Upon arriving at the outer area of the swamp, everyone’s movement was affected by the muddy ground. But little tadpole was excited.

Unlike the Dark Cave, the living creatures here were much stronger. There were swamp alligators with steel backs, poison dart frogs, pythons and even huge worms which were also known as the deep marsh ambushers. They looked like some dead helminth and their heads were scary as they were made with 5-9 coral-polyps-like tentacles. They attack by piercing their tentacles into the target, sucking the flesh or emitting paralyzing liquid. Ye Cang and the others felt disgusted but felt also a headache at the same time because they would appear suddenly without prior indication. However, with Ye Cang’s warning, they would probably be fine.

“Indeed, it isn’t good for us to move alone. That deep marsh ambusher has to be dealt with by 2-3 people, we can’t beat it on our own. Once you were hit by the paralyzing toxic, you are probably dead as you’ll be sucked dry.” SpyingBlade stepped cautiously on the ground, as he could not be careless.

“What’s most important is that it may only be one of the many disgusting types here.” Ye Cang lowered his body and showed the others the way, paying much attention to where he stepped. Just when he took a step, the ground started to tremble. The trembling was getting stronger. He quickly jumped back and shouted at the others to back off. “Retreat! Retreat!”

*Boom!* Mud splattered everywhere. All of a sudden a worm-like giant popped out. As its giant hand slashed past Ye Cang’s back, he turned to see the giant’s skin was similar to a helminth’s. But what came to his surprise was that the giant had arms on its upper body, a skull and a pair of eyes just like a human. Its mouth was full of coral-polyps-like tentacles and a bunch of little worms rushed out as it opened it. It then dashed towards the others with its saliva flying all over the place. Wu Na was originally disgusted by the deep marsh ambusher but as soon as she saw what it did, she became numb. Chills went down her spine.

Immediately, Ye Cang appraised it.

Deep Marsh Worm Man (Uncommon - Advanced Boss): Background unknown. It was stated that it was the offspring of a human and a worm after the worm had parasitized the human. It was also said that it was caused by the knockoff of an experiment subject. Its damage is very high as it is a top predator. It is extremely cunning. It usually appears together with its servants the deep marsh helminths. To them, meat is a precious food due to its high protein content. The leader’s heart is an extremely rare material. Its weakness is fire and lightning.

“Be careful! There are still helminths in the ground! It is an alpha wolf kind of creature. Its weakness is fire and lightning!” With simple words, Ye Cang provided them the information they needed. Everyone’s heart sank. Going against this creature was already annoying but they still had to pay attention to the helminths in the ground, just in case they attacked from below.

With a backflip, SpyingBlade dodged the deep marsh ambusher’s attack and pierced his dark sword into its body. Using its momentum, SpyingBlade pulled his sword downwards causing the opening to get bigger and its fluids to splatter everywhere.

Noticing that the worm man was taking a breath, Ye Cang quickly took out his scepter, turned it into a Lightning Lance and threw it like a shooting star. Instantly, it was paralyzed. The little worms on the ground were also shocked by the electric current. Being bitten by some worms, Lin Le felt painful and was getting rid of the worms that were clinging on his body.

Wu Na swiftly activated the icy shield to defend against the worms and pierced the worm man with an Ice Spear. All of a sudden, approximately ten ambushers rushed out from the ground. There were two which appeared right in front of Wu Na. After seeing the tentacles moving in its mouth, Wu Na felt disgusted and was about to turn and run. Just when one of them attacked Wu Na from behind, FrozenCloud immediately sent in a Wyvern Kick at its head, successfully protecting Wu Na.

Riding on the toad, Zhang Zhengxiong jumped high into the sky and slammed it on the worm man, forcing it to bend over. He then jumped off the toad and used Holy Judgement on its shoulder. After taking three holy damages, it was stunned. Just then, three helminths popped out from its back and sprayed a large amount of paralyzing liquid. Zhang Zhengxiong wanted to dodge but the worm man’s skin was too slippery and he could not apply force with his legs. It’s too late! He wanted to block it with his arms but at that moment, little tadpole shot out its tongue, wrapped it around Zhang Zhengxiong and pulled him into its mouth. Then, he was spat out.

On the other hand, Ye Cang was busy too as he had to assist the team with long-ranged attacks and dodge the ambushers at the same time. He then jumped on the high grounds and activated Anya’s Berserk Shot. Locking on to 20 worms and the worm man, he entered into Overload mode! With fire elemental magic power, a rain of flame bullets was unleashed. SpyingBlade was confused when he saw the living creatures being stunned. His attacks could stun enemies? It is probably the hero talent. He took a step back and vanished in thin air. Because of this, the enemies surrounding him all of a sudden lost their target and bumped into each other. Ye Cang had noticed SpyingBlade’s action despite the fact that he knew the worm type creatures have no problem dealing with invisibility. Hmm, not bad. This fella has become more secretive.

Little Ye Tian then swung a light chain, healing them with a beam of light. Originally she was only able to heal a maximum of four people at the same time but with the increment in her holy spell effect, she was able to heal up to ten people. The hero talent did not only increase the healing effect by 50% but also gave her another useful healing effect. Half the amount of the healing effect on a target would be turned into a continuous healing effect and it could be stacked up.

Together with tigerkin Little Ren, Lin Le was going around killing the ambushers, stepping over the corpses of those worms. He rushed like a train, ignoring all the poison that was coming at him. The paralyzing liquid could not affect him, at most he would just be stunned for a second. Noticing all these, SpyingBlade smiled bitterly. His talent is some antibody?

With the aid of the hero talent, Lin Le’s Resistance and Will were greatly increased. In addition to the stun reduction of his Armed Merchant's Strength, most of the controlling skills or the low-level ones could not stop this little bull.

As the energy of the guns depleted, Ye Cang immediately changed the crystals. He then used the shaman energy crystals, one enabled him to shoot waves and the other enabled him to shoot lightning. Aiming at the place where most of the helminths were, he shot three water bullets and three lightning bullets. Instantly, they turned into waves and lightning, causing the AoE damage of Tidal Wave and Electric Shock. The worms were pushed away and shocked by the electric current.

On the other side, OldWangFromNextDoor and Little Ye Tian were working together. His task was to use the earth elemental to protect the supports, Little Ye Tian and AV, who were healing the team and adding buffs to the team. Knowing that it was safer on their side, Wu Na ran towards them. Just then Little Ye Tian shouted. “Sister Nana, can you continue to move outside? If there are too many people staying here, the ambushers will attack us, Brother Wang can’t handle too many of them!”

Wu Na sighed and started to go away. I’ll go to Lil’Dino, she will protect me.

Zhang Zhengxiong and Fang Ci were helping each other. Fang Ci’s curse and Withered Shade were very useful as Fang Ci used the shadow chain to connect Zhang Zhengxiong and his two Withered Shades. The damage they received would be divided equally among them. This made Zhang Zhengxiong even stronger and the two Withered Shades more resistant to the attacks.

Ye Cang then frowned as he saw that the little worms were eating the corpse of ambushers. They suddenly increased in size, turning into sucker worms which were as big as a cow. These living creatures’ lifespan should be short but they are the most troublesome ones.