Standing afar and wiping the cold sweat off her forehead, Mary-Sue saw how the people struggled to survive in the toxic gas. They fainted, got back up, continued to eat and fainted again. No wonder, they are the people who are able to sail through the ocean abyss.

Ye Cang then stored the tools away and looked at the people who were languished. “Okay, we have recovered enough. Stick to the arrangements from just now. Dismissed.”

Mary-Sue felt relieved as they scattered themselves. They are finally gone.

Together with FrozenCloud, Ye Cang arrived at the top of a building outside the city mayor’s mansion. He summoned Little Blue Feather, having it scan for enemies from the sky. He then turned to look at FrozenCloud and said. “Lil’Dino, you have been with me for almost half a year right?”

“Yeap, team leader. 5 months plus.” Chills were sent down her spine as talking alone with team leader was something she was afraid of the most.

“Recently, your performance was not bad. I do have high expectations for you as a core member of Happy Firmaments.” Ye Cang praised FrozenCloud as he pulled her over and patted her on the shoulder.

“Thank you for the compliment, team leader.” FrozenCloud smiled awkwardly.

Seeing the faint smile of hers, Ye Cang then reached out his hand and touched his own head. He smiled faintly. “Lil’Dino, you know I do trust your words very much…”

Suddenly, FrozenCloud felt guilty. Even though the team leader’s personality is a little cruel, he does treat me well. She had the urge to tell him the truth.

Just then, Ye Cang’s expression changed and he put on a fake smile. “But! If you dare to lie to me or do something that betrays me, I will be very angry. Even I am afraid of what I’ll do once I get angry…”

FrozenCloud was soaked in cold sweat as her heart sank. She then quickly shook her head. “No way! My loyalty to you can be seen as time goes by!”

Ye Cang nodded gladly. All of a sudden, the eagle called from the sky. He raised his eyebrows. “There is something.”

Ye Cang gradually got up and connected his left eye with Little Blue Feather’s vision. He saw a lot of beastman climbing over the wall and some others were coming out from the underground tunnel and battled with the soldiers. There was also a giant one-eyed beastman leading an elite team as they rushed into the mansion.

He then canceled the connection and looked at FrozenCloud. “Contact everyone! Get in and start the rescue operation!”

Upon finishing his sentence, he jumped down from the building and continuously jumped over the wall into the courtyard. He then pulled out a scepter and changed it into a dark blade form. Blood splattered wherever the black flash was going. FrozenCloud followed up and cleared whatever was left behind. On the other side, Zhang Zhengxiong and the others charged in from the other gate. The war hammer knocked off the tall beastman one by one. When facing the beastman, Zhang Zhengxiong seemed to be more furious.

Ye Cang saw that Mary-Sue was surrounded by a few beastman assassins and a beastman mage chanting magic from afar. He then reached out his hand and clenched it. His Steal Spell and Shadow Strike killed the mage. Flame Lotus! Linear Continuous Chop (blade version of rapid thrusts). Streams of flames were sent out as the blade slashed.

“Lord Earl PaleSnow! It’s the assassins from the beastman tribe! Please, you must protect the Lord City Mayor!” Mary-Sue was heavily injured and leaned at a tree. Ye Cang immediately cast a Healing Stream on her as water stirred in his hands.

“Congratulations, your team has received a hidden story quest ‘Rebellion - Rescue City Mayor Minox, do you accept?”

“Accept!” Without hesitation, Ye Cnag accepted the quest. The others who were battling at the courtyard began to gather for preparation as they received the quest.

Mary-Sue got up as her wounds were healed swiftly. Ye Cang asked. “Are you okay?”

“Thanks for the help Lord PaleSnow. I’m fine. Don’t worry about me. Please get to the Lord City Mayor fast.” Mary-Sue said anxiously.

“No worries…” Ye Cang then turned to look at the third floor of the mansion and blew a whistle.

Minox had noticed what happened. She frowned as the one-eyed beastman was coming at her. “Erosa! It’s you! Why are you doing this?”

A brown-haired middle-aged man walked out from behind. “What do you think?”

“Thain… do you know what kind of horrible disaster your decision will cause for Farsarqi?” Pulling out a dagger from her pajamas, Minox slowly moved back to the balcony.

“It’s useless. My men are down there. By the way, disaster?” Thain smiled coldly, revealing his beast face and ears.

“So that’s why…” Minox smirked. With a gun in the other hand, she then pulled the trigger and shot at him. Unfortunately, the bullets were all blocked by Erosa’s war hammer. He slowly moved forward. “Thain, may I enjoy the fun?”

“Go ahead.” The gentleman Thain adjusted his royal robe.

Clenching her teeth, Minox continued to move backwards. What should I do now? Is suicide the only choice left? But they won’t just leave my corpse here. Her eyes were filled with hatred and she was panting. Her breasts were heaving up and down. Suddenly, an eagle cry came from behind.

An arm then wrapped around Minox’s chest and she was lifted up into the sky. She turned around and saw a guy with mixture of white and black hair, having his back against the moon. It was Ye Cang. Ye Cang smiled faintly. “If you’re dead, then I came here for nothing, City Mayor Minox.”

Just when Erosa was about to leap forward, Ye Cang pulled the trigger and an arrow was shot out from the ballista. Without any choice, Erosa had to block the strong shot with his axe which knocked him backwards. “Chase after them! Kill them all!”

Taking Minox in his arms, Ye Cang jumped of Little Blue Feather who seemed tired of carrying them. He then let go of her and smacked her big white butt and laughed. “Now go, we’ll settle the rest.”

Minox was stunned as she blushed. Immediately, she came back to her senses. I have no time to think such nonsense. Swiftly, she turned and went to the military. Ye Cang assigned Little Blue Feather to protect her and give her a lift when it was necessary.

He turned around and saw a bunch of beastmen and rebels rushing out. A flame stirred in his hand and he then shot at them, blocking their way. Tens of beastman assassins cried in the flames. “Lele, turn this place into a sea of fire.”

“Okay! I got it, Brother Lil’White!” Lin Le slashed out. With one flash, the elite beastman mage was chopped into two halves. He then turned his blade into the second form - Arsonist. Molotov cocktails were thrown everywhere, turning the dark city mayor’s mansion into a fire disaster. Little Ye Tian had the formation ready. The earth elemental, Zhang Zhengxiong, FrozenCloud and tigerkin Little Ren were at the frontlines.

Erosa clenched his teeth as he stared at Ye Cang and the others who were on the other side of the sea of fire. So they are the travelers from the Planetary Empire?! My men are getting killed by the fire. Neither charging forward nor retreating is an option. Fire is everywhere. He then turned to look around and frowned. Where did that Thain go?

In the deep end of the underground tunnel, Thain looked up and put on a smile. “Guess I can’t rely on the beasts huh. Go back to your own tribe. *sigh* I can’t stay here any longer too. Minox has successfully run away.”

“Earl PaleSnow, you’re indeed interesting.” Thain’s beast ears then turned into fox ears. He swept away the ashes on his long robe and walked into the darkness.

Just when Erosa was about to charge forward with his team, Ye Cang shot a flame burst to knock him back. Immediately, he then pulled out two guns and activated Anya’s Berserk Shot and the Overload mode. A rain of bullets started to pour. Despite that, Erosa brawled. “Charge!”

Hundreds of beastman rushed through the sea of fire and attacked them. Ye Cang then pulled out Assenroche and pointed at them. An arcane attack immediately knocked off tens of them while the Lightning Bolt paralyzed another ten, giving Zhang Zhengxiong a lightning shield. In a smooth motion, he jumped up the wall and chose a shooting spot. After reloading both of the guns with crystals, he looked at the others and shouted. “Get ready."