“Earl PaleSnow, please don’t kill him!” Upon hearing Minox’s voice coming from behind, Ye Cang pulled back his scepter and turned to look at her for an explanation.

“I still have a lot of things to ask him. Besides, he is the brother of the Tiger tribe’s leader. Farsarqi can’t afford to start a feud with the Tiger tribe at the moment.” After hearing what she said, Ye Cang nodded. He remembered that Little Ye Tian once said that the Tiger tribe was a big tribe that was nearest to Farsarqi. However, Erosa did not look like a tigerkin.

“Same father but different mother.” Knowing that Ye Cang was confused, Minox explained.

“Oh, that’s why.” Ye Cang clapped, showing that he realized something.

FrozenCloud was speechless when the team leader revealed his idiotic personality, always bothering about weird stuff.

As the guards were taking Erosa who was at the verge of death away, Minox bowed to Ye Cang and the others. “Thanks for your help. Farsarqi owes all of you for it.”

Ye Cang helped Minox to get up and smiled faintly. “As I said, if you’re dead, it would have been useless for me to come to Farsarqi.”

Looking at the long white hair and a faint smile of his, Minox felt glad. She then turned to look at the mansion being burned by the fire. “This…”

Ye Cang turned around and sighed. “Those beastman were truly cold-hearted. How dare they cause such big fire…haa~”

“That’s right! That’s right! They are too evil.” Lin Le added on with righteousness.

SpyingBlade facepalmed. Hey hey, the molotov cocktail is still in your hand.

AV really admired Ye Cang as he could act so calmly when telling a lie. The lie was so real...

FrozenCloud also sighed deeply. This is one of the team leader’s scary parts. If you don’t know his personality, you couldn’t differentiate whether he is telling the truth or not. Sometimes, even when he does something creepy, he would make you feel that it’s rightful to do so.

“My treasure box is still inside my house…” Minox said with sorrow. Not waiting for the sentence to be finished, Ye Cang turned into a rescuer who was not afraid of sacrificing his life, casting Healing Stream on himself. He then activated the special move -Hunter’s Soul, doubled up his dexterity and rushed into the house. His action was heroic. Minox shouted out loud. “Earl PaleSnow, please come back! Those are just physical stuff! Don’t risk your life!”

FrozenCloud, Zhang Zhengxiong, and the others shook their heads as they knew no one could stop him now. It’s useless. The team leader/brother can’t resist whenever it comes to these things. SpyingBlade was soaked in cold sweat. He didn’t even activate the special move during the battle but for this…

Minutes later, everyone saw Ye Cang walking out with a treasure box and a big bag. Despite being burned by the flames, he ensured that the items were perfectly protected. Minox was touched but SpyingBlade, FrozenCloud, OldWangFromNextDoor, and Wu Na who just revived and the others were already numb.

Ye Cang jumped out from the fire, dropped the items and quickly cast Healing Stream on himself. Little Ye Tian had also started to help him recover. Just when Ye Cang wanted to open the box and was about to take the items away, Minox gladly handed those items to the guards. “I really appreciate your help, Earl PaleSnow. You guys are forever a friend of Farsarqi.”

“That…” Reluctantly watching those items being carried away, Ye Cang reached out his hand. Seeing Ye Cang standing there stunned, Minox waved her hand. “Earl PaleSnow? Earl PaleSnow…”

Getting back to his senses, Ye Cang forced out a smile. “Oh, it’s nothing. Nothing...hehe.”

Minox then invited everyone to her other mansion to take a rest.

“Congratulations, you’ve completed the hidden story quest, Rebellion - Rescue City Mayor Minox. Received +1 level, a random epic or higher talent, +2 skill points, +1 class talent point, +1 common talent and your reputation with Farsarqi has become respected.”

“Congratulations you’ve received a class talent - Jax’s Magic Shooting Talent (Hero, Beginner Level)”

Ye Cang tried to put the talent points to his new hero talent but it could only be upgraded to the intermediate level.

Jax’s Magic Shooting Talent (Hero, Intermediate Level) : long-ranged weapon talent is increased by 15% of all attributes, dexterity is increased by 35% of intelligence, intelligence is increased by 40% of the dexterity, magic damage with 50% of the base spell power added to every shot (the type of damage can be changed manually but it must be a magic attribute that one has mastered). When a target was continuously hit thrice with long-ranged attacks, it will cause magic disrupt, causing a certain amount of damage and mana reduction. The target will then be silenced and stunned temporarily.

Ps: Jax Eiffelsarlo, half-elf, a famous hero of the early ancient war time. The ancestor of all magic archers, a warrior who denied fate. Since young, he had shown outstanding magic talent. After witnessing his parents being hanged to death by the believers of the Goddess of Luck for worshipping a different religion and also his cousin sister being beaten to death in order to protect him so that he could run away, he sought education everywhere. At last, the great magician, Mallon took him as an apprentice. He then invented a new magic bow all by himself. He gathered around him those people whose family, children, parents or homeland were snatched away by the so-called “Gods” and built a north antitheism army. Not afraid of the curse of bad luck, he cruelly shot and killed the Goddess of Luck, getting his revenge. He then became the King of the Underworld. At the end, tempted by the God of Beauty, his wife wanted him to love her forever and so she poisoned him. After the incident, his wife deeply regretted and committed suicide. Since then, his son, The Great Lord of Swords, Kezelda Eiffelsarlo inherited his father’s last wish by leading the army to cooperate with the others. Then, the Second Ragnarok began. The World’s Great Antitheism Founder - Jax Eiffelsarlo.

“God, never gives us love, but only endless separation and misery. To those devils that oppress us, love was given! So, I don’t believe in God! I only believe in myself! My own hands! My own conviction! My weapon! I, Jax Eiffelsarlo hereby pledge! Those Gods that once harmed us! You will pay miserably for your arrogance, disdain and for treating us like some insignificant beings! I, Jax Eiffelsarlo! No matter if I die without a grave! No matter if I sacrifice my soul! I will fill your mighty and heavenly places with blood!” - Jax Eiffelsarlo.

Looking at the synopsis, Ye Cang shook his head. “The Second Ragnarok.”

“Oh, I know this one! It’s also known as The Revenge of Sunset. It describes the hard work of 5 generations of Eiffelsarlos. They successfully entered the realm of Gods and Demons and filled it with blood. At last, both mankind and the Gods and Demons were in bad condition. They then compromised and so today’s civilization was born. According to the information, Farsarqi is the city built by a descendant of Jax in the early times. There are a few antitheism places here.” Little Ye Tian explained.

Minox was amazed by Little Ye Tian’s knowledge. This little girl is indeed knowledgeable, she even knows this. “Yeap, it is true. But why did you ask?”

“Nothing much.” Ye Cang took the glass of wine given by Minox.

Everyone was happy thanks to the luxurious rewards. Among them, Lin Le, Zhang Zhengxiong, FrozenCloud, SpyingBlade, and Little Ye Tian luckily received a heroic tier talent each, Aoruth’s Will, Kathy’s Holy Aura, Master Razer’s Strength Control, Jacky’s Silence and Dora’s Healing.