After wearing the Worm Man Skull, Ye Cang and the others didn’t encounter enemies that often anymore. Everyone felt less pressured as now they had time to recover themselves. They could not afford to eat the food Ye Cang made previously because if they passed out after eating it, they would have been easily taken away by the living creatures in the deep marsh and they would then sink into the endless marsh.

Ye Cang found a rocky place and started to make a fire for them to heal up.

“Thanks to the accessory, we finally have a chance to rest.” Zhang Zhengxiong’s health was low due to the attacks of the many enemies they encountered previously.

“Indeed. We don’t know anything about this place. I think we are in a place where mostly the ambushers are active. Since most of them thought that we are a worm man, they didn’t bother us. We should use this opportunity to heal up. After that, we still have to continue our journey.” Little Ye Tian sat down and drank some water. Everyone tensed up as they saw Ye Cang getting prepared to cook. However, they were in dire need of food to heal up. It would not be easy to save anyone who died and coming back in alone would be even harder.

“When the food is ready, half of us will eat and the other half will guard. Then, we swap.” Although SpyingBlade thought that they were okay for now, for the sake of their safety, he suggested this.

“SpyingBlade’s idea is not bad. It will be safer this way. Since we don’t know what danger will we face later, it’s better to be cautious.” Ye Cang stopped his sentence here and changed his tone. “Since we aren’t sure whether we have time to recover or not later, I’ll come up with some super strong and nutritious food.”

“Just normal ones will do, it’s not necessary to…” SpyingBlade smiled bitterly while the others tried to convince Ye Cang.

“Safety first. We can’t be careless.” Ye Cang opposed in a serious manner and he sounded dedicated to his job. Everyone sighed. Looks like he is really into the character…

Ye Cang then took out the female worm’s corpse and cut its abdomen and arm. He also cut some big meat from the worm man’s body, picked out a few bones and threw them into the pot. Monstrous Bird Boss’ breast meat, viper’s meat,  a few precious mushrooms, and poisonous mushrooms were thrown inside too. Together with powder of nature crystals and ground crystals, he added the ambushers’ nerve powder to enhance the flavor and reduce the toxins. He then closed the lid. At the same time, the oil in the other pot started to heat up. Ye Cang took out the ambushers body and stuffed the sucker worms meat into it, making it like Chinese sausage. After that, he cut them into pieces and brushed them with the upgraded version of his secret seasoning. Various types of wild herbs were added on it. He even took out the organs of toads and alligators, dipped them with zombie fluid, and sprinkled the specter residue and withered ash. Then, like making a hamburger, he sandwiched them with two pieces of the meat, tied them up with spider silk, and fried them up.

SpyingBlade, Wu Na and the others were amazed that he could put so much effort into making these biological experiments.

While waiting for the food to get ready, Ye Cang decided to make a sashimi platter. He cut all of the fishes which Lin Le fished from Farsarqi and the Deep Sea Abyss, the worm meat, swamp alligator meat, and nerves of some swamp monsters into slices. After sprinkling them with withered ash, water elemental crystal powder, and wild herbs, he then served them on a plate. Like a master chef, he wiped his knife, reversed his grip and put it back into the knife holder. He rubbed his hands and said. “One last dish. It is also a high-level dish but I will use my newly obtained cooking skills to cook it. It will taste better than burger patty sandwiching organs. I will not disappoint you guys.”

Kill me already. That was everyone’s thought. Upon hearing the phrase ‘new cooking skills’, OldWangFromNextDoor was stunned. Team leader’s way of torturing people is really horrible until an extent that it looks like attacking people. This was because he had seen CloudDragon, LordAsked, and NalanPureSould these heavenly kings falling ill after eating his dishes.

Everyone stared at Ye Cang as he took out a fire red skin. It should be some fire elemental creature’s skin right? Everyone’s guess was correct. Judging from its high quality, they knew it was the hellhound Dodusa’s skin. They got it back when they fought against the hell’s disciples at the Black Peaks. It seemed to have been tens of meters long.

Ye Cang spread the skin and put all the meats on it from the leftover organs, worm mother, kagu bees, bagu bugs, toads, worm man, alligator, three-headed sea monster to zombie meat. He then added the secret sauce and seasoning and sprinkled many mushrooms, wild herbs, and fire elemental crystal powder on them.

After that, Ye Cang wrapped them up and put it on the grill.

“Grilled fish in aluminum foil?” Wu Na looked confused.

“ is grilled meat in fire-proof skin. The skin of the cerberus has good fire resistance so it won’t be burned so easily. Besides, it could also transmit heat. With this, the taste will not leak out from this sealed wrapping, making it juicier and delicious.” Ye Cang said with his head high.

The phrase ‘juicier and delicious’ made everyone shivered. In the wrapping, there seemed to have been something moving and struggling to come out but it did not. It looked like hell.

However, what made everyone happy was the smell of the soup. It smelled fresh and nice and everyone could not wait to get started. After adding the secret seasoning wine, the sashimi platter was what everyone wishes to see as food. At the moment, they had not encountered something super scary. Although the fried one consisted of many horrible ingredients, it seemed less scary when it was fried. For now, the most horrible food that they had ever eaten was either fried or stewed. Hence, the analytic Little Ye Tian was cautiously staring at the meat wrap and swallowed. She had a feeling that she could 100% confirm it was at least ranked ‘#’. The ‘#’ rank was something they came out to grade Ye Cang’s dishes without him knowing. The rank was: little dark, big dark, #, disaster, super ghostly, hell, and end of the world. It was originally a joke but now it seemed like it was turning into reality.

Upon receiving the new dish, it created a message from the system, by which Ye Cang knew the fried food was ready. Immediately, he grabbed the spider silk and pulled it out. The stink that they originally were unable to smell while it was being fried in the oil, filled the air like a bomb exploded as Ye Cang cut it. Tears were rolling in their eyes. After eating the biological experiments for all this time, they had extraordinary resistance, no matter in terms of will or endurance. The food that once caused them to faint could only make them feel nausea. They quickly drank the delicious soup to calm themselves down and prepared to faint the first time.

The meat wrap was still sizzling. Everyone’s heart sank as they prepared themselves to faint twice. However, to face this so-called burger patty sandwiching organs, everyone was serious.