Upon returning to the game, Ye Cang realized everyone was already carrying out their daily quests. Even though they did not share the same language, they seem to understand what needed to be done. Ye Cang yawned and looked around to see what he could do. As he went around, he did some simple harvesting quest and received some rock coins. He then saw a timid lizard man who was still a child sitting on a rock looking at his same-aged lizard fellows playing grappling.

“Why don’t you join them?” Ye Cang smiled.

“Oh, you’re the chief’s friend.” The little lizard man greeted. He saw Ye Cang and the others before so he knew it was them who helped the fellows in their tribe.

Looking at his thin and weak claws, the little lizard man seemed sad. “I’m no good…”

“Congratulations, you’ve discovered a hidden class quest ‘Training of a new shaman’. You’re required to train the little lizard man, Kasse into a shaman.” The system message popped out.

Ye Cang was stunned for a second and accepted. He had trained a few shamans back in the fishman tribe. What important is that they had to feel the resonance of talent, soul, and nature. Then, they could easily become a new shaman. But, of course, it had to be between the locals.

“The power doesn’t only come from your d*ck but also your soul and intelligence. Do you want to learn how to get stronger from me?” Ye Cang reached out his hand and touched Kasse’s head. Kasse looked at him with confusion but then he nodded.

Ye Cang brought him back to the wooden house and summoned a Water Source Totem for Kasse to feel the resonance. This was because a totem is every shaman’s core soul and also the inheritance for the new shaman.

Kasse was curious and touched the Water Source Totem. He never knew it was that relaxing. He then closed his eyes and was lost in the moment. Galaxies and rivers appeared before his eyes. There were also people mumbling in his ears, he seemed to understand and not understand their language at the same time. The scene was repeating in his mind and lastly, it was embedded in his mind.

“Congratulations, you’ve successfully trained a lizard man into a new shaman with a totem. You’ve received 1 class talent and 1 skill point.”

Raging Fire Totem: When activating Raging Fire Totem, surrounding allies will receive a buff. +10% Strength, +10% Constitution, +20% Damage. Recovery speed of rage, energy, and qi points will be greatly increased. Cost: 15 Mana. Cooldown: None.

Ye Cang saw Kasse had summoned his very first totem and named it Bravery Totem. It greatly enhanced strength, speed, will and even has the effect of Boosting Beat. Besides, this was the totem summoned when he just became a shaman. The totem’s effect would be affected and changed as his strength increased, especially since he was native in this area.

Swiftly, Kasse had learned his first shaman magic - Healing Stream. Then, he learned the individual shaman magic - Lightning Arrow. Ye Cang gave him a scepter and a good quality mage’s coat. To the lizard man tribe, a shaman was something they were not familiar with even though the shamans from the beastman tribe would come to the swamp to find herbs. In the eyes of the lizard men who only knew martial arts, a strong d*ck, and a hard skin were their weapons while magic had no relation with them. Having Kasse becoming a shaman granted Ansa a new hope. As the Healing Stream was truly important to their tribe, he asked Ye Cang to train more shamans.

After looking through the entire tribe, there were only three people who were suitable, including the most talented Kasse. The three of them shared one characteristic which was being timid but intelligent. They had their unique thoughts on nature’s wisdom. Not long after, the two got a hold of the resonance and together with Kasse, the three of them became the tribe’s most popular people. They were also the key target to be well-nurtured in the tribe. As for Ye Cang, it went without saying. His reputation increased even more and he was very much admired by the tribe. The others, on the other hand, were busy digging mud from the swamp or finding the target that they were required to kill for the quest.

Having ten thousand plus rock coins in his backpack, Ye Cang thought of the people who were still digging at the outer area. He then sighed. Here goes the saying. Knowledge is wealth. Not planning on calling them back, he came to the armory. The old lizard man truly admired Ye Cang for nurturing three people who could heal their fellows, so he gave Ye Cang 50% discount on every item.

Ye Cang traded for the wine brewing book. Due to his reputation, a new item appeared. Ye Cang was happy because it was a kind of material. A precious material which can be used to cook food. Glowing Moss.

Glowing Moss: A precious item produced in the Endless Swamp. Directly consuming it will give a permanent buff. +3 Constitution, +3 Strength and a chance of increasing all attributes.

Ye Cang used all his money to trade for the moss and kept it carefully. He now had another rare ingredient in his bag. He then happily learned the mysterious wine brewing book.

“Congratulations, you’ve received the Gluttonous King Dodola’s Dummy Wine Brewing technique, fermentation enhancement, and wine brewing enhancement talent.
Ps: Dodola is not only a legendary chef but also an expert in making alcoholic beverages.

Ye Cang then started to brew wine. He prepared a super big steel tank which had a diameter of several meters. It was originally supposed to be used to cook soup. He poured in all kinds of slime gel and magic spring water to ferment the wine. He even added his own secret sauce to balance the taste. Upon remembering that he had Old Wang’s house snake wine, penes wine, bug wine and others, he was getting more excited as his mind was filled with creativity. He then added a kagu bug corpse and it entered into fermentation and wine brewing enhancement mode. After a few experiments, Ye Cang had gradually gotten a hold of the rules.

A few hours had passed.

“Congratulations, you’ve come out with a new dark recipe wine. Please name it.”

“Slime Kagu Bug Secret Sauce Wine.”

Slime Kagu Bug Secret Sauce Wine: Recover 3 mana every second after consuming it. Rage, energy, and qi points will be greatly increased and receive a temporary buff. +30% Damage and +20% Strength. However, it reduces will. The more you consume, the greater the reduction and increment. You’ll feel dizzy when you get drunk. (The wine has a horrible smell and it is strong. Please be aware if consuming. Don’t consume in a large amount.)

Ye Cang then took out another tank and added boss level bug fluids, zombie fluid, bone liquid, and blood. He even added withered ash, Bone Demon’s bones, boss ranked bear gall, tiger’s penis, Rock Bear’s liver, One-Eyed Ogre’s eyeball, and two good quality fire and earth elemental crystals. Just when he was about to cover the lit, he felt he had missed something. He then entered into a one-second thinking mode. Less than a second, he raised his head, added a little bit of the excrements of the black dragon king and covered the lit. It then entered into fermentation and wine brewing enhancement mode. Two hours had passed and it was not done yet so Ye Cang kept it in his backpack while waiting for it to finish.

Just then, everyone came back with hundreds of rock coins. Knowing that Ye Cang had already gotten hold of the wine brewing recipe and came up with some wine, their hearts sank. They knew something was not right when they saw Ye Cang taking out a big jar.