Knowing what Ye Cang meant, SpyingBlade walked out from the obstacles. Then, Ye Cang disappeared into the jungle.

VastSea frowned when SpyingBlade swapped position with Ye Cang. Although Brother Hero was not as experienced as WindDragon, he had been polishing his intuition and judgment. That was also why many famous players acknowledge him as the team leader.

SpyingBlade was not only oppressing VastSea, but also getting the last hits to level up himself. This had made VastSea think that the situation was getting tougher. Having Brother Hero, at level 6, wandering around the jungle was a bigger threat to his team, especially for light-armored players.

At bottom lane, there were two ranged opponents, one using a bow and one using magic. Their oppression had made ThornyRose feeling pressured. However, she could still handle it. All she had to do was to just keep up a good distance and wait for an opportunity to start a team fight. Since BlackIce had died twice, ThornyRose knew she could not afford to make any mistakes because this would only let her catch up.

Little Ye Tian shared the same thought. We may not be having any advantage at bottom lane but we are not at any disadvantage either. What’s most important is to prevent them from farming. Using ThornyRose’s and my defense, we can reduce their last hits.

The news of Ye Cang changing lanes with SpyingBlade got on WindDragon’s nerves. Recalling the 3v1 fight with Zhang Zhengxiong, he felt that ThornyRose had recruited a few monstrous beasts this time. In the tough situation just now, Zhang Zhengxiong was very close to killing him. The aura he had was truly terrifying.

Standing at higher grounds, YellowSpring saw Ye Cang sneaking into the bushes behind the tower at bottom lane. Knowing his intention of getting a kill with the help of ThornyRose and Little Ye Tian, YellowSpring quickly ran to the bushes behind Ye Cang.

ThornyRose glanced at the bushes behind the tower and nodded when Ye Cang made a hand signal. Little Ye Tian was also prepared. Having the creeps absorbing the damage from the tower, ThornyRose suddenly attacked DeepRepose while Little Ye Tian cast Rainbow Delay on BlackIce. However, BlackIce was not one of those ordinary players. After being attacked by it once, she had adapted to the delay this time and perfectly shot Black Iced Balls on the ground. Instantly, the ground was covered with black mist and the Ice Shards started to work, supporting DeepRepose.

Just when Ye Cang was about to use his Blade Edge Sprint, he sensed something coming at him from behind. Without hesitation, he turned to knock off an incoming long sword. YellowSpring, with full strength, blocked Ye Cang’s way to them.

Planning to get past him, Ye Cang closed in and attacked. On the other hand, YellowSpring focused on defending and blocking Ye Cang’s sword. In the meantime, he was counting the number of attacks, jumping around and anticipating Ye Cang’s Three Strikes Blink.

ThornyRose saw that Ye Cang was having some problems at his side. This is bad! Both advancing or retreating would not be a good choice! Little Ye Tian quickly activated Rainbow Screen, helping ThornyRose to block the tower’s attack. Seeing the black ice thorns coming at her, ThornyRose could not help it but blocked them with her shield. However, the chills were getting stronger and stronger, slowing her movements. When DeepRepose jumped backwards and shot at her, she felt helpless as she could not chase after him.

In YellowSpring’s eyes, Ye Cang looked impatient. He is coming with full strength! Right side? Left Side? As he dodged Ye Cang’s sword which aimed for his throat, he saw Ye Cang bending over and getting ready to dash on the left side. He smiled and in a smooth motion, stabbed his sword into him. Unfortunately, he did not feel like piercing into a human body but more like piercing air. He pondered. Shit! He then turned to see a faint shadow disappearing in a silvery light. It’s a mirror image! I fell into his trap!

When LooseCloud (a.k.a. DeepRepose) had gotten out of ThornyRose’s controlling area, he smiled coldly. Die! Three arrows were drawn. Just when he was about to let go of his hand, YellowSpring’s brawl made him turn around. Unfortunately, it was already too late as he felt something piercing through his chest. He saw a white-haired assassin wearing a windbreaker and his health points dropped to zero instantly. This must be his ultimate. The Flash of Life. The ultimate which instantly kills anyone.

Knowing that Ye Cang would not let go of her, BlackIce quickly turned herself into ice and successfully dodged his narrow sword which was immediately pierced at her after being pulled out from DeepRepose’s body. Upon reaching the other side of the tower, she saw ThornyRose who was already waiting for her. With a slap of the shield, ThornyRose smashed her to the tower. Seeing the energy bomb coming at her, ThornyRose thought. Fuck it! I’ll just sacrifice myself for her life!

Immediately, Ye Cang appeared in front of ThornyRose, using Blade Edge Blink. He pulled out his sword, activating Blade Edge Blink’s blocking effect. Successfully blocking the energy bomb, Ye Cang then pierced BlackIce’s eyes with Flash of Life. Lock on successful! Target instantly dies! Skill immediately refreshed! “Let’s go!’

The two of them quickly retreated. Rushing to the scene, YellowSpring saw ThornyRose’s speed was way slower than Ye Cang’s as her movement was still slowed down. Using this opportunity, YellowSpring blocked ThornyRose’s path, letting the tower kill her. He managed to get a kill but had lost two allies. On the other hand, Ye Cang safely retreated to the safe area. His Limit Break Ultimate is damn troublesome! Doesn’t that Flash of Life has a cooldown?

“I haven’t even noticed it in the past. Brother Hero didn’t often show off this Limit Break Ultimate’s skill - Flash of Life. You would only notice that it isn’t an ordinary skill if you pay attention to it. According to the information, it’s an ultimate which kills an opponent instantly and has a paralyzing effect. It can be activated at level 6. It’s one of a few Limit Break Ultimate that can be activated at low levels.” Brother Zhao noticed that Ye Cang’s Flash of Life was activated twice, killing one person at a time.

“Because of it being activated twice and killing two people in such short period of time, I think everyone is doubting its cooldown time. I believe there are conditions for this skill. To be honest, as a Limit Break Ultimate, it looks a bit useless since it’s hard to lock onto VastSea and CloudDragon. Moreover, it’s a short-distance and individualistic skill. Everyone knows that. But now, what I wanted to say is that I sort of figured out the conditions. Of course, it’s just my assumption. First, this Limit Break Ultimate does have a cooldown time, but I guess it isn’t long. I’ve thought of a few ways in which the skill can reset the cooldown. Number one, it’s a stacking skill which means you can use it for numerous times. For example, every 10 minutes it’ll stock up one instant kill energy, until a certain amount in a particular time period. It’ll be reduced once it’s used. Secondly, it’s the time coverage type. Once you activate it, there’s a fixed time period and number of times which it can be used. If you exceed the time or the amount, it’ll then go on a long cooldown. Thirdly, it’s the kill-to-refresh system. It’ll be instantly refreshed at the moment you kill someone. No matter which cooldown method, it’s very scary for having any of these as the conditions. Because combined with that speed, it’ll make his weapon, Piercing Thorn, the greatest nemesis for the enemies’ back row.” Brother Zhong analyzed with his arms crossed.

Respawning at the base, ThornyRose once again recalled the first time when Ye Cang challenged the Thorns and Roses club’s five-man team. In a split second, he killed ElegantFragrance, GreenDew, and DemonSpirit these three light-armored players. If he used that ultimate well, it could be very terrifying.

VastSea and WindDragon were depressed when they heard the news of killing an enemy by sacrificing two allies, not because it happened in a short period of time but because they got killed under the tower. Each of them was thinking about their next move.