Holding the newly made black gold war hammer, Zhang Zhengxiong felt that a big hammer was still the best weapon among all the other weapons he had used before. The feeling of crushing the enemies’ bones made him feel so great. Noticing that Erosa was rushing at him through the fire, he dropped low, ready to battle.

“Father, according to the level of fire, if we pour in the water now, it will not extinguish the fire but instead act as a catalyst to enhance the damage dealt. Sister Nana, if you use wind element skills after that, it will strengthen the damage to its greatest.” Looking at the boiling fire, Little Ye Tian knew Lin Le had thrown a lot of molotov cocktails and by adding water, it would evaporate instantly, releasing more oxygen to let the fire burn even stronger.

Streams of water were stirring in Ye Cang’s hands and not long after, Tidal Wave was unleashed. It splashed right at the great fire and the flames rose up high as if they were injected with chicken blood[1].  Swiftly, Wu Na sent a mini tornado. After mixing with the flames, it turned into a fire tornado. Various cries were heard from fire.

SpyingBlade saw that Lin Le was still continuing to throw molotov cocktail. Is he trying to burn down the entire area? The fire can’t be controlled anymore. Looks like they would have to rebuild the city mayor’s mansion.

“Hehe, all you bad guy assassins, I’ll show you my newly evolved molotov cocktail! Refined Explosive Burn!” Lin Le then took out a dark red molotov cocktail and threw it. Instantly, it exploded and burned the area. The fuel splattered on a few beastman and they could not get the flames out.

“This thing is not bad. Is the making process complicated?” Looking at the power of the explosion, FrozenCloud asked.

“Not at all. I bought most of the ingredients in the shops here. The main ingredient is oxygen catalyst. You can buy a bunch of them with just one gold here. I actually planned to make many of it and turn them into refined ones. But due to time constraint, I could only make two.” Lin Le shrugged his shoulders. He then took out another one and started spinning it in his hand. FrozenCloud was soaked in cold sweat. Hey hey hey, handle it with care would ya? What if it exploded among us. It is still a highly flammable item anyway.

Erosa and a few elites managed to pass through the fire. Zhang Zhengxiong confronted them. Swinging his hammer to block off Erosa’s big axe, he was pushed a few steps backwards. Without delay, Lin Le followed up with an attack. Seeing that Erosa was dealing with Lin Le, Zhang Zhengxiong got hold of himself and once again dashed at him. He activated Super Speed. Immediately, he knocked Erosa off, slammed his hammer right at his chest and sent him flying a few meters. Casually, Lin Le threw the explosive molotov cocktail at him, heavily injuring him. Whereas SpyingBlade, the earth elemental, and FrozenCloud were dealing with the other beastman warriors.

On the other hand, Ye Cang was shooting to assist the team and OtherShoreWatchingAV summoned the Flower of Recovery. The Healing Pollens were continuously recovering the surrounding allies’ health points. Despite that, he even summoned a Spiritual Oak Tree, increasing everyone’s attributes, speed, health, and mana recovery. Ye Cang activated his Water Source Totem at the same time, to also enhance everyone’s attributes, health, and mana recovery speed. FrozenCloud sighed upon getting so many buffs. Shaking Bear’s aura, Little Tian’s blessing, team leader’s strategy, food, totem and also Plant User’s healing and buffs. The entire team’s strength was at least doubled.

Ye Cang then waved his arm. “Tactics! Rapid Pursuit! Power Attacks!”

Two tactics abilities were cast. Once again, everyone’s damage and speed were greatly increased. The team was oppressing the beastman in every way until an extent where they had no chance of fighting back. Feeling the effect of his greatly increased speed, SpyingBlade knew whenever the team leader activated the tactics ability, the team could definitely complete any impossible quest. The tactics ability is a skill that enhances the team. The more people, the scarier it is. The health points lost due to the flames were immediately recovered by the buff and Little Ye Tian’s Healing Lights. Support also plays an important role, as a good support can always determine the team’s potential.

At last, only the heavily injured Erosa was left. Everyone was cautious since he had the upper hand from Zhang Zhengxiong’s, Lin Le’s, SpyindBlade’s and FrozenCloud’s attacks. Ye Cang had already shot three pairs of crystal and it did not cause much damage on him. Damn, that skin of him is truly thick. Why is the Minox lady not here yet?

Despite facing the team in the fire alone, Erosa was not afraid at all. He then roared furiously and his eyes shined with a red light. He pulled out the arrows shot from Ye Cang’s ballista and blood covered his body like a devil from hell. The fire in the surroundings no longer caused him any damage.

“He has gone mad. Be careful everyone.” SpyingBlade reversed his grip on his sword and started to circle around him carefully. FrozenCloud nodded and dropped low like a female leopard, getting ready to chase or flee.

Erose then dashed out and sent Zhang Zhengxiong right into the wall with his axe. FrozenCloud took a deep breath. She knew how great Shaking Bear’s constitution was. If Erosa could send him flying, it basically meant that taking a hit from him means instant death.

Immediately, Zhang Zhengxiong used the ring’s ability, converting his mana to health points. Although Lin Le had slashed him a few times, the furious beastman seemed to be not affected by those high damages. With a swing of the axe, Lin Le was also knocked off and fell into the fire. Lin Le rolled over, took out some gold and activated Money Maintenance to recover some health. With the Power of Money, he crushed 5 gold coins and dashed towards him again. On the other hand, Erosa could do nothing against SpyingBlade’s rapid attacks and dodging skills. So, he decided to ignore him and attacked OldWangFromNextDoor and the others at the back row. Nobody was able to stop him. They quickly scattered, using the obstacles such as fake mountains to hide. Unfortunately, Wu Na who always had bad luck bumped into OldWangFromNextDoor as usual. They were chopped into two halves and died in the pond.

Since whenever they were fighting strong opponents there would be two people ending up dead, everyone was used to it.

Zhang Zhengxiong quickly blocked his way and counterattacked while circling around him cautiously. Light once again stirred in Ye Cang’s hand. Healing Tide then engulfed Zhang Zhengxiong, SpyingBlade, Lin Le, FrozenCloud and Erosa. It continuously shot out green waves that healed the others, while at the same time also dealing damage to Erosa. This caused Erosa to be even angrier and so he turned to attack Ye Cang.

Ye Cang was fully prepared for this. As he waved his hand, Tidal Wave rushed out wave by wave, rushing at Erosa. At the third wave, Erosa was knocked off. Zhang Zhengxiong immediately slammed his hammer at the back of his head like a thunder strike which stunned him. Lin Le quickly jumped and chopped at his head! Blood rushed out like a burst water pipe.

“Ah!” Erosa was like some immortal devil as he once again went mad and attacked Little Ye Tian who was riding on Little Ration. Tigerkin Little Ren quickly sent a flying kick at him and successfully slashed ten times with his duo blade. Ye Cang then threw the Lightning Lance at him and pierced him in mid-air. All of a sudden, the lightning exploded. Watching as Erose once again got up after hitting the ground, everyone was soaked in cold sweat. Not dead yet? Just how tough is a beastman?

Just by clenching thin air, the Lightning Lance was then back at Ye Cang’s hand. He changed it into the Water Spear and pointed at his foot. A high-pressured gush of water rushed out. He then jumped backwards and prepared to launch one last throw.

[1] In China, it is used to mean people are so high and excited