Everyone suddenly stopped and counterattacked. Ye Cang then pointed the water spear at it and streams of water rushed out, causing the smelly steam to rise up once again. While circling around it, Zhang Zhengxiong felt that the meat wrap monster was exhausted. With Little Tian’s, AV’s, and little tadpole’s support, Zhang Zhengxiong went head on and attacked it. Finally, it was defeated.

“Congratulations, you’ve defeated Fireproof Meat Wrap Monster. You’ve received 7100 experience.”

The first thing everyone did was stopping Ye Cang from looting the corpse.

“Since I’m the one who caused the mess, I should also be the one who cleans it up. Make way…” Looking at the meat wrap monster, Ye Cang said sadly.

“But it is everyone’s effort in defeating it. Faster, Lele!” Wu Na shouted. Once again, everyone blocked Ye Cang’s way and played “The Eagle Catches Chicken’ game. Learning from the mistake, SpyingBlade stood beside Lin Le in order to prevent Ye Cang from using Shadow Step.

“Brother Lil’White! We got two dark gold items!” Upon hearing Lin Le’s sentence, they immediately broke the formation and let Ye Cang in.

Ye Cang sighed deeply and received the items which Lin Le handed over. He then said in sarcasm. “You guys have just missed the chance of getting a divine artifact. But I don’t blame you guys since you are just mortals…”

Everyone rolled their eyes and Wu Na urged him. “Just show us what we got.”

Ye Cang then walked to the corpse. Not long after, he looked at them and declared. “This can be eaten and its effects are excellent! I can assure you guys that this gives the highest buff among all my dishes!”

“......” Everyone looked at the stinky corpse whose organs were still boiling hot.

Fireproof Meat Wrap Monster: Restore a certain amount of health and mana while eating. Gain +40% on all attributes, +25 and +20% Damage, +35 and +25% Defence, reduce fire element damage by 50%. Restore 2% of health and 1% of mana every 10 seconds. +40 spell power, reduce affecting status effects by 20%. Magic Accumulation - Advanced Level (Enhance spell effect), Moderate - Advanced Level (Decrease mana and other energy consumption),  Super Tough Body- Beginner Level (Reduce incoming damage) Reflection - Advanced Level (Increase reflex). Lasts for 7 days.

Ye Cang cut a big portion of meat and organs and placed them on a plate. He named the leftovers as Advanced Level Darp Recipe Crystals and put them into the cart.

“Let me teach you guys what’s additional processing…” Ye Cang sliced the meat and put it on the plate as if it was fine dining. Then, he drizzled the new secret sauce. When the sauce was poured, purple steam rose up. It turned into a skeleton hand waving at them as if it was saying goodbye. Everyone started to shiver.

Little Ren who had been dizzy all these while immediately fell on the ground, pretending that he fainted. However, Ye Cang caught it before it fell and fed it one slice. Instantly, its neck snapped and it lost consciousness. It seemed that one faints instantly after it was eaten. Knowing that there would be less suffering, everyone was at ease. The first sub-team then took a bite of a slice of the meat. Immediately, it was as if various kinds of stink were amplified multiple times. The super condensed malodorous stink was unbearable. Despite that their minds blacked out at once, that one second of pain was suffocating.

The first sub-team gradually woke up. Each of them looked pale white and was trembling. Even Ye Cang was covering his mouth. “Looks like improvements have to be made…”

The second sub-team was confused. Didn’t they faint in a split second? As they ate the food, the pain caused by the horrible stink at that instant was way stronger than what they had before. When they slowly gained back consciousness, it made them retch. Eating the previous dishes was like getting a cut from a blade,  they felt pain but slowly. However, eating that slice of meat was like getting a critical hit which was doubled or more. It was lucky that no one died.

Ye Cang then started to distribute the equipment. He took a look at their quality. Both were dark gold equipment.

Fireproof Meat Wrap Monster’s Shirt (Dark gold, Dark recipe, Uncommon)
Category: Vest
Requirements: 210 Constitution
+85 Defence
+60 Constitution
+15% Constitution
+15% Health
Recover 1% of health every 10 seconds
+80 Fire Resistance
+10% Fortitude
Reduce incoming damage by 21 points

Stinking Steam: Activates automatically when attacked by water elemental magic. It will produce a mass amount of poisonous gas, dealing damage every second. It deals 10% of the water elemental magic damage. The gas can stun and sicken the target and target’s movement will be slowed down. Its duration depends on the water elemental magic’s damage. Once activated, the cooldown is 15 minutes.

Fireproof Meat Wrap Monster’s Eye (Dark gold, Dark recipe, Uncommon)
Category: Ring
Requirements: None
+15 Damage
+17 Defence
+30 Strength
+35 Constitution
+30 Dexterity
+5% Strength
+6% Constitution
+6% Dexterity
Reduce incoming damage by 10 points
Reduce fire damage by 20%
Restore 1% of health every 10 seconds

Meat Wrap Regeneration: Restore 2% of health every second after activation. Lasts for 30 seconds. Cooldown: 30 minutes.

Without much hesitation, the vest was given to Zhang Zhengxiong. As for the ring, Ye Cang let SpyingBlade and FrozenCloud choose. SpyingBlade immediately rejected it and let FrozenCloud take it. It is better to give the ring to the team’s tanker since it had incoming damage reduction. What I need is a burst damage type of equipment. I don’t need that to survive.

Zhang Zhengxiong took off his chest plate and wore the vest. SpyingBlade knew that equipment such as a vest or a coat was different from the chest plate. However, people seldom got these equipment as the probability of getting it was similar to getting accessories. There were not many teams which had a coat or vest.

“Why do I feel as if it’s smelly?” Zhang Zhengxiong sniffed his own body. He then went close to Wu Na and Wu Na smelled him. “I think it’s fine. There’s a faint smell but when you smell carefully there’s nothing weird.”

Zhang Zhengxiong was not satisfied with Wu Na’s answer and he kept on smelling. FrozenCloud knew Zhang Zhengxiong had a body full of good equipment as if he was a living tank. With two accessories which had AOE damage and this vest, fighting team fights would definitely be easier for him just like a bulldozer pushing dirt.

After distributing the equipment, Ye Cang led the others back to the place. He put away Dudosa’s fireproof skin and noticed that its quality had changed. It seemed like its quality had increased due to the birth of the meat wrap monster. He then kept it happily. Under Little Ye Tian’s suggestion, he tried to make the meat wrap monster a few times but it came to no avail. He did not manage to make it alive.

“Guess it is a probability thing and its probability is relatively low. It looks like it isn’t something that we can farm.” Looking at the normal fireproof meat wrap, Little Yi Tan confirmed her thoughts.