This appreciation did not mean anything to SpyingBlade, compared to the sins the team leader, Lele and Shaking Bear made along the journey. “Lele, be careful.”

“Okay.” Lin Le sneaked into the bushes like an alert squirrel.

SpyingBlade then sighed and went to the other side of the jungle.

After regenerating at the base, Ye Cang upgraded his weapons and ran back to the mid lane to oppress BlackIce. Since she was at a disadvantage, BlackIce was more cautious than before.

This time, Ye Cang could not attack her so easily as she was no longer at level 1 where she had no skills. If he was stunned under the tower, he would die for sure. So, in present, he could only try to prevent her from getting the last hits and secure more of his last hits.

In the meantime, YellowSpring was hiding somewhere near mid lane, waiting for an opportunity to ambush. I’ll wait until he moves forward an inch. Knowing YellowSpring’s intention, little by little, BlackIce moved forward and shot energy balls to get the last hit. Immediately, she stepped back, pretending to be cautious and wanting to come out from the tower at the same time.

Seeing that Ye Cang gradually positioned himself at the frontier, BlackIce was calculating the distance. One step, two steps! Now! She immediately released one black iced ball. In a split second, the ground cracked and Ye Cang felt that it had some slowing effects. Suddenly, YellowSpring’s ambush caught his attention. He turned in the direction and was shocked to see an incoming attack. However, just when YellowSpring was about to reach him, his panic turned into a smile. Only then, did YellowSpring see that there was a black shadow beside BlackIce. It’s him! Ye Cang blocked YellowSpring’s attack and instantly used Blade Edge Sprint to get to BlackIce who had discovered SpyingBlade’s presence.

“Shadow Possession!” SpyingBlade stabbed his long sword at BlackIce’s shadow, locking her movements. Just when the tower was about to attack him, he moved away. Ye Cang then pierced right into BlackIce’s body. Unfortunately, what he got was a bunch of scattered crystals of ice and BlackIce who slowly revealed herself under the tower. Without any delay, he activated Blade Edge Blink to attack YellowSpring. *Blocked!* *Counterattacked!* YellowSpring quickly blocked that fast incoming sword of Ye Cang’s and backed off. Just when SpyingBlade and Ye Cang were about to stop him from running away, numerous Black Ice Thorns were coming from BlackIce. Furthermore, the black chills on the ground caused their attacks to come to no avail.

After getting back under the tower, YellowSpring returned to the jungle and farmed. As for BlackIce, she remained cautious, maintaining her farming pace. Despite that, Ye Cang continued to oppress her from getting last hits, hoping to reach level 6 as soon as possible.

“Both sides are equally steady. Once the ambush failed, they never go after the opponent.” Brother Zhao mumbled.

“They each have a top assassin. WindDragon and DarkBlade. It’s easy for them to turn a 2v2 into a 3v2 and get a kill in the end. Although WindDragon has lost to DarkBlade many times, it doesn’t seem to me that DarkBlade would win so easily.” Brother Zhong was staring at the overall situation. Especially when SpyingBlade and WindDragon were ganking each lane and supporting their teammates, looking for an opportunity to kill.

“If I’m not mistaken, Brother Hero’s Piercing Thorn has a camouflage skill.” Brother Zhao said as he saw Ye Cang upgrading his weapon once he got to level 5.

“I've got a feeling that Mad War is about to take a loss. Brother Hero has more direct attacking skills. Besides, he seldom shows his camouflage skill. Up until now, according to the data provided, he has only used it once and we aren’t sure how many camouflage skills he has. The data shows that he has many combat skills and passives. According to what I know, a SS ranked character would usually learn a sub-skill as the character levels up his or her skills.” Brother Zhong slowly nodded.

Ye Cang then activated one of his sub-skills - Speed Differentiation. (When moving in top speed, an illusion will be left on the original spot for two seconds to distract the opponent while the real body attacks the opponent.)

After much consideration, Ye Cang knew, in order to kill BlackIce with Flash of Life, he must act out of her expectation. He must also be fast, until the extent where she could not use the life-saving skill of hers.

Noticing that Ye Cang was about to reach level 6, BlackIce moved backwards, being more cautious than before.

By killing a creep, Ye Cang had reached level 6. BlackIce cautiously looked at Ye Cang who just pierced his narrow sword into the creep’s heart. He has reached level 6! I better back off. I’ll get my chance once I reach level 6 too! She sighed. Just when she was about to step backwards, Ye Cang appeared in front of her. Shit! She tried to turn herself into ice but her health points had dropped to zero. She fell on the ground, staring at the disappearing illusion of Ye Cang. It’s a camouflage skill. Too fast. When she managed to react, it was already too late.

Ye Cang then put his sword back into the scabbard and laid his hand on BlackIce’s shoulder as she was about to disappear. While doing so, he once again took out his sword and attacked the tower with Blade Edge Sprint. After that, he put on a faint smile and praised her. “Not bad. You almost got away from my attacks. Lil’Blackie, react faster! Get a better timing when moving backwards. Good luck!”

“You @#$!” Those were the last words from BlackIce.

“It still came out, that spawn camper and preacher.” Brother Zhao felt guilty.

“The opponent I hate the most, it’s still Brother Hero” Brother Zhong was speechless.

“......” Zuo Yiyi heard noises coming from the outside of the arena. The fans of Mad War and The Three Brother’s club had been arguing since. BlackIce was an artist player who has quite high popularity. She, herself was a scholar of her era too. Back then, she rejected Flame Dragon’s invitation and joined Mad War willingly, following CloudDragon. Even though she missed the opportunity of winning the championship with FlameEmperor, she had contributed a lot to Mad War. She is now CloudDragon’s right-hand man. Many may think that her choice was a mistake but last year, she managed to end Flame Dragon’s winning streak and won the championship, greatly increasing her popularity. No one can ignore her effort in winning the championship, especially when she had served the club for almost 7 years. Moreover, there were not any rumours about her changing clubs as everyone knew she is a loyalist. With her appealing appearance, she has won the hearts of many Mad War fans’ too.

In the meantime, Ye Cang quickly jumped out of the tower’s attack range and rushed to the top lane through the river pathway.

BlackIce’s death once again made CloudDragon sigh. Well, I can’t blame her. Being able to withstand this long is good enough. Originally, Ye Cang’s character is a nemesis to her mage character anyways. I guess he is coming to top lane now. CloudDragon instantly decided to retreat, completely ignoring Zhang Zhengxiong’s taunts and mockings.

As expected, Ye Cang walked out from the bushes, shrugged his shoulders and waved at CloudDragon. He then left. CloudDragon quickly signaled WindDragon and YellowSpring who were in the jungle. As an experienced player, together with YellowSpring, WindDragon used the geographical path to avoid bumping into Ye Cang and surrounded Zhang Zhengxiong.

Expecting Ye Cang would settle the two intruders in the jungle, Zhang Zhengxiong fought with CloudDragon. It was intense. Suddenly, the two intruders popped out of nowhere. Zhang Zhengxiong pondered. This is bad. Even though it was a 1v3 situation, he almost killed WindDragon. With much dissatisfaction, he recalled. When exploring the jungle, Ye Cang’s heart sank. Did I walk the wrong way? Well, it can’t be helped since I’m less experienced. It’s a dead end. I better return to my lane and farm by killing that BlackIce.

Upon seeing VastSea in the mid lane, Ye Cang knew they had changed position. He then scorned. This fella is not easy to fight. My Flash of Life isn’t enough to kill him. Coincidentally, he saw SpyingBlade coming over. However, based on the power of VastSea’s defense, he did not think that he would be able to kill him, even with SpyingBlade assisting. Knowing that he could not be staying here and wasting his Flash of Life on him, Ye Cang shouted. “SpyingBlade, let’s switch lane.”