Cang quickly activated the three strikes effect and blinked behind CloudDragon. Just when he was about to attack with three fast strikes, a back kick came from CloudDragon. Turning his attack into a guard, he blocked it and stumbled backwards. At the same time, he unleashed three strikes again but they were all blocked. He sighed. This fella is indeed strong. While turning around, once again, Ye Cang blinked to CloudDragon’s left side and attacked his heart from behind. CloudDragon blocked it with his arm again and punched back.

Ye Cang did not dare to block this directly so he blinked to his other side.

The battle between those two was intense. Ye Cang’s attacks were fast meanwhile, CloudDragon’s offense and defense were equally strong. The pace of the battle was so fast that the audience was dazzled.

CloudDragon casually dodged Ye Cang’s attack and made a roundhouse kick as he turned around.

Ye Cang jumped and attacked with three hits. Even though CloudDragon was attacking, he did not let his guard down. He blocked them with his bare hands and did a one-arm handstand, unleashing the Rising Dragon Kick. Ye Cang who was in mid-air blinked to another side. Just when he was about to attack, he saw that CloudDragon’s Rising Dragon Kick turned into an axe kick. He quickly moved backwards and pierced his sword into CloudDragon’s waist. Flash of Life! Shit, a bad decision! He wanted to pull his sword out but it was stuck. Damn, he is holding it! Ye Cang immediately felt a pain in his chest as CloudDragon’s sword pierced right into his abdomen. His health dropped by 30%. He quickly kicked CloudDragon’s shoulders to pull himself away. As he pulled out his sword, he took a step backwards and prepared to unleash his ultimate - Thrust Flurry.

Once again, CloudDragon did a one-arm handstand and started to spin. His qi spun like a tornado blocking all the attacks from Ye Cang. Both sides unleashed their ultimates repeatedly, using all the skills they had to defeat their opponents in any possible way. The stage was filled with the explosions of qi and the shadows of their swords shuttling. Their health points had been dropping ever since.

“What an epic battle. This is the most interesting dual fight in this season. Both of them are going all out. Well, now those people who say Brother Hero is not competent with the Fighting King can shut the hell up. Obviously, they’re on the same level. Brother Hero’s fighting strength is marvelous.” Brother Zhao said with much respect.

“That’s because previously there’s no one who can be used as a comparison. But now, CloudDragon appears. He is good enough to prove how strong Brother Hero is.” Brother Zhong nodded slowly. Ye Cang was blinking here and there, looking for an opportunity to strike. He attacked, again and again, giving CloudDragon no chance to rest. On the other hand, CloudDragon did not back off because of Ye Cang’s speed. Insanely, he fought head-on, hoping to get the upper hand.

Finally, they both made one last shot and dashed towards each other, hoping to end it with this last attack. In a split second, the flash of swords and qi collided.

“Player PaleSnow defeated CloudDragon. Player CloudDragon defeated PaleSnow. The difference between their death time is less than 0.1 seconds. It’s a draw.”

Ye Cang’s long sword pierced deeply into CloudDragon’s eye, coming out from his skull while CloudDragon’s left hand hit Ye Cang’s heart and his right hand was holding the sword that was stabbing his eye. Both of them laid face to face, the scene was truly terrifying. They looked into each other and smirked, one was calm and one was handsome. They then turned into rays of white light and disappeared.

The audience was amazed. It was a draw. The battle between Brother Hero from Really New Village and the Fighting King was actually a draw! The bloody scene, in the end, touched everyone.  

“Fighting King and Brother Hero, draw. The battle was truly insane.” ColdFront arranged the data at the candidate seats. FlameEmperor won by a narrow margin in the battle with LordAsked. Looking at LordAsked from afar, he seemed to have grown quite a lot. He looked at the data sorted out by ColdFront and muttered. “That fella has the strength. I’m not surprised.”

“Having a draw in dual matches is a rare occasion, especially when Fighting King was in it.” Zuo Yiyi’s jaw dropped.

“Their strengths are equally good. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if either one of them won the battle. Reaching a draw means that they have gone all out, breaking their own limits. I believe both of them have learned something from the battle. Well, the conditions of reaching a draw are strict. Both of them had to get defeated within 0.1 seconds. In other words, it means they defeated each other at the exact same time, it can’t be too slow or too fast.” Brother Zhong said as he looked at Ye Cang and CloudDragon. Both of them are indeed good opponents.

Zhang Zhengxiong frowned after watching the battle. He doubted that he could defeat CloudDragon, even brother only managed to reach a draw. However, in-game is different from reality. In reality, brother was truly insane. Except for the time when brother lost to Lin Lan at  Heaven’s Sword Sect, he had never seen his brother losing to anyone.

CloudDragon stared at Ye Cang from afar, folding his arms. What a strong opponent. Me, a draw? Excitement filled him as he grabbed his arms tightly. He closed his eyes and recalled the battle. He did go beyond his own limits. It was one hell of a battle. His skills are worth fighting for.

“Damn, can’t believe it’s a draw……” Although Ye Cang sounded calm, from his tone, everyone knew he was dissatisfied. Looking at his fingers running around on the hilt, ThornyRose knew he was actually excited.

ThornyRose was not surprised by the fact that they reached a draw in that battle. The scene of Ye Cang using a SS rank character to fight five opponents was still fresh in her mind after all. She sighed and then began to arrange the lineup for the next match. Supports were needed to fight against Mad War so she set herself as the sixth person. The lineup would be Ye Cang, Zhang Zhengxiong, SpyingBlade, and Little Ye Tian.

Old Wang and OtherShoreWatchingAV were discussing on how to build a good relationship with the girls in the club and how to decide which girl belongs to who. At the side, FrozenCloud sighed heavily as she heard what they were talking about. There’s nothing more disgusting than these two. Little Jade then pulled her to the side and said. “Lil’Dino, the two creepy guys over there were staring at me……”

“Oh, don’t overthink. They are just shy and don’t know how to talk to you.” Just when FrozenCloud was about to answer, FrozenBlood appeared out of nowhere and said cheerfully. “Come, follow me, I’ll introduce them to you."

Looking at her sister, FrozenCloud was soaked in cold sweat. Are you pushing her to hell? This woman and the team leader shared the same characteristic, being cruel. But comparing the two of them, the team leader was crueler. She recalled that in the training camp, with his left hand, Ye Cang grabbed someone’s chest and lifted that person up. He smiled when he heard people scream, enjoying the fun of torturing people. She peeked at Ye Cang and Ye Cang looked back. That faint smile of his sent chills down her spine.