The sky was getting darker as Lin Le laughed. It echoed back greater laughter with a demonic voice.

“Be careful! It’s one of the Peerless Skills, Unbeatable!” FlameEmperor immediately shot out colorful ribbons to protect the others. This Lele uses Lu Bu so well, showing no signs of unfamiliarity. Thunder struck down like raindrops, breaking all the ribbons. Although there was protection from the ribbons, FullFlame still received some damage.

On the other side, the King of Nightmare Knights turned into a cloud of black smoke and got away from the silver dragon’s strangle which was getting weaker. Hence, he successfully dodged Zhang Zhengxiong’s Seven Attacks of the Silver Dragon.

Once again, FlameEmperor shot ribbons at Ye Cang.

Ye Cang then slowly opened his silvery eyes and spread out a pair of huge white flame wings. The Blessing of the Flaming Angel!

Immediately, Lin Le and Zhang Zhengxiong obtained a pair of glowing flaming wings each. They could now fly, increasing their movement speed and also their attributes.

Without delay, Ye Cang held his sword and started singing. FlameEmperor’s heart sank for a moment. Going against Lu Bu and Zhao Yun is already troublesome! I’m no match for her! Seducing won’t work on her! It doesn’t work on Lu Bu either since he can’t be controlled in the peerless mode. As for Zhao Yun, his passive, insight prevents his soul from any control skills.

“Open fire!” Having no choice, FlameEmperor knew he had to find an opening to stop Saint Joan of Arc from singing her next song! If not, everyone would die!

Zhang Zhengxiong put on a cold smile. “Dragon’s Guts! Activate!”

All of a sudden, the shadow of the silver dragon exploded, starting to surround him. Sounds were coming from the silver dragon spear as if a huge dragon was roaring. Heart-Piercing Silver Dragon Spear! The spear then turned into a silver dragon and dashed towards the enemy. FullFlame quickly activated the Illusion Art - Reality. Invincible swords then blocked the silver dragon’s attack but it only lasted a second until it was broken into pieces.

In this tight situation, FlameEmperor then shot colorful ribbons at it, which successfully blocked the attack and strangled it.

“Is this Diao Chan’s ultimate - Allure?” ThornyRose saw the field was covered with ribbons as if the entire arena had turned into a textile store, colorful ribbons were everywhere. However, the surroundings suddenly turned into darkness. Lin Le lost his vision and was stunned when he was strangled by the ribbons. A dark shadow appeared behind him and pierced right into his heart with an equally dark sword. Streams of black aura then rushed into Lu Bu’s body. After that, WhitePond vanished into the darkness, waiting for the next opportunity. Knowing that he had lost half of his health, Lin Le struggled to break out from the ribbons and pretended to slash without aim. Just then, his bundle of hair stood upright and without hesitation, he slashed the double-sided halberd. That slash directly hit at WhitePond. WhitePond was shocked. How did he know about my location? He shouldn’t be able to see me at all!

With one hand, Lin Le got on his horse smoothly and started to slash with his double-sided halberd in madness. Easily, he broke out of the nightmare.

On the other side, FlameEmperor was dancing gracefully on the ribbons towards Ye Cang. The closer he got, the more he felt his consciousness fading. This is bad! I may not reach him on time! Immediately, he shot out his ribbons which pierced right into Ye Cang’s heart.

Just when Ye Cang finished the song, he was already pierced by the ribbons. On the spot, FlameEmperor and his other two allies were paralyzed, silenced and stunned. FlameEmperor’s heart sank. I was a second too late! Shit!

“Thorns and Roses has won. Both chantings were finished. I’m pretty sure the saintess is about to descend.” Brother Zhao shook his head.

“But to be honest, Brother Hero’s chanting speed was fast. It’s really smooth too. If not, it wouldn’t be completed in such a short period of time.” Brother Zhong slowly nodded his head.

The ribbons which pierced through Ye Cang were then burned into ashes by a silvery flame. Ye Cang then once again opened his eyes. His eyes could no longer be seen as they were filled with a silvery flame and the glowing flaming wings behind him were no longer one pair but three. His scabbard could not hold the holy sword’s power anymore as silvery flames were rushing out. The iris flower war banner was reborn in flames and iris flowers were falling one by one like a dropping blaze.

Ye Cang then pulled the holy sword out and the marvelous silvery flames surrounded it like a tornado. Holding the sword up high, he then stabbed it into the ground. Purging of Holy Flames!

In an instant, the field was covered with flames and the darkness was burned away by the silvery flames.

“Once the saintess has descended, Saint Joan of Arc is considered to be top five among the Chrysanthemum Emperor’s characters.” CloudDragon looked at the flames burning as if they were purifying the world.

“No matter alive or dead, that character is indeed scary and disgusting. The self-explosion. You're basically dead if you don’t have any blocking skills. Neither killing nor not killing her would be a choice. Although LeftHandedSwordSaint has blocking skills, FullFlame didn’t activate it because he knew challenging Saint Joan of Arc after the descent of saintess in one-on-one combat is impossible.” LordAsked smiled bitterly.

“Goodbye, my future opponent…” LordAsked sighed and left with his teammates. Looking at Ye Cang, CloudDragon who was crossing his arms started to let go of his hands. He then also left the lounge.

“You guys have won.” Knowing that CloudDragon and LordAsked were not resigned, NalanPureSoul stared at their backs. As if I’m satisfied. He then turned and put up a faint smile. Ye Cang (Saint Joan of Arc) spread his 6 silvery flaming wings, standing heroically in the world of silvery flames. NalanPureSoul tapped ThornyRose who was stunned while looking at Ye Cang.

“This season was completely unpredictable. Thorns and Roses getting champion? If I heard this news a year ago, I would definitely think it’s a joke. But now, the truth is right in front of my eyes.” Seeing FlameEmperor who was sent out, looking at Ye Cang in confusion, Brother Zhao exclaimed.

“Of course. But I’m more concern about your punishment game.” Laying on the sofa, Brother Zhong combed his smart looking blonde hair and stretched.

“......” Brother Zhao immediately turned pale.

Seeing that ThornyRose was in shock, Ye Cang gradually walked towards her and smiled faintly. “The Trump card is back~ *me* ”

Coming back to her senses, ThornyRose could not believe that they had won the championship. That joy inside her prompted her eyes to be filled with tears. With her hands, she then made a high five with Ye Cang. *Clap*

“Congratulations.” NalanPureSoul smiled elegantly.

“Brother PureSoul is still the best! Why don’t we practice our sword fights tomorrow?” Ye Cang’s words made NalanPureSoul feel awkward. “Hehe, Brother PaleSnow...hehe.”

“Sister Rose. *sigh* You’re already an adult but still crying in front of so many people? That’s embarrassing.” At the wrong timing, Lin Le’s voice came from ThornyRose’s back.

“Although she is almost 27, she still has a heart of glass okay? Just like any other ordinary little girl.” ElegantFragrance voice came out of nowhere.

“That woman is only 27? I thought she is already 30 plus.” Ye Cang was shocked to hear what she said.

“But sometimes I think Sister Zhen looks younger than Sister Rose.” FrozenBlood added a comment.

“I agree.” Little Ye Tian sighed.

“Brother, it isn’t that good to talk bad about people, right? Especially when Sister Rose is just right in front of us.” Zhang Zhengxiong reminded them.

“No worries. She isn’t facing us. This means that we’re gossiping behind her. It shouldn’t be a problem.” said Ye Cang with his stupid logic.

“......” The others were speechless.

“You this bunch of assholes!” Originally she was touched and shaking due to the victory, but now ThornyRose clenched her teeth and turned to shout at them. “How many times do I have to say it? Talking bad about people behind their back doesn’t literally mean you stand behind their back and talk bad about that person! It’s when the person is absent!”