Everyone received a strong talent. Knowing that Minox wanted to talk privately with Ye Cang, Little Ye Tian signaled everyone to leave.

“Big Xiong, it’s about time to change my weapon. Do you have any materials?” SpyingBlade asked.

“More than you can imagine. What kind of materials do you want? Come, I’ll make it for you.” Zhang Zhengxiong said.

“Liltte Tian, what are you going to do later?” Wu Na asked.

“I have rented a lab...I have lots of ideas to test out.” Little Ye Tian said.

“Then, I guess we will wander around and see whether we could find some quests.” FrozenCloud said.

Slowly, everyone left.

Minox invited Ye Cang to her room and smiled glamorously. “Earl PaleSnow, please have a seat.”

“Does the city mayor has anything…” Ye Cang gradually sat. Not waiting for him to finish the sentence, Minox took off her jacket. Her elegant body could be seen through the tight green veil, showing off her sexy body without holding back. With his hands rubbing his chin, Ye Cang put on a faint smile. “Perform a dance first.”

“......” Minox was speechless when she saw that Ye Cang had not much of a reaction. She started to feel awkward and nervous because he was too calm when seeing a sexy lady as if he was not a man. Slowly, she got hold of herself, getting closer to Ye Cang. Ye Cang then reached out his hand, pressed on Minox’s shoulders and smiled faintly. “It’s not necessary. I helped you for the sake of Black Rock City and my own benefits. Moreover, I don’t do this kind of dirty trade. These things can only be done with the person you love…”

Minox was stunned and confused at the same time. “But why is your hand resting on my butt?”

Ye Cang then put the jacket back on her and touched Minox’s head. “So, please don’t humiliate yourself, okay?”

With a smile on his face, he turned around and left. Just then, Minox grabbed Ye Cang’s arm and asked while blushing. “Can you stay and accompany me?”

Sitting at the balcony, both of them were staring at the peaceful harbor. Each of them had different thoughts. Ye Cang recalled his first night with Qinxue. That joy could not be brought by mere sex. The feeling of being one with your lover, hugging each other naked, being vulnerable to one another. Feeling each other’s breath, each other’s warm-embrace and hugging each other to sleep. Waking up in the morning to see rays of sunlight shining on her sleeping face and messy hair. Listening to her naggings. But sadly, it was all in the past.

Seeing the sorrow in Ye Cang’s eyes, Minox felt sad too. A memory flashed through her mind. The last moment when Ye Cang appeared in mid-air, the moonlight shined on his face and that faint smile of his. She could never forget it. Raising her glass, she slowly drank the wine. “In your eyes, what is a woman?”

“A human with no d*ck.” Ye Cang answered.

Minox laughed. “Seriously?”

“Strong but gentle.” Ye Cang said softly as he drank the wine. His grandmother had taught him a lot of things. Going through all the hardships just to let him know what selflessness and dedication are. He was an abandoned artificial human picked up by her. Even though he always caused his grandmother trouble, she would still save the best for him, never once grumbling. How I wish I could see her wrinkled face and feel her touch on my head again.

“Strong but gentle…” Minox mumbled. “Not every woman is able to do that…”

“Yeah…” An image of ThornyRose flashed through Ye Cang’s mind and he nodded. “As the city mayor, you have no choice.”

Minox smiled faintly. “I’m sorry for my rude actions.”

Ye Cang shook his hand and said humbly. “It’s all good. It’s all good. It’s normal that you can’t hold it back after seeing my handsome face.”

Minox felt weird. He did sound humble but he did not seem to mean it. She then rolled her eyes while smirking and rested her head on Ye Cang’s shoulder, not giving him a chance to leave. “Can you lend me your shoulder?”

Ye Cang gradually nodded. I bet she was terrified. The perverted face of the beastman back then seemed like he was up to no good.

The sky was getting darker and darker. Minox’s consistent breath made Ye Cang sigh. I guess she fell asleep. Ye Cang then covered her with his wolf cloak and continued to drink his wine, staring at the faraway sea. Women? They are selfish and weak.

A few days later, Minox had thoroughly investigated the rebellion and stabilized the situation.

Ye Can and the others analyzed the map and decided to sail south to the Endless Swamp. As there were a lot of relics and ruins, it was worth exploring. After much preparation, Minox sent them away.

“Brother, I feel that you and the city mayor Minox were quite close. What did you guys do that night?” Zhang Zhengxiong turned to see Minox still standing there looking at them. She seemed to have no intentions of going back.

“We talked about our life…” Ye Cang said softly.

“Brother Lil’White, don’t tell me you have an affair ya.” Lin Le laughed. With his hands, he made a circle and used his finger as a stick, poking in and out of the circle. His action was creepy but seemed innocent at the same time. Everyone stared at them in a strange way. Ye Cang then immediately smacked his head. “Don’t talk bullshit!”

Holding his head, Lin Le pouted. On the other side, Little Ye Tian was happy that Lin Le got scolded by Ye Cang. Lin Le then turned to look at her, thinking of how to prank her.

FrozenCloud was speechless because the team leader had crushed many girls’ hopes. Nana and Sister Rose were the best examples. It was even obvious in game, the team leader would often do some weird and pervert stuff but he also made people felt like they are distanced from him.

However, Wu Na hoped that Ye Cang could always be like this. At least this meant that Ye Cang could still accept others. This was because she felt that even though Ye Cang may seem empty on the inside due to the snowy white appearance of his, he was actually occupied. She realized the dead were always better than the ones who were still alive because they had lived at those wonderful moments which one could not go back. She hoped that she could be the one that Ye Cang truly hugs and treats like a lover but not a friend or family.

Seeing Wu Na staring at Ye Cang’s back, Zhang Zhengxiong noticed the sorrow written all over her face. Brother, how long are you going to be like this? Sister had died many years ago. Continuing to be like this does not only hurt yourself but also Nana and even Sister Rose. It is time to let go.

Zhang Zhengxiong had the urge to say his thoughts out but he just could not do so. He then recalled the day when Ye Cang came back after he went missing. Ye Cang cried like a child after doing something wrong. “A’Xiong, I’m sorry. I didn’t know things would turn out like this. I just wanted to revive her. I’m sorry…”

Even though he did not know what happened, after seeing his brother in that situation, his heart sank a little more. He had lost his sister, he could not afford to lose a brother. Without asking the reason, he quietly accompanied his brother to bury his sister. His brother’s love for his sister, he knew best. If that day...it would be great. We could play games together, go on an adventure together and do a lot more things together. But, unfortunately, there were no what-ifs