“The first option is the most simple and also the most appropriate. By doing so, we indirectly make Minox owe us a favor. But also, it is the least profitable one. The unknowns in the last two options are too much, we don’t have enough details. However, I support the second option. Although the difficulty is high, saving Minox from danger would make her feel that she owes us more. It’s way better than option one if we’re talking about her owing us a favor. Moreover, this will raise our reputation in Farsaqi much more.”

Ye Cang then entered into one-second thinking mode, suddenly raised his head and nodded. “Okay, that’s the plan then. SpyingBlade and Fang Ci, you two will be positioned at the south of city mayor’s mansion; Young AV, Wang, and A’Xiong you guys stay at the north; Little Tian and Lele, you two take the east; FrozenCloud and I will be at the west. Once there is any movement, contact everyone.”

“But before that, let’s fill our stomachs. I bet tonight won’t be easy-going…” Staring at the moonlight, Ye Cang mumbled. The others frowned upon hearing what he said.

“Also, tonight, you guys will be witnessing a miracle! My cooking skills have improved even further.” As Ye Cang told everyone seriously, the corner of his mouth turned up. Everyone started to worry. What kind of disgusting food is he making this time?

“From the cooking knowledge that I learned about the western cuisine and what I have learned recently, I keep the best and remove the worst. And hence, I created Ye Style Pizza.” Ye Cang spoke with his hands behind his back as if he was some expert. Then, he took out a few bags of flour and various colors of slime corpses, red, grey, green and blue. He poured all the liquid into the flour and started mixing just like how an ordinary person would beat the eggs together. Activating all agility enhancement and speed skills which had a short cooldown, he then swiftly blended them into a dough.

Upon seeing Ye Cang using all these skills, everyone broke out in cold sweat. The four colors started to blend together and slowly, it turned into a disgusting mud color. A malodorous odor filled the atmosphere as Ye Cang added zombie fluids into the mixture. After that, fresh blood of the leader of hellhounds, Dodusa was infused. With all his might, he kneaded the dough and finally, the base was done. Using a few stands, he spread the base which had a diameter of 8 meters.

“Can’t you make a smaller one instead of such a big one every time?” Pinching her nose, Wu Na stared at the enormous base and complained.

“There are so many of us. If I make a smaller one, it won’t be enough for all. Besides, this is a pizza. If we can’t finish it, you guys can bring it along so that you can heal up anytime.” After listening to what he said, cold sweat ran down from everyone’s cheeks as if it was raining. Bring along the pizza…

Ye Cang then chopped a small zombie into minced meat and spread it on the pizza. Followed up by the meat of a One-Eyed Ogre and meat of other kinds of living creatures. He even cut stink mushrooms, Leisurely Rattan and other mushrooms, poisonous or not, into pieces and added them on.

Everyone had started to cover their mouth. Throughout the journey, OtherShoreWatchingAV had gotten used to it. However, whenever he heard phrases such as ‘let’s eat’, ‘place your order’ and ‘let’s resupply’, it would send chills down his spine. Even in reality. He indeed had much respect for Ye Cang but was also terrified of him. “I think I saw zombies being chopped into pieces and added on the base…”

“It’s your misconception…” Little Ye Tian felt disgusted.

Moreover, Ye Cang added slimes’ eyeballs, One Eyed Ogre’s eyeball and a variety of other kinds of eyeballs on the pizza. In the center, he placed the dark cave’s boss, the toad’s eyeball and poured a bucket of secret seasonings on it. After adding the toad pus, he then lighted a fire.

Everyone was staring at the eyeballs and the surface of the base as if they were crying for help. No matter how many times they looked at it, they were disgusted because they would have to eat it.

Standing on higher ground, Ye Cang sprinkled the withered ash as if it was black pepper. Different kinds of scraps of wild herbs were also spread like petals falling off a tree. With a confident look, he said. “Now, here comes my newly self-made cheese!”

Piece by piece, Ye Cang then sliced a light yellow object.

“What is that? It’s the first time I have seen it.” SpyingBlade was curious since he had seen all kinds of crazy food that Ye Cang usually made, even what was inside the secret sauce was not something new to him.

“I bet it’s the big abdomen of the spiders from the sinkholes. Besides the thread and bug paste, he must have added something else and dried it.” Little Ye Tian analyzed as her face was getting darker and darker.

Wu Na thought of the disgusting bug paste from the spider’s abdomen. Does he really know what cheese is? Not anything that looks like cheese can be called cheese. The sound of the pizza getting cooked was getting more mournful. Everyone could feel the strong malodorous odor, consisting of the smell of corpses and dead rats. With all the various smells and the ingredients roasting under the fire, it showed a horrible scene.

“Lastly, it’s the crystal powder as seasonings!” Ye Cang milled the fire, earth, dark, water, and withered element crystals into powder and sprinkled them on the pizza. It was as if this action was a catalyst. The sound now turned into a howl as the surface of the base burst, making sizzling sounds. It caught the guards’ attention and Mary-Sue came to have a look. Tears were running down her cheeks as she walked closer until she could not go any further. Without a choice, she had to wear a gas mask before she could talk to Ye Cang. “Earl Ye Cang, you guy are…”

“Cooking. If you don’t mind, let’s eat together. You gotta try the most delicious food from Black Rock City.” Ye Cang pinched his nose and covered his eyes as he spoke.

Wu Na and the others rolled their eyes. Most delicious food from Black Rock City? Can you not let others think that people in Black Rock City are insane?

“......” Mary-Sue was soaked in cold sweat. Do people from the north in Black Rock City love this kind of stuff? “Nevermind, I’ll skip that. Well, get it done as soon as possible and move it away.”

Mary-Sue did not dare to say anything more since she had to rope the Grade A Partner in. She then turned and left.

When Ye Cang was controlling the heat, juices were coming out from the zombie meat and the other meat. It was supposed to be a wonderful scene when the juices were leaking out, however, in this case, ‘scary’ was the only word they found to describe it.

“Congratulations, you have completed a master grade dark recipe. Please name it.”

“Ye Style Pizza. Exclusive version.”

Ye Style Pizza - Exclusive Version
Restore a certain amount of health and mana while eating with a temporarily gain of +30% buff on all attributes.
Gain +33% on all attributes, +100% Resistance, +10% Stun Resistance, +15% Will, +15% Damage, +15 Defence, +35 Spell Power, and 15% Spell Power’s effect.
Advanced Level - Moderate (decrease mana and skill consumption)
Advanced Level - Burst (every attack has a chance of dealing 50% more damage)
Advanced Level - Berserker Body (damage reduction)
Advanced Level - Reflection (enhance agility, good in dodging, increase movement speed)
Last for 1 day.

OtherShoreWatchingAV was shocked to see such great effects. Watching Ye Cang cutting a slice, the crispy sound made everyone get goosebumps. A bowl of mushroom soup, toad eat, various kinds of vegetables, and fried meat, these four dishes meant reincarnating four times. Of course, if your speed is fast enough, you may reincarnate less.

Holding a slice of the pizza and with a bowl of zombie eyeball mushroom soup, Ye Cang looked ferocious. He immediately drank the soup after having a bite of the pizza. Followed up by a bite of fried food and toad eat (refer to readers note). Suddenly, he fell on the ground as if he was twitching.

Everyone took a deep breath after seeing that team leader could only eat two kinds of food at a time. If so, then we would need at least 3 times. That was FrozenCloud’s and the others’ thought. As for Fang Ci, Wang and OtherShoreAV, they were stunned. Eating four times? Kill me already!