Ye Cang then jumped on the stage and killed Archer of Death - Fireworks a.k.a. WhitePond in seconds. Looking at the far end, he said. “Last time I’ve told you, you need to improve your shooting style and try to move flexibly, just like me… *sigh* ”

Fireworks pointed at Ye Cang, wanting to scold him with all kinds of vulgar words so badly.

“Just now Mad Devil Le defeated FlameEmperor. What’s your opinion on this?” Looking at Brother Zhao who was still shocked after seeing FlameEmperor being defeated by Mad Devil Le, Brother Zhao asked the question on purpose.

“Looks like FlameEmperor has one more opponent whom he needs to be careful of since their fighting styles were similar. Mad Devil Le’s accuracy of instinct is truly terrifying. I knew it from his past performance.” Brother Zhao smiled bitterly and shook his head.

Outside the arena, FlameEmperor glanced at Lin Le and Zhang Zhengxiong. Was I careless? No! They are just improving too fast! Holding the bright red two-handed sword, his eyes were filled with determination.

Seeing HeavenBlessed as the last person to come up the stage, Ye Cang said casually. “Surrender. You’re no match for me.”

Ignoring his words, HeavenBlessed gripped his dagger in reverse and dashed towards him. Ye Cang sighed. Instantly, Ye Cang confronted him with greater speed, hands on the hilt. Both of them are the speedy type of players. However, Ye Cang who was obviously faster and more threatening immediately oppressed HeavenBlessed.

“You’re too slow.” Ye Cang’s shadow flashed past HeavenBlessed and said to his ears. He then turned back like a lightning flash and unleashed three strikes, knocking HeavenBlessed back. Being shocked by his moves, HeavenBlessed immediately activated his ultimate and disappeared into thin air. All of a sudden, the surroundings went pitch black. Ye Cang slowly closed his eyes and sensed the sound of blades coming in from all directions. Ultimate! Blade Edge Blink - Counter Storm! Blocking one of the incoming blades with his sword, and immediately, counter-attacking it with a sky full of swords. As for Ye Cang, he was flashing here and there in the middle of the flashes of swords.

As the darkness faded, everyone saw HeavenBlessed with his back facing Ye Cang in mid-air. Then, Ye Cang pierced through his heart with Flash of Life and gracefully landed on the ground.

“This skill...has he used it before?” Brother Zhao frowned.

“I think there are conditions for using it. If my guess is correct, this is a counterattack ultimate that can be used against numerous sword attacks.” Brother Zhong nodded.

Standing at the edge of the stage, Ye Cang pointed his sword at FlameEmperor. The look under his white hair was casual but disdainful. “I’m sorry but the championship belongs to us.”

“Oh really? I don’t remember myself giving up on it, White Hair.” FlameEmperor smirked.

Putting on a faint smile, Ye Cang put his sword back in the scabbard and returned to the players' area.

In the arena mode, the lineup was still the same for Ye Cang’s five men team. On FlameEmperor’s side, they also sent their regular lineup.

Outside of the arena, ThornyRose was looking at the two teams confronting each other. Her palms were sweaty. Seeing ThornyRose being so nervous and tensed up, FrozenBlood reassured her. “Leave it to team leader and the others. That’s all we can do now.”

ThornyRose nodded.

Immediately, the battle began! Everyone was doing their best. Ye Cang once again killed Fireworks while FlameEmperor defeated Little Ye Tian. Since FullFlame’s ultimate was sealed by SpyingBlade’s Curse of the Berserk Shadow, Ye Cang killed him in seconds. Not long after, SpyingBlade was dead under Instant’s and FlameEmperor’s teamwork. Both teams were fighting intensely. The audience watching it live was all fired up. All for being the king of China! At last, under Ye Cang’s and his brothers’ teamwork, they successfully defeated FlameEmperor and his remaining teammates. Once again, it showed the scene of Three Heroes vs Lu Bu.

Ye Cang and his brothers surrounded FlameEmperor who was trying his very best to face the three people with his full strength. However, he could not even withstand for a minute and ended up with, his waist being hugged by Lin Le, the chest being hit by Ye Cang and throat being grabbed by Zhang Zhengxiong.

After losing the dueling and arena mode, FlameEmperor stared at Ye Cang and the other two, and frowned, recalling the times when he won the championship three times consecutively. Is this what you call a game? There’ll always be opponents whom you expect the least. Maybe VastSea’s leaving is a good thing for myself. It’s been quite some time since I’ve been pushed to my limits except for last year and this year. Holding the two-handed sword, he said coldly. “We must win the hero mode. FullFlame, use my character.”

Everyone beside him felt his excitement as if a red dragon was getting fired up.

Upon hearing that, FullFlame was stunned for a second and then nodded. “Okay, I got you.”

“The hero mode is the most important. We’ll see how well FlameDragon will do. But to be honest, watching this far, I believe everyone has had a glimpse of or at least understand how terrifying the Three Brothers are. Even though they may not be able to defeat FlameEmperor in one-on-one combat, still, when they’re working together, the effectiveness of their teamwork is  much greater than FlameEmperor’s strength.” Brother Zhao sighed after listening to what Brother Zhong said. “Despite that, I don’t think FlameEmperor will be defeated so easily.”

The audience outside the arena started to gossip. The number of members of The Three Brother’s fans club increased greatly all of a sudden and various kind of nicknames such as China’s Best Combo popped out of nowhere.

When the hero mode began, FrozenBlood was looking at FlameEmperor’s lineup. To her surprise, she saw an honorary character! FlameEmperor is using Red Lotus Conqueror! It looks like the enemy team is going all out! That’s because honorary characters can be only used once in a season!

Seeing that the enemy team’s mid laner was FlameEmperor, Ye Cang frowned at his character. Twin Sword Stream? The bright red twin sword was shining with flames. A slight swing of it was truly awesome.

Even ThornyRose had noticed it. Is it really the Red Lotus Conqueror? Shit, Ye Cang doesn’t really know anything about this character! I’ve never taught him about honorary characters! Please don’t go head on with him!

Both side’s creeps had started moving and the battle had begun. Noticing that FlameEmperor had been standing at the frontier and was not afraid of his opponent, Ye Cang decided not to fight with him temporarily and to get last hits steadily.

“I bet Brother PaleSnow will be at a disadvantage soon. Red Lotus Conqueror has a special characteristic which is when he accumulates last hits until a certain extent, he can increase his overall attributes. If I’m not mistaken, it is 30, 50, 100 and 200 last hits. Farming at the same pace as him isn’t a wise thing to do but fighting him head-on also makes no difference. Red Lotus Conqueror’s speed, power, and even magic are the most excellent! Moreover, he has the inborn passive, Flames Counterattack! Brother PaleSnow’s attack may be fast and unpredictable but its attack power is low. Unless he manages to hit his opponent continuously without missing any. If not, he will die due to the accumulated burn he endured and the passive.” NalanPureSoul smiled bitterly as he looked at the Red Lotus Conqueror.

Once Ye Cang reached level 3, he activated Blade Edge Sprint on FlameEmperor. However, FlameEmperor blocked it and smiled coldly. Ye Cang felt flames burning at his arms and his health points were dropping! He then frowned. After attacking for a few times, he realized that the burn damage would not only stack up but would also reduce his damage. Each stack would deal an extra 10% damage. In present, it had stacked up to three. Knowing that he would be at a disadvantage if he continued like this, he returned back to his creeps with Blade Edge Blink. Staring at FlameEmperor who was casually farming the creeps, he was anxious. It’s going to be tough.

“Brother Hero is being oppressed by Red Lotus Conqueror. Looks like Thorns and Roses is having a tough time now.” Brother Zhao saw Ye Cang only had 55% of health points left and that they are still continuously dropping. In the jungle, SpyingBlade was being disturbed by HeavenBlessed, unable to help Ye Cang. On the other hand, Mad Devil Le was far from Ye Cang too. Even if he wants to assist him, Instant would definitely distract him.

At the top lane, Zhang Zhengxiong managed to oppress FullFlame, having a little advantage. As for the two knights, their performances were similar to the previous match, trying to oppress the opponents from getting last hits.