“When was the last time of Thorns and Roses advancing into the finals? Years ago?” Brother Zhao laughed.

“If I’m not mistaken, it was 50 years ago. On a side note, Flame Dragon won against Lord’s Reign by a narrow margin. I bet you were soaking in cold sweat throughout their battle. To be honest, Lord’s Reign was very close to defeating FlameEmperor. This year, LordAsked was indeed confident. Though they lost, they should be proud that they managed to make FlameEmperor struggle.” Brother Zhong’s words prompted Brother Zhao to nod, showing agreement to it. Lord’s Reign almost won in the hero mode but luckily, FlameEmperor performed well in the team fight and successfully pulled it off. Despite that, isn’t it obvious that the reason they’re facing all these unexpected incident is because VastSea is no longer in the team?”

CloudDragon looked at the results next door. Lord’s Reign lost but they lost gorgeously. At least, everyone had remembered the name of Tyrant.

“Of the Four Heavenly Kings, you and LordAsked have the qualification to challenge Flame Dragon for a fight. However, in one-on-one combat, he still has the upper hand.” CloudDragon nodded, agreeing to what VastSea said. He knew it very well that Flame Dragon would not be defeated so easily and that was what makes it interesting. This is the Qin Family’s motto - fun means transcending! Upon recalling this, CloudDragon looked at ThornyRose. Excuses are for losers. A loss is still a loss. He then slowly said. “Til’ we meet again!”

Upon finishing his sentence, he left and went to prepare to fight for the third place with Lord’s Reign.

Along with the others, ThornyRose arrived at the finals venue. Seeing Flame Dragon and the others were already waiting, scenes of being tortured on the battlefield flashed in her mind. Trying to calm herself down, she took a deep breath. I’ve finally reached this place! The ticket to enter the Great Christmas War is already in my hands. But… Seeing FrozenBlood and the others filled with excitement, ThornyRose smiled. Champion here I come!

Turning to the other side, ThornyRose saw Ye Cang, Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le provoking FlameEmperor. One being arrogant, one smirking and one slapping his own butt. The three of them are Thorns and Roses strongest trump cards throughout history! No matter how insane FlameEmperor was, there was no way that he could win in a 1v3. They just had to oppress the others!

“Rose, you’ve finally made your way here huh…” FlameEmperor smirked arrogantly. In his eyes, ThornyRose was like a tiny ant.

“Didn’t you almost lose against Lord’s Reign, FlameEmperor?” ThornyRose took a step forward and argued back.

“LordAsked may still have some qualification but you…are nowhere near. Do you really think you can still win in a battle with me?” FlameEmperor smiled coldly. CloudDragon and VastSea then looked at them, raising their eyebrows. Even though they won, CloudDragon knew if they battle again, the possibility of winning is very low. The reason they were able to win was because there was an internal problem between VastSea and Flame Dragon.

Ye Cang slowly walked out and put on a faint smile. “Brother FlameEmperor, you won’t know until you try. A’Xiong, Lele, am I right?”

“Bro, it’s obvious that he is an X-criminal. Let’s teach him a lesson.” Zhang Zhengxiong made a ‘humph’ sound while crossing his arms.

“That’s right, I declare that I’m not afraid of this bad guy!”  Lin Le pouted, pointing at FlameEmperor with his giant blade.

“Hmph! You three idiots!” Archer of Death - WhitePond said coldly.

Although FlameEmperor was pissed off, he knew that he could only face two of them at most. Despite that, the chances of winning were not high too. If he faces three at once, he will definitely lose. Thinking about this, he frowned.

“Oh, save the bullshit. Let’s meet on the battlefield.” Upon finishing the sentence, ThornyRose and the others returned to the lounge.

“What’s the losing rate of gambling on the periphery?” Feeling the tension between the two teams, Brother Zhao turned to ask Zuo Yiyi.

“Thorns and Rose to Flame Dragon. 3:1.” Zuo Yiyi answered.

“Since it’s the finals, I go all in. I bet on Flame Dragon.” Brother Zhao laughed.

“Sorry, I bet on Thorns and Roses.” Brother Zhong shrugged with his shoulders.

Zuo Yiyi had also bet on Thorns and Roses because Ye Cang and the others were in the team. She could not predict what would happen to her if Ye Cang knew she bet on the other team.

“The dueling has started! On Flame Dragon’s side...FlameEmperor is the spearhead! It looks like he wants to teach the Really New Village’s Three Brothers a lesson.” Brother Zhao was surprised to see FlameEmperor standing on the stage with his sword.

“For Thorns and Roses, The Big Diamond will go first, followed up by Mad Devil Le as the center and lastly Brother Hero as the general.” Brother Zhong pointed at their lineup on the screen’s layout.

“I don’t think they can defeat FlameEmperor in dueling. In one-on-one combat, FlameEmperor has never lost.” Brother Zhao said proudly.

“We’ll see how it goes.” Brother Zhong smiled faintly.

“Be careful.” ThornyRose reminded Zhang Zhengxiong who was about to go up on stage.

Then, Zhang Zhengxiong hopped onto the stage with his head held high. Even though they made it sound very easy, deep down he knew that FlameEmperor is a very strong opponent. Knowing that even if his brother and CloudDragon attacked him together, they would not land a scratch, Zhang Zhengxiong took a deep breath.

“Come on.” Holding his two-handed sword with one hand, FlameEmperor signaled Zhang Zhengxiong to come with the other.

Zhang Zhengxiong roared as he rushed towards him. The shadows of fists, kicks, and swords mixed together. What made FlameEmperor surprised was Zhang Zhengxiong’s incredible strength and his series of slaughter moves. If he gets caught by any of it, he will be in deep trouble! Cautiously, both sides were burning each other up, attacking one after another with full power.

Blocking the two-handed sword with his bare hand, Zhang Zhengxiong grabbed it and attacked him with another hand. Swiftly, FlameEmperor let go of it, jumped to the side and kicked Zhang Zhengxiong’s chest with a Rising Dragon Kick. At the same time, he slashed his two-handed sword. Surprisingly, his sword changed direction in mid-air, going through Zhang Zhengxiong’s fast block and pierced right at his heart. Unfortunately, Zhang Zhengxiong turned his grab into a Overlord Fist and successfully blocked it.

Just when FlameEmperor was moving backwards, he turned his sword using his wrist. At an instant, Zhang Zhengxiong felt like his chest was exploding. Marvelous flames shot out from the sword just like beautiful fireworks. His health points immediately dropped to zero.

ThornyRose witnessed Zhang Zhengxiong leaving the stage, she then stared at FlameEmperor. Although Shaking Bear has lost, he still managed to make FlameEmperor lose 51% of his health points. Turning around to look at Lele, she remained silent. I better let him do whatever he wants. My words may distract his inborn judgment.

Angrily, Lin Le jumped on the stage. “I’ll get revenge for Brother Lil’Xiong! Now you this bad guy, die!”

Immediately, giant blade’s flashes were coming at FlameEmperor. He smiled coldly and bent over, dodging Lin Le’s Moonlight Blade. Seeing that Lin Le was stunned after his attack was broken, FlameEmperor slashed with his sword. Tens of flashes landed on Lin Le’s back.

After being hit continuously for five times, Lin Le suddenly turned and swung his blade. Just when FlameEmperor was about to use his Physic-defying Moves, Lin Le precisely knocked off his sword as if he had seen through the projection of the moves. The giant blade landed on FlameEmperor’s shoulder and slashed downwards, paralyzing him. Lin Le then smiled innocently. “Yo, I’ve seen through your attacks.”

FlameEmperor’s heart sank. Shit!

While FlameEmperor was about to purify himself, Lin Le immediately knocked him off with a knee strike. FlameEmperor was sent to mid-air and lost consciousness. Without delay, Lin Le jumped high. Giant Beheader! Mid-Air Execute!

ThornyRose looked at the Giant Blade Warrior who was wearing bib pants. Lele defeated FlameEmperor! But he has only 21% of his health points left. It’ll be hard for him at the next match.

Although Lin Le was defeated by the Archer of Death’s Flying Kite, he still managed to land a hit and immediately took away 70% of Archer of Death’s health points. *Whoa* The audience was shocked. What kind of damage is that?