Knowing that he got a master level in winemaker, Ye Cang thought it must be due to the fact that he was a cooking master. Besides, this was Dodola’s series of talent. He then shook the jar and opened the lit. The malodorous smell broke out at an instant.

Everyone gasped. Our guesses were correct! He started to pollute the beer industry! We have lost a piece of the holy world!

Smelling the foul odor, everyone was feeling tipsy but at the same time, was awake due to the smell. They had been repeating this process ever since.

“Gosh, you guys are afraid? This is only my normal product as the boss level one hasn’t fermented into wine yet. Wait until it is ready, I’ll let you guys have a taste of the best.” Since Ye Cang had been dealing with dark recipes for a long period of time, his resistance was way stronger than the others. Calmly, he served each of them a bowl and proudly raised his bowl. “Cheers!”

He drank it all at once. Just when he was about to smash his empty bowl, his brain stopped functioning. He fainted and white bubbles were coming out from his mouth.

“Congratulations, you are drunk. Your drinking capacity has increased by 20.”

Everyone broke out in cold sweat. After taking a sip, everyone started to tremble. The spellcasters had gotten drunk and started to do silly things on the floor. Soaked in cold sweat, SpyingBlade saw Little Ye Tian was dancing but more like swinging left and right. He then took a sip. As the message about the increased drinking capacity appeared, he felt like a fire burned in his chest. His body was very warm and he even sweated. His energy recovered at a much faster speed as if it had increased by 50%. The rage points were escalating too. The rage points are needed to take on damage or to attack others and it is produced when one was furious. Wine is related to many seasons of the game despite a normal wine gives little effects. He also realized that his damage and strength had increased by 20%. The only weakness of it was that the more you drink, the lower the will. Despite its horrible taste, it was a useful supporting item which gave burst effects. The combat people could take some with them.

Lin Le was the only one who did not faint after drinking a bowl. He was having hiccups and blushed but his eyes were determined. Looking afar, he said. “I, Lele felt powerful. I can defeat a dragon with bare hands…”

“......” SpyingBlade who was tipsy smiled bitterly. Predicting that they might be drinking this often, he noticed that there was a thing called drinking capacity. The higher the endurance, the greater the drinking capacity.

The strong odor of the wine attracted Ansa. He came and sniffed the smell in the jar. He then gasped and smiled. “This smell is strong enough! Let me try!”

Filling up a bowl, Ansa drank it up. Instantly, his body size grew bigger and his eyes became red. His muscles were incredibly shocking. A wave of heat rushed out from his mouth. “Nice! This is what I call wine! The taste is indeed special…”

As they gained back consciousness, they smiled bitterly. Now we know there is such a big difference in our tastes.

Feeling nasty, Ye Cang gradually got up. “Chief Ansa knows best.”

When Ansa knew Ye Cang was about to sell the wine, he used all his money and pre-ordered 10 jars. He even told him the assembly time. The nearest would be after half a month. Under the translator Ye Cang’s, the god-like seller Lin Le’s and the brainwashing genius Little Ye Tian’s persuasion, Ansa decided to invest in their Goddess Association and became its elder who was going to be responsible for the sales in the swamp area. FrozenCloud, Wu Na, SpyingBlade and the others were stunned. They really intended to promote the Goddess Association all over the world, don’t they? Being able to trick a foreigner into investing...It looks like knowing many languages does help you in some ways.

A few days later, Ye Cang used up all the slime gel. He quickly called Little Jade and asked her to buy the slime gel and other living creatures’ gel in bulk. He even ordered her to buy anything that was liquid, for example, bug fluid, zombie fluid etc.

Knowing that Ye Cang was buying all kind of fluid and liquid in great amount, ThornyRose wondered. What kind of horrible things is he up to this time? She then led the others to carry on with the side-quest and the hidden story quest to farm in Dark Cave and White Stone City. Due to the official launch of the underground river between the Black Peaks and White Stone City, people often travel between those three places. It had become the main transport route for players and the locals. Under the influence of the trading, Black Rock, White Stone and Black Peaks which were used to be far apart had now become the Planetary Empire’s new supply chain, greatly valued by the empire. Marquis Azshara and Clay had also gained a new power, controlling the military in the north. This was counted as a power with real meaning. Despite Little Ye Tian and Ye Cang being far away while managing the association, the Goddess Association had become the number 1 association among the north players. It was all thank to Liliana, Little Jade, CloudDragon, LordAsked, and the others carrying out the proposal let by those two. Besides, the random events they were holding increased its popularity among the players and the locals.

Meanwhile the president, Ye Cang was improving his biological wine series madly in this unknown place. He was loved by the lizard men. However, the team was glad that even Ansa could not withstand his dishes. This proved that at least in the food aspect, they were all normal. On the other hand, Ye Cang and the others were also preparing for the Great Christmas War.

On Christmas Eve, ThornyRose invited Ye Cang and the others to the capital to celebrate and also to prepare for the great war on the next day.

Ye Cang and the others, including Fang Ci and Little Tong boarded the hovering train to the capital in the early morning. OldWang and AV were also invited. When Ye Cang and the others just got on the train, they saw Ji Xiao. Ji Xiao’s heart sank for a moment. Just when he was about to jump off through the window, Ye Cang pressed on his shoulder. “Brother Xiao, long time no see…”

“Ji Xiao, it’s Christmas Eve, shouldn’t you be staying at home? Why are you going to the capital?” Seeing that Ji Xiao was nervous, FrozenCloud asked.

“My cousin sister asked me to come and have fun. Besides, my brother was furious today so I better stay away from home…” Ji Xiao sighed.

FrozenCloud smiled bitterly. I bet this fella said something wrong again. These two brothers…

Seeing Fang Ci, Wu Na and the others who were easy to talk to and good in person, Ji Xiao heaved a euphoric sigh of relief. He then started to play board games with Ye Cang and the others. However, he was overly excited as they played along. “Equip Heavenly Emperor’s precious ring! Sacrifice Heavenly Emperor’s ruler! Declare! Every player’s health reduces to 1! Success! Hahaha, I can kill you all by just farting. I’ll summon little crows to peck at you guys!”

FrozenCloud sighed.

MistyVeil once again came to the train station for Ji Xiao. Seeing him walking out of the station naked with a sign around his neck, MistyVeil sighed. He had become famous in the capital’s hovering train station. She then saw Ye Cang and the others coming out and returned the clothes to Ji Xiao. She greeted them. “Spending Christmas Eve with Qin Family?”

“Yeap, the club’s core members and friends will be going too. What about you, Aunt Perky?” Ye Cang said faintly. Staring at MistyVeil, Wu Na felt inferior as she was China’s number 1 goddess and also one of the Four Heavenly Kings. Her appearance, strength, family background and even personality were all a class above Wu Na’s. She then wondered. Why do they call her Aunt Perky? Aunt means auntie but perky means what? She then suddenly realized as she saw MistyVeil’s butt. These guys…

“I’ll see how it goes. And can you stop calling me Aunt Perky…” Veins appeared on MistyVeil’s forehead.

“A nickname is just an appellation. Don’t be bothered by it too much.” Ye Cang waved his hand, asking her not to care about it. MistyVeil rolled her eyes.