Zhang Zhengxiong saw that two worm men were getting close together and he immediately jumped to block them. Meanwhile, Lin Le was swinging his blade widely. Seeing all these the lizard man chief was shocked. That kiddo’s burst damage is indeed scary. All these worms could not even withstand a slash of his blade. He even stopped them just when they were about to stick together. Suddenly, the worm man in front of him screamed in pain as its eyes and heart were shot. He immediately turned to see a wolf-headed human holding a ballista. What did these human here come for? I better think about that later. I should focus on what’s happening now! Swiftly, he climbed up the worm man’s body, pulled out the ballista arrow and stabbed the worm man’s heart with a conical wood.

Suddenly, Chala felt warm. A beam of light passed through him and turned to his injured fellows. Their wounds were quickly healed up and their status recovered.

As Little Ye Tian activated the light elemental area healing spell, numerous light pearls floated in the surroundings. They were then sent into the lizard men’s bodies. Those who were heavily injured immediately recovered and continued to fight on. Gratefully, Chala looked at Little Ye Tian who was riding on a bug. “La shi ya, Losha! (Thank you, humans!)”

Upon hearing the language, Ye Cang who arrived at the side was stunned for a second. Oh, looks like I know draconic too! He then summoned a Healing Spring among the lizard men and shouted. “Alinado, kiyahkongnaniya! (Those who are injured, drink the water from the spring! It heals wounds!)”

Seeing that a bunch of ambushers popped up again, fire and light stirred in his hand. Ye Cang knocked them off with Light Strike Array. Chala used this opportunity to quickly attack those who were inside with his team. Just then, the ground began to tremble. The lizard man chief saw a golem roaring and rushing towards them, knocking off the worms along the way. Why are there two dark shadows and an undead following behind?

Their involvement in the battle immediately turned the situation around, especially Ye Cang’s and Little Ye Tian’s. After having AV recovering their energy, the lizard men returned back to the battlefield. Holding the water spear, Ye Cang turned into a fishman shaman, becoming a temporary support. Waves of water stirred in Ye Cang’s hand as he activated the Water Source Tortem. Compared to Little Ye Tian’s light elemental heal, Ye Cang’s water element seemed to be more effective in terms of recovery. It was also because Ye Cang’s spell power was very high. As the Healing Tide rushed out, the lizard men felt even more energetic in the waves. They then attacked with all their might like warriors stepping over waves.

Chain Lightning, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Shield, High-pressured Rapid Water Bullets and Tidal Wave. SpyingBlade was amazed at all these various kinds of magic. Even if you ignore Ye Cang’s top combat ability and his sniper specialty, not many people can beat him. Many have overlooked this point, thinking that his magic ability was his weakest. But actually, it was totally the opposite. There is a possibility that his magic ability is stronger than his combat ability.

The battle had then come to an end. Ye Cang successfully looted one worm man corpse. Everyone was sighing and Wu Na was stomping her foot. Luckily they were able to get three dark gold items. A high strength ring was given to Lin Le, high dexterity necklace was given to SpyingBlade and a shield was left. Little Ye Tian kept it in her cart for resale.

Seeing that Ye Cang and the others had settled their things, the lizard man chief rushed over and started to speak a language which they did not understand, except for Ye Cang. Ye Cang waved his hand and took off his wolf head hood, letting it rest on his shoulders. He then smiled faintly. “There’s no need for thanks, Chief Ansa. We’re explorers who just so happened to pass by.”

Knowing Ye Cang could speak draconic fluently, Ansa was getting more curious about them and more grateful for their assistance. “Please come to our tribe and let me treat you all to a meal.”

Since they were searching for a place to rest, Ye Cang did not reject the invitation. Maybe they could get some information from them. “Then, we’ll accept your invitation, Chief Ansa.”

Along the way, Ansa briefed Ye Cang in detail about what happened in the marsh. The worm men which they faced just now were scary beings in this place and their main base was at the far east side. However, no one had ever been there. In the center of the marsh, it was the lizard man’s assembly point. It was also a place where most of the tribe would assemble at a certain time period. They would then return to their respective homes after that. On the further south, it was a place where most of them did not dare to go to. It was known as the dead marsh. Many deadly living creatures lived there, including the nine-headed monster. As for the west, near to the sea, it was not that dangerous as most of the lizard man tribe lived there. Among them, they trade with a certain currency called Endoss Special Rock Coin.

“Since there are seldom human travelers coming to the marsh, your smell will easily attract the helminths attacks. But you have the worm man’s breath, I bet it covers your smell. If not, coming so far would be difficult and dangerous. Here we are. Welcome to the Keane tribe.” Ansa led the team to the swamp pond. There were many simple wooden houses surrounding it. The houses were simple until an extent which they looked like dens instead of houses. Hundreds of lizard men, young and old, came to welcome them, curious about Ye Cang and the others.

Seeing the chief and the others coming home safely, the villages cheered loudly. Chala explained Ye Cang’s and the others background and told the villagers that it was they who saved the chief and the others.

“Congratulations your reputation in the Keane tribe has reached respected.” The system message popped up.

Using the draconic, Ye Cang greeted the lizard men who came to welcome them. With Ansa’s lead, they then arrived at his big wooden house.

“Once again, I express my gratitude for your help. I have nothing that I can offer to you guys so if there’s anything that I can help you out with, please do let me know.” Ansa gradually sat and asked them to sit too. He then signaled his men to serve the food. What came to Ye Cang’s surprise was that there was wine in the house. “You guys brew wine too?’

“Nope. There isn’t any material that we can use to brew wine. People say that dwarfs can’t survive without wine and so do us. The stronger the wine, the greater our fighting spirit and power. Hence, despite risking our lives, we would still go to the assembly point to buy wine.” Upon hearing what Ansa said, everyone was surprised. Since they did not know how to brew wine, then where did this wine come from?

“Every year, the beastman and the frog tribe merchants who connect the swamp will bring wines to join the assembly.” Knowing everyone’s doubt, Ansa explained. Little Ye Tian then thought about it. This is a good business. They have frogs and we have fishman. We can have our men coming here consistently. The east side was near the sea, right? We can land there.

“Besides, in the swamp, there lives another dangerous creature, Geisel. It roams around the entire Endless Swamp. However, there’s nothing to be afraid of as it won’t simply attack the travelers or tribes. If you happen to see it, don’t panic and don’t bother it. Just walk around it.” Ansa took a sip of the wine and seemed to enjoy it. It was true that he loved wine a lot.

“Geisel?” Ye Cang asked.

“No one knows what kind of creatures it is or how long it has lived for. We only know that it is enormous in size as if it was a moving mountain. Its skin is as hard as steel. Looking at it, you will feel that it can crush you easily into meat pound.” Ansa smiled bitterly.