In the battle between Mad War and Lord’s Reign, Mad War won with great scores.

LordAsked stared at VastSea and sighed. Why did this idiot join Mad War? If he comes to Lord’s Reign, the championship will definitely be his. With him, going against FlameEmperor will be much easier. LordAsked knocked away CloudDragon’s incoming handshake and patted on VastSea’s shoulder. “If Mad War ever treats you badly, do come to Lord’s Reign. You do know what kind of person I am, don't you, VastSea?”

VastSea smiled awkwardly.

This fella… CloudDragon rolled his eyes and moved away LordAsked’s hand from VastSea’s shoulder. “The battle on the other side seems to be very intense. Let’s go have a look. I heard that the Golden Era’s Carnival came out from the generator.”

“Hmm...that sounds interesting.” Together with his teammates, LordAsked came to the lounge of Thorns and Roses

“Saint Joan of Arc, Zhao Yun, and Lu Bu. Looks like The Really New Village’s Three Brothers’ lineup is gorgeous. On Flame Dragon’s side, they have Diao Chan, LeftHandedSwordSaint, and King of Nightmare Knights. Their lineup isn’t that bad either.” Hearing LordAsked’s voice coming from behind, ThornyRose turned around and smiled bitterly. “But they are lacking in experience so they may not be able to use those characters well.”

“You’re underestimating them.” CloudDragon laughed with his arms crossed.

“Yeah, Brother PaleSnow looks confident.” NalanPureSoul stared at Ye Cang’s beautiful character. With the headdress, the long white hair seemed heroic and holy. It was way different compared to FlameEmperor’s sexy and hot beauty look.

Ye Cang then touched his breasts and said faintly. “The sensation is wonderful.”

“Brother Lil’White, I want to touch too!” Lin Le jogged towards Ye Cang and put his hands on his left breast while Zhang Zhengxiong excitedly touched on the other.

“......” Everyone could not believe what they saw. ThornyRose facepalmed. Just then, ElegantFragrance voice came from the back. “In the club’s ethical ranking, we’ve successfully surpassed the League of Tyrants. We’re now enemy of the lunatic, France.”

LordAsked, CloudDragon, and NalanPureSoul remained silent but FlameEmperor was looking at them in confusion.

“I’ll try how it feels down there.” Just when Ye Cang was about to put his hand into the pants, ThornyRose quickly teleported to his side and grabbed it. “Oh bro, please don’t ruin the club’s dignity.”

Lin Le immediately took his hand off but accidentally hit ThornyRose’s back with his elbow. Out of expectation, ThornyRose’s hands let go of Ye Cang’s hand and fell into his pants.

All of a sudden, the crowd was making noises.

“What a sexy scene.”

“What a touching scene.”

“Looks like Big Sister Rose misses her lesbian character.”

Coming back to her senses, ThornyRose panicked and tried to move her hand out. At this moment, Ye Cang blushed and moaned like a girl.

Upon seeing what had happened, CloudDragon and the others facepalmed together. They all looked weird. FrozenBlood then mumbled. “So she is that type of person…”

When ThornyRose pulled her hand out, she saw Ye Cang and the others looking at her in a ‘Oh so you’re a gangster’ way. Immediately, she teleported out of the battlefield, back to the players area.

“Rose, I know you love women very much and are also the role model for the lesbians. But sometimes you have to be aware of the location. Moreover, he is your fiancé. Your action...hmm…isn’t that appropriate.” CloudDragon advised her like an older brother, making  ThornyRose even more embarrassed. She then explained. “That was an accident. It’s Lele. He…”

“I was wrong about you. For women, I thought that you only liked Icey. But you straight away touched Saint Joan of Arc’s private part right after you saw her. That’s…” ElegantFragrance said with righteousness.

FrozenBlood hugged ElegantFragrance, aggrievedly put her head on ElegantFragrance’s shoulder and whimpered. “This is fate…”

ElegantFragrance touched FrozenBlood’s head and reassured her. “Oh, there, there.”

“......” FrozenCloud was soaked in cold sweat.

Looking at ThornyRose, LordAsked and NalanPureSoul sighed together.

Knowing that explaining would not help, ThornyRose stared at Ye Cang. Her mind was in a total mess. Ever since she met him, the moment she got shot at her butt, she had encountered different kinds of ‘WTF’ moments. Why do I have to experience such bad luck? Upon thinking about it, ThornyRose was resentful. She even wanted to bang her head at the wall as she turned to see OldWangFromNextDoor and OtherShoreWatchingAV looking at her with gazes full of respect.

“It has begun.” SpyingBlade sighed, not knowing whether to cry or laugh. What’s all this?

Ye Cang held the war banner high and activated the war banner’s team buff. (Increase allies’ and decrease enemies’ overall attributes in a large area.) He then pulled out his long sword and shouted. “Lele, A’Xiong, charge!”

FlameEmperor frowned as he saw that they had Saint Joan of Arc. Knowing that his attributes have been decreased by at least 20%, he danced gracefully and shot out his colorful ribbons. With a flash, Zhang Zhengxiong passed through it and attacked FullFlame’s Susanoo with his spear. His silver spear was so fast that only flashes could be seen.

In a smooth motion, FullFlame instantly blocked the seven flashes with his sword and counterattacked. Once again, a silver light flashed and Zhang Zhengxiong passed through his long sword and attacked FlameEmperor’s Diao Chan. While Lin Le held his halberd high and slashed with all his might. Peerless Fang Tian Slash!

As for Ye Cang, he did not plan to join the fight but was singing behind them with his palms sticking together.

“Disrupt him!” FlameEmperor knew what kind of effect that was. What makes Saint Joan of Arc so scary is her terrifying supporting effects. It’s even scarier when the ritual for the saintess to become one with him is completed. I must not let him finish his singing!

“Lele, protect brother!” Immediately, Zhang Zhengxiong activated his Ultimate - Seven Attacks of the Silver Dragon! He then aimed at the King of Nightmare Knights who was flying in the sky. Descend of Silver Dragons!

Numerous shadows of silver dragons appeared and strangled Fireworks’ King of Nightmare Knights, sealing all his skills! Fireworks then entered into a detention mode, with his health points dropping non-stop.

Seeing that the sky was full of colorful ribbons, Zhang Zhengxiong guessed it was Diao Chan’s ultimate. Using the Seven Attacks of the Silver Dragon, he safely dodged the attack. Unfortunately, Lin Le was being wrapped up like a big rice-dumpling.

Just then, Lin Le saw Susanoo was coming at him fast, wanting to behead him with his sword held high! Lin Le’s face suddenly turned red and he shouted. “Peerless! Activate!”

All of a sudden, his body was filled with the demon’s aura, breaking the ribbons and knocking FullFlame away. Lu Bu was radiating blood-red demon’s aura. Lin Le had turned into the Peerless Demon. Holding the blood-red double sided halberd, he dashed. Delayed Execution!

FullFlame knew how terrifying Lu Bu is once he has activated the peerless mode. He would not be controlled or restrained by any skills and his attributes will be increased by 5 times!

Holding the long sword, FullFlame quickly activated his ultimate. Illusion Art - False! His body then started to turn transparent as Lin Le’s halberd slashed through the air. Swiftly, FullFlame counterattacked Lin Le by slashing his shoulder. Blood splattered everywhere.

“Illusion Art - False allows you to enter into an illusion mode without taking away your physical attack ability. This is indeed a troublesome skill.” ThornyRose frowned.

“That’s true but I still think you’re scarier.” FrozenBood nodded to show agreement and slowly put her hand into ThornyRose’s pants.

“Fuck off!” ThornyRose angrily knocked her hand away.

“How dare you bully me! I’m angry now! I’m really angry!” Lin Le pouted. He then crazily swung his double-sided halberd and the blood-red energy from his body exploded, knocking Susanoo off. In the midst of the bloody atmosphere, the audience heard an innocent and dumb laugh. “Hahaha! Hahaha! Hahaha!”