Ye Cang and the others got on the stage first, positioning themselves according to plan. Holding his sword like a General, Ye Cang was standing in the middle.

“Thorns and Rose is really lucky. They managed to recruit these five strong players, replacing all five other members from the original lineup. Looks like they have turned over a new leaf.” Brother Zhao laughed as he looked at the five people standing on the stage.

“Three Brothers plus DarkBlade. Judging from day one until the battle between Brother Hero and Fighting King, this five-man team is one of the strongest teams in the league. Their offense is really good, having four main attackers. If one of them were to quit the club, I bet they will be recruited by other clubs as their trump card.” Brother Zhong smiled.

Moments later, Mad War and the others also gradually walked up. BlackIce looked at Lin Le and sneered. It’s time for revenge.

The competition began.

Both teams confronted each other.

Once again, CloudDragon and Ye Cang made eye contact.

“Brother CloudDragon, long time no…” Not waiting for Ye Cang to finish his sentence, Lin Le dashed out all of a sudden. Ye Cang immediately followed tight, unleashing the first wave of attacks. Zhang Zhengxiong also picked up the pace and sprinted towards the opponents. Furthermore, SpyingBlade quickly unleashed a fury of shadows, getting into positions. The battle had started.

CloudDragon sighed. When will they stop playing these dirty tricks? Without any delay, he blocked Ye Cang’s Blade Edge Sprint with his bare hands. Ye Cang then finished his sentence softly. “...see.”

Suddenly, Ye Cang activated Blade Edge Blink to BlackIce. VastSea swiftly covered BlackIce and blocked his attack. “Hey, landing your first attack on the only girl in our team, did you ask about my feelings?”

“Sorry, her butt is attractive. I couldn’t help it…” Upon finishing his sentence with a slight of apology, Ye Cang slashed with three strikes. Little Ye Tian also quickly activated Rainbow Division on SpyingBlade, creating another two illusions of him. SpyingBlade and his illusions then turned into shadows, dashing towards CloudDragon, BlackIce, and VastSea.

CloudDragon took a step back to dodge Zhang Zhengxiong’s attack from above. In a smooth motion, he then turned and attacked like striking a dragon tail, back-kicking the enemy’s chin. Yet, Zhang Zhengxiong grabbed the incoming foot. However, the impact was so great that he sank in the ground. Turning his left hand into claws, he then aimed for CloudDragon’s neck.

On the other hand, BlackIce activated black Chilling Wind Whirpool. She felt chills down her spine in all of a sudden so she stepped forward. Just when SpyingBlade’s sword was about to pierce right through her, a dagger deflected the attack.

SpyingBlade looked at the person who appeared right in front of his eyes. “Long time no see WindDragon. Can’t believe that you’re about to die in my hands on this time around.”

“Oh, are you sure, rookie?” WindDragon managed to protect BlackIce. After which BlackIce quickly got to the safety area where CloudDragon and VastSea were standing. She then began to chant her magic. Little Ye Tian smirked. Oh, do you think I’ll let you chant your magic so easily? Rays of Rainbow! But BlackIce countered it with Icy Mirror Reflection.

Little Ye Tian narrowed her eyes. Gotcha! With that angle of Icy Mirror, I’ve calculated 25 possibilities. According to my calculation, VastSea is the one who has the highest probability to get hit.

It was just as Little Ye Tian predicted. Just when the Ray of Rainbows hit the Icy Mirror, it bounced to VastSea.

VastSea quickly took out his shield and blocked Ye Cang’s slash with his sword. Mirror Shield Reflection! The shield reflected the Rays of Rainbow back to Ye Cang. *Flash* Ye Cang blinked behind VastSea, dodging the reflection of Rays of Rainbow. With his shield, VastSea swiftly blocked three strikes from Ye Cang and followed up by a fast and strong butterfly kick. Instinctively, Ye Cang bent over, slid through when VastSea was still in mid-air and slashed as he turned back. A direct hit! Followed by another direct hit with his hilt. From which VastSea was knocked out for a second. Then, Ye Cang activated his ultimate - Thrust Flurry, entering into an insane continuous attack mode. Gaining back his consciousness, VastSea quickly blocked another three strikes and once again counterattacked. Ye Cang was impressed by his defense. It was truly hard to find any openings. But when my attack speed has reached a certain extent, will you be able to keep it up?

On the other side of the battlefield, Lin Le’s slash knocked back YellowSpring. Immediately, Lin Le attacked BlackIce who was chanting magic with Giant Assault.

Knowing that the raged cow, Lin Le was coming after her, BlackIce turned and faced against him. I’ll kill you first! Ultimate! Black Ice Lotus!

Gradually, black chills turned into ice lotus under Lin Le’s feet. Little Ye Tian made a wicked smile. I’ve disrupted your timing girl. CloudDragon saw there was a time lag with BlackIce’s magic. Lin Le has dashed past through it! Can’t she see that?!  He then saw Little Ye Tian smiling. It’s her! This is bad! This must be the Rainbow Knight’s hidden talent - Rainbow Delay! “BlackIce, stop! A delaying spell is cast on you! ”

BlackIce was shocked! The distance between the voice I heard and Lin Le’s position is different. She quickly revoked her magic and turned it into crystals of ice. Just in time for Lin Le’s blade to slash through. Moreover, YellowSpring followed tight behind Lin Le, stopping Lin Le at all cost. If BlackIce was a second slower, she would be dead by now.

“What a good strategist. That Rays of Rainbow was just a distraction, waiting for a good time to unleash her hidden talent. If she is SS ranked, the difficulty level of this match has just gone up.” Brother Zhao was amazed by Little Ye Tian’s performance, which broke BlackIce’s ultimate. To be honest, BlackIce was really lucky that she managed to dodge the attack.

Throughout the months staying at the little house beside the beach, whenever Zuo Yiyi talked to Little Tian, she would be hurt by her words. She would even doubt whether she is retarded or not. She was only comforted, after seeing Lin Le bullying her.

Little Ye Tian was observing the entire battlefield. Each side had equally strong powers. If we want to win, I must grab the chance. Just now was a waste. I don’t have a limit break ultimate. The failure of Rainbow Delay is a loss to me. But luckily I got to force the opponent’s mage to waste her ultimate. Looking at BlackIce who had not gained back her senses, she knew all she had to do is to help her father to restrain her in any possible way. Once, an enemy is dead, the opponent’s team will definitely fall apart. Same goes for her own team.

“It will be a tough match if BlackIce is not dead…” NalanPureSoul walked out from Thorny and Rose’s resting room.

“What brings you here?” ThornyRose saw the person coming out was NalanPureSoul.

“Ye Cang and I have worked together countless times. We’re, more or less, friends. It wouldn’t harm to support a friend of mine right?” NalanPureSoul smiled.

ThornyRose then glared at the beautiful NalanPureSoul and shook her head. Could not be bothered, she continued to watch the battle. Suddenly, a familiar voice came from behind.

*Sigh* “ThornyRose may not be weak but compared to PureSoul, she is nowhere near. The team leader will definitely give up on her.” It sounded like FrozenBlood’s voice.

“ThornyRose is bad-tempered. After being with Ye Cang, she had even more things to throw temper on. I think if Ye Cang, this fiancé runs away, she would be single forever. So let’s help her to keep an eye on Ye Cang. As her sisters, this is the best we can do.” This time, it sounded like  ElegantFragrance speaking.

“Sister, I think Sister Rose heard us. We should go somewhere else to talk.” And now it was Lil’DIno’s voice.

ThornyRose was trembling. Are they the sisters I know since young? After hearing it, NalanPureSoul turned to look at ThornyRose and said in jealousy. “You do have a good relationship with your sisters.”

“.....” ThornyRose could only roll her eyes.