VastSea was surprised that Little Ye Tian’s close-ranged combat was not the same as other supports. It was more similar to Ye Cang’s, straight-forward. He quickly blocked the incoming scepter and swung his sword. Just when he was about to slash her, lights came out from the scepter. VastSea’s heart sank for a moment. Shit! It’s Rainbow Magic! My purifying skill is on cooldown! Still 3 seconds more?

Steadily, Little Ye Tian jumped and hit VastSea’s head with the scepter. *Dang* At that moment, the audience was surprised.

After hitting twice more, Little Ye Tian sighed. The damage is so insignificant. I’ll be knocked out the moment he wakes up. I guess I’ll just have to try my best to fight.

Soon after VastSea had regained his consciousness, he sprinted towards her. Just when VastSea was about to pass by Little Ye Tian who was dodging, he made a sudden break and smashed her. With one shot, Little Ye Tian was knocked out. He leaped forward and pierced his long sword right into her throat. Despite that, Little Ye Tian did not give up. Once again, she hit his head with the scepter. Unfortunately, the scepter was knocked off into the sky by VastSea’s shield. At last, she turned into a ray of white light and disappeared from the arena.

“If I were VastSea, I would be nervous. That’s because this little girl does not only has a good brain for strategies but also a strong mentality. Even though she, a support with weak attack power, was the only one left, she still gave it her all to fight. From the battle, I can see that her hand-on-hand combat was not weak at all. She may be an allrounder. Today, we only managed to see her as a strategist but if she were a SS ranked Mage or Magic Swordsmen, I think she could put up a good fight with VastSea.” Looking at Little Ye Tian’s timid body, Brother Zhao said without hesitation. Even though it was obvious that what he said had a low probability, he still stubbornly believed that it may be possible.

While walking out of the arena, VastSea glanced at Little Ye Tian who was not resigned to the result of the battle. That little girl was a really dangerous character. Despite being knocked out, she put her life on the line to fight. I’m impressed. If she manages to get a SS ranked main attacker and support character, I’m afraid that… VastSea then shook his head. He should not be thinking about all the what ifs but should be paying more attention to her.

Looking at BlackIce’s victorious face, Lin Le pouted. “You’re dead, bitch! How dare you bully me! I’ll kill you many times!”

“Referee, can I call a technical foul for his behavior?” BlackIce raised her hand and asked.

“This is his unique characteristic. The board has approved it.” The referee said.

“Father, I did not manage to completely restraint BlackIce. We lost the battle because of me...I’m sorry. I did not perform to my best.” Little Ye Tian’s eyes were filled with tears as she whimpered. She blamed herself that just if she managed to activate her Rainbow Delay a little earlier, even if it was only 0.1 seconds earlier, the results may be different.

“It’s nothing. You did your best. There’re many chances in the future. Winning and losing are normal occurrences.” Seeing Little Ye Tian being sad and self-condemning, Ye Cang smiled. He then pulled her over and touched her head, cheering her up. “You son of a bitch…” Ye Cang said as he glared at VastSea from afar.

Just when VastSea was about to justify himself, he saw ThornyRose, FrozenBlood, Ye Cang and the others looking at him in a way you look at perverts. Whispers were also coming out from the outside of the arena.

BlackIce patted VastSea on the shoulder and teased. “Now, you have a new hobby, child abuse.”

“Hey, don’t fool around. Pay attention. This round is the most important round.” CloudDragon reminded them.

BlackIce nodded and VastSea sighed. The opponent would definitely fight with full strength in the hero mode since this would be their last chance. The four people who had SS ranked characters would definitely be in the lineup. The remaining two spots may be taken by the little girl + ElegantFragrance or ThornyRose + FrozenBlood.

The scene jumped to Ye Cang’s side.

“Since we lost the group battle, the hero mode is our last chance! We must win it! The starting five will still be you guys. Little Tian, you and I will try to restrain DeepRepose and VastSea at the bottom lane. Their mid-laner will definitely be BlackIce. I’ll leave that bitch for you…” Considering that Ye Cang’s Limit Break Ultimate - Flash of Life can be activated at level 6 and his speed and various abilities to poke the opponent, she knew he was the only candidate in the team who could oppress BlackIce. “Lele and SpyingBlade, you guys jungle. We’ll leave the top lane to Shaking Bear. There might be two opponents on that lane, can you handle it, Shaking Bear?”

“Not even three people will be a problem.” Zhang Zhengxiong smirked as he looked at CloudDragon.

“Brother Lil’White, brother Lil’White, that’s the girl that bullied me just now! I've got an idea!” The more Lin Le thought about it, the angrier he was. A nasty idea flashed through his mind.

Ye Cang, Zhang Zhengxiong, Little Ye Tian and SpyingBlade went closer to hear his idea out. After listening to it, SpyingBlade looked confused and with his arms crossed, Ye Cang entered into one-second thinking mode. Then, he clapped and said. “Good idea! We’ll help that lady to finish the exorcism ritual…”

Curiosity got the better of ThornyRose and so she asked SpyingBlade. After knowing what the exorcism ritual actually was, she was shocked. Damn it! Are they insane? Fuck it! That’s obviously a technical foul. But it definitely won’t be called because Little Ye Tian has thought of a plan. She must have thought of the explanation. She raised her head to look at BlackIce and sighed.

BlackIce saw ThornyRose looking at her with sympathy. What’s wrong with her? Has she lost her mind after losing too much? However, for some other reasons, it sent chills down her spine, especially when Ye Cang was smiling and nodding his head in a greeting manner.

“Here comes the hero mode. Thorns and Roses has lost the group battle. So this will be the match that decides the winner. Judging from their lineup, ThornyRose did not put FrozenBlood in but instead, she put herself in? Little Ye Tian and she both are knights, aren’t they? Not to mention the Three Brothers and DarkBlade. Are they trying to go with two knights?” Brother Zhao looked at the data showing ThornyRose’s and Little Ye Tian’s hidden talent as a knight.

“Isn’t it obvious that they are planning to control the bottom lane? With ThornyRose’s defense and long-ranged physical restraint and also that little girl’s elemental damage and control skills, they can keep up the pace in the early game. But still, their main focus is on the Three Brothers and SpyingBlade. Old Zhao, looks like your Flame Dragon and Thorns and Rose are facing the same problem. Once they lose, LordAsked will then be able to keep his promise which is to drag FlameEmperor down the throne. As for you, you’ll have to play the punishment game…”

“I don’t think I have to play it. FlameDragon has a higher chance of winning this time.” Although Brother Zhao said it confidently, he was secretly praying for them, hoping that nothing would go wrong.

Brother Zhong and Zuo Yiyi laughed in silence.

Heaven’s Sword Sect.

Lin Lan was mediating in the pavilion at the peak, looking through Ye Cang’s data. “Obviously, he is the artificial human series under Adam-01’s cell. However, according to my own experience, I’ve never seen an artificial human that can be this strong, almost ‘killing’ me. Moreover, he seems to be quite young. If I’m not mistaken, according to the information, the abandoned baby’s age and LinHai as the location, there was only a federal underground laboratory in the White Mountain City nearby. The professor was the famous Wang Baichuan and the assistant was his favorite student, Kok Caili.”

Lin Lan took out the X-ranked confidential documents and frowned, he could not believe what he saw. The professor actually mixed and matched the alien life’s gene, my father’s gene, and Adam-01’s gene?! However, he did not succeed. Therefore, the Federal reduced the budget greatly. All the data related to the research had been destroyed by a fire back then. And guess what, the culprit was his student, Kok Caili. Ye Cang may possibly be the survivor of the fire. Coincidentally, there was a big river nearby the location and as it happens down the stream is LinHai.

Lin Lan gradually got up and looked into deep space. With his long white hair swinging in the wind, he sank into deep thoughts.