Ye Cang felt FlameEmperor staring at him, so he smiled back faintly. “You did well too.”

“Hmph, winning the entertainment mode using all three Chrysanthemum Emperor’s characters. What’s there to be so proud of?” FullFlame stood out and shouted in anger.

Immediately, FlameEmperor blocked him down and looked at Ye Cang and the others who were smiling. Not losing the arrogance in his eyes, he said. “Loss means loss. There’re many people who can bring me happiness. I’m looking forward to our next battle.”

ThornyRose felt she was completely ignored by FlameEmperor. Yeah, in his eyes, the one who defeated him was Ye Cang, not me. This is indeed the truth. Upon thinking about it, she was not resigned by the truth. I must advance to SS rank! And then, I’ll challenge you formally! FlameEmperor!

FlameEmperor glanced at ThornyRose. Among all the low-tiers, she is indeed the most persistent one. With this persistence, she’ll definitely stand before me one day. But now, you’re still far from that.

“Next battle? Be careful. I’ve roughly got hold of your moves.” Ye Cang mumbled as FlameEmperor and the others left.

The entire arena was filled with thorns and roses were falling from the sky. All players from Thorns and Roses were standing in the center of the arena, receiving congratulations and scoldings. They were all excited.

“So that’s the special effects when Thorns and Roses win the championship. This is the fourth time it appeared at this place after ages. However, compared to Flame Dragon’s gorgeous dance, a sky full of blood-red petals and a ground full of thorns does look nice too.” Brother Zhong gradually stood up and clapped while Brother Zhao who was crying also started to clap for them.

FlameEmperor and CloudDragon did not attend the award ceremony. This was expected. A benevolent old man appeared on the stage and placed the Green Dragon Bowl in ThornyRose’s hands. He was China’s Game League’s CEO, Wang Million. “Congratulations you guys. Thorns and Roses. Rose, this club of’s interesting.”  

ThornyRose was trembling as she received the champion item, Green Dragon Bowl. With tears in her eyes, she nodded. Then, she took a deep breath and shouted the club’s slogan out loud. “Thorns Emerge! Roses Arise!”

However, it was awkward when Ye Cang and the others behind her did not repeat the slogan. Instead, gossips were coming from behind.

“What a lame slogan. Who thought this out? I don’t want to embarrass myself.” ElegantFragrance gave her a cold-shoulder while looking at her fingernails.

“Oh come on. Let’s try to put up with her. Can’t believe that she is already 27.8 years old but still acts like an adolescent.” FrozenBlood sighed.

“Wieners Emerge! Wieners Arise!” Though confused with the word ‘thorns’, Lin Le was still shouting out loud. Being overly excited, he stripped himself off, exposing his naked lower body and raising his giant blade high. It was being put in mosaics. Yet, everyone was cheering for his action. “Real man! My husband! Let’s give birth to children!” All these phrases were echoing in the stadium.

“Now it’s time for this season’s MVP in China’s S rank championship. Any guesses?” Feeling that ThornyRose was about to burst out, Zuo Yiyi quickly changed the topic to giving out the MVP badge.

“FlameEmperor! Brother Hero! CloudDragon! Big Diamond! LordAsked! Mad Devil Le!” Various names were being shouted.

“It’s the mid-laner of Thorns and Roses! The agility type player, Brother Hero a.k.a. PaleSnow!” Ye Cang walked up to the stage as Zuo Yiyi announced the winner. After he officially wore the badge, Ye Cang put on a faint smile. “I would like to thank Brother CloudDragon, Brother FlameEmperor and the people whom I defeated. Thanks for your love.”

Once again, Ye Cang’s sentences caused chaos outside the arena.

Following up was the announcement of the best 10 players. Zhang Zhengxiong, Lin Le and SpyingBlade were all in the list. Different kinds of nomination for the leaderboards were started. The results were then announced after that. Thorns and Roses had successfully become the club which had the worst comments. Besides that, it was also ranked first in the Most Technical Foul Club, the Club I Don’t Want to Meet the Most, the Club I Hate to Battle the Most, etc.

Various interactive activities pushed the ceremony to its climax. Lin Le was having very much fun meeting his female fans; Zhang Zhengxiong was shocked when a man confessed to him; Ye Cang was staying behind, talking to NalanPureSoul and they looked like they were flirting. All the fujoshi then began to think of many different passages. Not long after, the boys-love passages started to go viral. They were indeed professionals.

As the president of the club, ThornyRose was busy dealing with the media.

No matter celebrations or scoldings, at this moment, all the noises belonged to Thorns and Roses only.

Returning back to the game, Ye Cang with his team arrived at Sand Sea Village to board the ship. Considering that Sand Sea Village was a hidden place and was geographically located at the corner, Little Ye Tian discussed with the Sand Sea Village’s chief about the plan of building a big dock. At last, she successfully convinced the chief to agree.

Once again, Ye Cang and the others came back to the Alabachia’s island. OtherShoreWatchingAV was impressed that Ye Cang was favored even at the deep sea region. As for the others, they were amazed that he may have an appearance which looked like Shaking Bear in a smaller version, but also the heart of a flower fairy. Whenever they looked at him chanting magic, they would get goosebumps. It was as if they saw a real fairy dancing in the flowers. Looking afar, FrozenBlood realized everyone that joined the team was abnormal, except for herself.

Ye Cang’s point of view had changed how Abado thought about humans. He had started to see the good in humans and would be willing to trade with them. The others were soaked in cold sweat when they saw Abado’s daughter, Ababy, a shy fishman, was looking at Ye Cang with much respect. Are you the ‘killer’ of people’s daughters? How many teenage girls do you want to harm?

Under the guidance of the deep sea fishman warriors, they once again arrived at the seaport, Farsarqi. The person welcoming them was Mary-Sue. She was assured of Ye Cang’s ability as Ye Cang was able to return by sailing south through the Ocean Abyss. What he said was true after all.  She then brought Ye Cang and Little Ye Tian to the city mayor’s mansion. A beautiful lady, wearing a purple blouse was sitting at the office desk while arranging the documents. She had a triangle face with a sharp jawline and her big sister type of beauty made people curious about her. Seeing Mary-Sue bringing Ye Cang in, she slowly got up. “So I guess this is the earl of Planetary Empire, PaleSnow?”

“Yes, my mayor, Minox. This is PaleSnow, earl of Planetary Empire.” Upon finishing her sentence, Mary-Sue bowed and left.

“The guests that come from afar, I…” Before Minox could finish the sentence, Ye Cang took down his wolf hoodie and revealed his pleasant smile. “Long story short, I’m here, representing the Black Rock City, to build a long-term cooperation relationship with you.”

Minox was stunned for a second. He is an interesting fella. She then squinted and asked. “What’s the benefit of it?”

“Hmph, do I have to mention it? Coming back and forth to Black Rock City is one of the benefits. Even so, we have huge magic crystal veins and you have only seen a small part of it.” Little Ye Tian said in cold.

Huge magic crystal veins. Looks like the information is real. Can’t believe it belongs to them. If we can transport them back and forth, the profit will definitely be… Not to mention commercial trading. This has been one of the plans that the harbor city wanted to complete the most. But due to the danger arising from the Ocean Abyss, it was set aside. Mary-Sue did mention once that he is the big shaman of the deep sea fishman tribe in Alabachia. But is it true? What if he fooled his way through the Ocean Abyss and came here to trick me? No, I have to be very careful about this. Farsarqi’s magic crystal veins are a big deal. Even in the beastman area, chaos was arising. A stable source is getting lesser and lesser.