“Let’s find a place whose environment is relatively good to rest.” Ye Cang waded through the knee-length mud.

As they continued to walk, they noticed that the entire swamp was like a giant booby trap. Their movement speed was greatly affected as there was a lot of quick mud. Luckily, many of them were good at movement skills so they were safe most of the time. The eagle’s cry came from the west of the low-lying swamp. Ye Cang quickly connected its vision with Eagle Eye and what came into view were four worm man fighting living creatures that looked like lizards. They were standing like a human, tall and muscular and wielded various weapons with their hands. Among them, there was one young lizard man who seemed weak and small in size. He does not look like a combat type.

Ye Cang pondered. I think these are the lizard man which the people talked about. Looking at the tens of lizard man warriors, he saw how their gunners easily killed the incoming ambushers. Their arms seemed to be moving very fast in the swamp.

Then, Ye Cang briefly told his team what he saw. Everyone decided to go over and try to be friendly with them since this place belongs to the lizard man. It would be better to have their assistance when exploring this disgusting place.

“Father, do you speak draconic?” Little Ye Tian asked as she ran.

“I don’t know how to speak it but let’s see whether their talking can enlighten my language talent.” Ye Cang also did not know why he knew so many languages.

Despite battling hard, the lizard men protected their family members well. A lizard man who was carrying an axe seemed to be the leader. He hissed and his cold-blooded animal eyes contracted. “Chala! Bring everyone back to the village! I’ll hold them off here!”

“Chief! It’s all my fault! I’m the one who attracted them here! I should be the one who holds them off!” A lizard man who was holding two jagged looking blades said.

“Run now! There won’t be another chance if you don’t go now! Another worm man is coming! Fast!” The chief lizard man knocked him back with his rough tail. “Now!”

In an instant, a large number of ambushers appeared and blocked them from retreating. The lizard man with the axe sighed. “Looks like they aren’t going to let us go so easily. Two men stay back and protect them. And the others, show me your willing-to-die fighting spirit! Let’s open up a way back home for the children and women! Chala! I’m counting on you! Since you have the spirit, show me that you’re willing to use your life to open them the path! Protecting the loved ones for you all is the last thing I as a chief can do!”

Chala saw the chief dashing towards their kin, the ambushers and two worm men with his axe. He then clenched his teeth and charged with the team, fighting for their loved ones.

The lizard man who was known as the chief saw Little Blue Feather circling in the sky. He knew it was not a species belonging here.

Little Blue Feather then dashed from behind and hit one of the worm man’s head, dealing a great amount of damage while also stunning it. The lizard man with an axe slashed left and right, successfully killing two ambushers who were blocking the way. As he landed, he moved swiftly with his four legs. With top speed, he then jumped and chopped his axe right at the worm man’s heart. It bored a hole in its heart with a wooden awl Instantly, the worm man died. Ye Cang who was constantly looking at the situation was surprised. What’s that? He kills a worm man in seconds. I thought worm men were hard to kill?

The lizard man was grateful when a blizzard swept through killing many of the worm suckers. In this swamp which was made up of water, ice elemental attacks were very useful. The ice did not only freeze the ambushers but it also affected the lizard man’s movement.

Ye Cang was not the first one who arrived to provide assistance but little Ren, little tadpole, and Zhang Zhengxiong. As the white toad landed from mid-air splashing the mud everywhere, the lizard man saw someone standing on the toad. A human? All he saw was a warrior who looked like a beast man but he knew his twin blades were way stronger than Chala’s.

With the healing light in his hand, Zhang Zhengxiong healed up the lizard man chief. He also shared his aura with the lizard species. Instantly, the entire lizard tribe’s strength had increased especially their surviving abilities. Suddenly, an ambusher appeared behind Zhang Zhengxiong. Just when the lizard man chief was about to warn him, Zhang Zhengxiong had already knocked off its head. With a smooth motion, Zhang Zhengxiong slammed his hammer right onto its head and its head burst.

Zhang Zhengxiong then signaled the chief that he would attack the left side and the chief nodded. Immediately, he crawled to the right. Zhang Zhengxiong who was riding on the toad did not bother about the large number of incoming worms as little tadpole could knock them off with its palm. After Ye Cang’s teaching for a long period of time, its control had once again improved. It could now use palm strike. Looking at its wonderful grappling techniques, FrozenCloud wondered. I don’t think I can win little tadpole in a one-on-one. That palm of its is damn hard and that strike is no joke.

Ye Cang then jumped on a tree located at the border of the low-lying swamp. Holding his ballista, he aimed at one of the worm man’s heart. He also summoned a ballista from his shadow, having it aimed at its head. The queen bee and king bee bolts were both put on the ballista, prepared to launch Meteor Shot anytime. OldWang, AV, and Fang Ci were lagging behind. Seeing the others fighting afar, they sighed. Spellcasters are really spellcasters. They then sighed again when they saw Little Ye Tian riding on the bagu bug general, Little Ration in the sky rushing towards the battlefield. If we have a pet to ride on, it would be great. It better be like Chrysanthemum Emperor’s kind of pet. The best in Druids. Riding a boar in daylight and riding people in the nighttime. Of course, these were just OldWang’s and AV’s thought.

The lizard man chief was running at top speed. Suddenly, he stopped and jumped backwards as four elite ambushers popped out, roaring at him. Lin Le then immediately leaped to his position and knocked out one of them. Swiftly, he activated Execute. Success! Instant kill! He then rolled as he landed, dodging the fluid shot by the ambushers. With a smooth motion, he slashed out! Returning Dragon! Surging Dragon! Whirlwind Strike! The giant blade began to slash. The lizard man chief was amazed at the human’s strength. Cooperating with Lin Le, they defeated the elite ambushers easily and rushed towards the nearest worm man.

Like a dragonfly on the mire, SpyingBlade dashed to Zhang Zhengxiong’s side. “Shaking Bear, I’ll go help the lizard men to deal with the elite ambushers. You and team leader take care of things here.” Dropped low, he sprinted at top speed, causing the mud to splatter everywhere.

“No worries. Leave it to us!” Zhang Zhengxiong said proudly.

SpyingBlade then turned around and dashed towards Little Ye Tian. He signaled to Little Ye Tian who was flying over him. Little Ye Tian then cast a healing spell on the lizard chief and calculated the time. AV should be arriving here soon. I better go help the other side since there are more injured lizard men. It is obvious that healing them will bring them to like us more.

Despite the fact that he was exhausted and that his body was numb due to the corrosive fluid, Chala still fought with all his might. There were only a few tens left. Noticing that three enemies were attacking him at once, he blocked their attacks with his blade. His leg was numb from this and he seemed like he was about to fall. His heart sank. Just then, flashes of dark blades appeared out of nowhere and the ambusher’s fluids splashed all over his face. A human with light armor and duo swords appeared as the ambusher fell. Without stopping, SpyingBlade sprinted around and killed the remaining ones as if he was a deadly butterfly flying in madness.