ThornyRose and FrozenBlood both drove to the station to fetch them up. Seeing how MistyVeil was rolling her eyes, she knew MistyVeil must be teased while chit-chatting with Ye Cang. Damn, that fella, causing so much trouble just because he was her life-saver.

“Cousin sister, what are you guys talking about?” With a smile on her face, ThornyRose walked towards them.

“Nothing much.” MistyVeil was speechless as she looked at Ye Cang who was smiling faintly. She also glared at SpyingBlade and Fang Ci and the two of them nodded.

“I’ll see whether I can make it to your place tonight. I better get going with Xiao Xiao.” MistyVeil then left along with Ji Xiao.

Without saying anything, ThornyRose nodded. After that, she brought Ye Cang and the others back to Qin villa. Mother Qin had been waiting to see who her daughter’s rival according to FrozenBlood was. When she saw Wu Na, she gasped. This kind of girl is the scariest type. My Zhen’er might be no match for her. Hah~

The FrozenBlood and FrozenCloud sisters were walking close to Wu Na. FrozenBlood liked Wu Na’s personality and had an affinity with her. Of course, that was when you ignored the way she looked when she got up on stage.

Just then, a perverted looking university student walked in and the servants quickly moved aside. Without a second thought, everyone knew it was OldWang. Upon seeing him, FrozenCloud broke out in cold sweat. He looked more perverted and shorter in real life compared to in the game. But he isn’t ugly. It was just that he looked low class and pervert.

“Boss and Big Sis Boss.” OldWang waved at ThornyRose and the white-haired Ye Cang. Behind him was a muscular guy who looked like AV. AV lived in the capital anyway. After chatting with him, ThornyRose discovered that he lived in the Vermillion Bird district and was the boss of a school’s bar.

As they were talking happily, AV said that there were many young university girls coming to his bar every day. This caught OldWang’s and Zhang Zhengxiong’s interest. They then decided to visit his bar tomorrow to see whether they would find something special. FrozenCloud doubted him. I guess this is the reason why you opened a bar.

“Where’s Lele’s girlfriend?” ThornyRose knew about the existence of Song Xin.

“Went to the United Kingdom for work.” Ye Cang shrugged his shoulder. He knew it was hard for Song Xin to reject her family’s assistance and he also knew she worked hard because of Lele. However, he predicted that she would not last long in this state. Lele was like her haven, a place where she could go to when she was tired.

ThornyRose raised her head. “It’s Christmas tomorrow. The grouping will be announced tonight. Being last year’s champion, China’s district would definitely be the seeded team and this year Knights of the Round Table, Union Alliance, and Sparkling Stars have some strong new members. We should be more careful.”

Ye Cang blinked and looked at her. “?”

ThornyRose sighed as she knew what kind of person Ye Cang was. Telling him this is useless.

“Our biggest threat isn’t Flame Dragon, but Knights of the Round Table and the Union Alliance are.” Little Ye Tian took a sip of the fruit juice. “Since Flame Dragon had already used one honorary character, they don’t pose much threat to us anymore. However, what’s most troublesome are Knights of the Round Table and Union Alliance these two big clubs in Europe. They didn’t use any honorary characters to win their finals. Hence, we have to be extremely careful when facing them.”

ThornyRose was aware of Little Ye Tian’s analysis. Even without the honorary characters, Flame Dragon was still strong. The ChildOfLight in the Knights of the Round Table was a scary character. Last year, CloudDragon was lucky that he won. First, it was VastSea changing clubs. Second, the ChildOfLight made a mistake by dropping the chain at the most crucial moment.

When the international clubs knew Thorns and Roses were one of the clubs representing China, they were shocked. Mad War and Freedom Alliance were not competing but a second rate club? They had then started to do research on them.

England. A random house in the forest.

A blonde young man was sitting on a rocking chair, enjoying the rays of sunlight passing through the leaves. He then smiled. “CloudDragon, I think we have to put our grudge for the future. The Really New Village’s Three Brothers…Even the arrogant Flame Dragon was defeated by them. They indeed pose a big threat. It’s time to use the legendary characters.”

Island Nation.

“It’s over for Flame Dragon. It’s time for the Black Dragon Union to shine in the Great Christmas War! Those Really New Village’s Three Brothers are just playing with tricks to win the audience’s support and trust.” A random warrior wearing a kendo suit pulled out his sword. *Flash* The leaves then gradually fell.


As darkness fell, Gongsun Qian also came to celebrate Christmas Eve with SpyingBlade. OldWang and the others were jealous of them. Even Lin Le had Song Xin video-calling him to apologize. In OldWang’s and the others opinion, Ye Cang was a love saint liked by men and women. Seeing NalanPureSoul and Ye Cang staring at each other deeply, they sighed. Boss is indeed at a totally different league. Mother Qin also sighed. If NalanPureSoul is the one, then Zhen’er has no hope at all.

“Where have you been, Brother PaleSnow? I couldn’t find you in Black Rock City or even White Stone City.” NalanPureSoul cut off the ‘electric staring’ by asking a question.

“I bypassed the elf and dwarf area and headed south to the Endless Swamp.” Ye Cang told him the truth.

NalanPureSoul raised his eyebrow. If the map is real, by sailing south from the west, one has to pass through that dangerous place, the Deep Sea Abyss. So does this mean that he knew how to get through the Deep Sea Abyss? Just when he was about to ask, Little Ye Tian interrupted them and said. “Secret.”

NalaPureSoul was stunned for a second and could not help but smile. This little girl…

Father Qin saw MistyVeil. Ah, recently she does come here often. He then turned to look at Ye Cang, SpyingBlade, and Fang Ci and smiled.

“Uncle Qin.” MistyVeil gracefully greeted.

“They are at the wing of the living room.” Father Qin smiled.

“YanRu, my daughter depends on him. Please don’t fight with her.” Mother Qin held MistyVeil’s hand and begged in a serious manner.

“......” MistyVeil was speechless and nodded. She then laughed as she walked to the wing of the living room. Sometimes, Sister Zhen does make people speechless.

MistyVeil saw that NalanPureSoul was here too. She then looked at Ye Cang with confusion. After knowing that Ye Cang was at Farsarqi and headed south to the Endless Swamp, she no longer frowned. Farsarqi is a neutral nation, they will not interfere with the war between the empires. In the mainland, the situation was in a total mess. The elves are having a hard time uniting the people as they have two different gangs. They not only have to fight against the Planetary Empire but they also have to deal with the beastman. Even though the dwarfs and the Steel Empire are at good terms, the Steel Empire was still the underground black steel dwarf’s enemie. They do not have extra power to deal with the beastman. Just then, the notification ringtone popped out. “The grouping is out, you guys are in group A.”

ThornyRose quickly checked the grouping. In the semi-finals, there was a high chance that the opponent the seeded team would fight against was Black Dragon Union. She then raised her eyebrows. We can’t lose against them. If we lost, Thorns and Roses would never have the chance of winning the popularity prize.