Without hesitation, YellowSpring retreated. There are five people. Our bottom lane is screwed.

Respawning at the base, BlackIce was trembling. You three assholes! I’m not done with you guys!

Knowing that rushing there would not change anything, CloudDragon decided to take down the tower on the top lane.

Thorns and Roses was at an advantage, having Ye Cang who reached level 11, the highest among them all. Together with Lin Le’s item, the giant/monster hunter, Ye Cang had defeated some of the big bosses. He also had the most resources and gold at the moment, no one could surpass him. No matter how hard CloudDragon and VastSea tried, they just could not do anything about it. Having so many kills in the early game, Ye Cang’s weapon had reached level 6.

CloudDragon was not resigned to the fact that they had lost to Flash of Life just because they had insufficient information about the opponent team. If we had almost the same amount of resources and gold, maybe I could lock him down, together with VastSea. Just like what we did in the arena battle. However, in the hero mode, he managed to reach level 6 first. The problem is getting bigger and bigger, just like a snowball rolling down from the hill. With that little girl’s various anti-ambush skills and great vision, it’s impossible to fight against him. I even got killed by the Flash of Life in seconds. After he respawned at the base, he sighed. Seeing Ye Cang and the others blocking their base with a pleasant smile on their faces, he clenched his fist tight. But then, he let go. I bet if FlameEmperor doesn’t pay much attention, he’ll also lose to them in the hero mode.

“Brother CloudDragon, come out! Don’t be scared. Let’s fight, one-on-one…” Ye Cang said in sorrow, with his arms folded.

You are level 13 and I am level 8. And you want to challenge me to a one-on-one? CloudDragon felt being mocked. He is really shameless.

“Lil’Yellow! Lil’Blackie! Come out! I want to challenge you guys too!” Lin Le smiled at YellowSpring.

“......” YellowSpring knew Lin Le had been charging his fierce qi shockwave and he was just waiting for him to walk out from the base.

Finally, ThornyRose took down the opponent’s nexus and won.

When the two teams walked out of the battlefield, BlackIce clenched her teeth and looked at Lin Le with much hatred.

“Don’t be too happy yet. We still have an entertainment mode.” Despite saying so, ThornyRose was very exhilarated that they were close to getting into the finals. Even if Mad War wins the entertainment mode, they’ll only reach a draw. The pressure was all on them.

“Leader, I…” BlackIce knew that it was because of her that Ye Cang was well-farmed in the early game.

“Even if we switched anyone, the outcome would be the same. He hid his Limit Break Ultimate’s cooldown timing on purpose. It’s indeed our own carelessness. Well, as long as we don’t make the same mistake again, we’ll be fine.” CloudDragon did not turn his head but talked with his arm crossed.

“Our chance lies in the entertainment mode?” VastSea mumbled.

“Indeed, in the hero mode, Brother Hero was super fast to be well-farmed in the early game, collecting the resources and gold at top speed. That Flash of Life was fast, like an ATM card. You can withdraw your money the moment you insert it.” Brother Zhao described it well and Brother Zhong gradually nodded. “Not bad, we had witnessed how great the weapon, Piercing Thorn is. Also, an abnormal fencer that is faster than any assassin. In the early game, Piercing Thorn’s ability is really strong, especially when it goes against mages, archers and assassins. Besides that, Blade Edge Blink can block the tower’s attack. This has greatly increased his ability to secure a kill under the tower. Moreover, Piercing Thorn has the fastest speed in the league, together with his passive - three strikes in an inch step, five strikes with three hits and ten strikes with piercing blink. Once he reaches level 6, he can activate the Limit Break Ultimate - Flash of Life. Summing all these makes him a terrifying opponent for the light-armored players in the early game. I believe many clubs have his name on the list of people whom they want to greatly oppress in the early game. Even BlackIce, DeepRepose and WindDragon have no resistance when it comes to him.”

“Coming up next is the entertainment mode. I wonder what it will be.” Zuo Yiyi was looking at the ever-changing map.

At last, the entertainment mode fixed on the sports, table tennis. Ye Cang gradually stood up and said. “I’ll go.”

ThornyRose remained silent. Knowing that the opponent was sending CloudDragon for the match, she thought that Ye Cang would be a great candidate for a sport like table tennis which required good reaction and reflexes.

Both of them wore t-shirts, short pants and sports shoes. They were holding the racquet as if they were holding a sword, staring at each other in front of the table.

“Serve.” CloudDragon said.

“How are you, Brother CloudDragon?” Ye Cang started to trash-talk.

“I said serve.” CloudDragon said coldly.

“What a cold-hearted bastard.” Just when he was about to finish his sentence, Ye Cang sighed and immediately shot a fast ball to the corner. Having gotten used to Ye Cang’s impromptu moves, CloudDragon quickly hit the ball back. Then, Ye Cang moved back and forth, using the momentum to smash it back. The ball was so fast that it seemed as if it was a shooting star.

Both sides were hitting back and forth and the ball was  like a rapid moving meteor. Everyone was amazed as their hands and legs were swinging in top speed. No one would ever imagine that watching them play table tennis can be this mesmerizing. At last, it was concluded a draw because they could not continue anymore. CloudDragon was not resigned to the results and threw the racquet. Damn it! I lost!

ThornyRose was stunned for a second. Then, she immediately hugged FrozenBlood in excitement. “We won! We won!”

FrozenBlood wanted to avoid her but still got kissed many times.

Being touched by the fact that they won, DyedLily hugged Zhang Zhengxiong and kissed him. With his arm crossed, Zhang Zhengxiong slowly nodded. “It’s touching…”

Once again, FrozenCloud hit him in the waist with her elbow.

Just when LittleJade was about to hug someone with her arms wide open, OldWangFromNextDoor jumped to her side. Immediately, she turned to hug FrozenCloud. “We won! We won! We can finally participate in the Great Christmas War!”

Seeing that even OtherShoreWatchingAV got a hug from DemonSpirit, OldWangFromNextDoor felt sad. On the other side, Lin Le was hugged by ElegantFragrance. He felt pity for OldWangFromNextDoor so he patted his shoulder. OldWangFromNextDoor was touched and immediately hugged Lin Le. “Leader…”

Hugging Lin Le for not even for a second, ElegantFragrance kicked him away.

Returning from the victorious battle, Ye Cang held his racquet high and said softly. “Because whenever there’s a trump card, there’s only victory.”

With sadness, he slowly turned his head and looked at the players of Mad War. “I’m sorry. A trump card’s fate is this cruel.”

“That bastard…” CloudDragon smiled and said calmly and serious. “Next time, I’ll make you pay, Brother Hero.”

“Looks like this year we have a team of monsters.” With a bitter smile, VastSea said softly.

Seeing that Lin Le made a silly face, BlackIce trembled even more.

The two teams confronted each other.

“Rose, I never expect that you’ll advance to the Great Christmas War. Undeniably, good job.” Surprisingly, CloudDragon did not taunt them like he used to but instead with a smile, he took the initiative to shake hands.

When they shook hands, ThornyRose was at the verge of tears but more out of excited. She felt that her hard work finally paid off and people acknowledged her. Even though throughout this journey she relied on Ye Cang and them, as the person who managed the club, there was nothing that would make her more happy than seeing the club achieving such good results, especially when it was the result of a bet.