“Aota Hikoishi is strong, be careful.” Gongsun Qian reminded them.

“I know.” ThornyRose nodded. When speaking of Black Dragon Union, Aota Hikoishi, Nagasawa and RoyalMoon would definitely come into mind. They were part of the top 100 players in the world. Especially the one who ranked 10th, a rank below LordAsked. He specialized in ambushes and he is a top fighter.

Suddenly, the lights went off. Father Qin frowned. Coming for Yanru again? I sense a strong bloody desire. 10,000 Souls does have the guts doesn't he, not putting me in his concern? The black and white trigram was fading in and out.

“Brother.” Zhang Zhengxiong was planning on releasing his gene lock.

“Father, there are a lot of mutant creatures outside.” Little Ye Tian slowly closed her eyes.

“Don’t rush. Everyone stay close to me.” In the dark, Ye Cang’s pink eyes looked extremely cold as if they were coated with snow. It was the first time that Wu Na saw such scary glare as if everything was dead meat in his eyes.

“Good-Son-in-Law.” Father Qin said.

Gunshots and screams were coming from outside of the villa. Everyone was shocked upon hearing the unknown roar. MistyVeil frowned and quickly called the Dragon group and Liu family for assistance.

Just then, the skylight window shattered and a giant mutant jumped in. Hmph! Father Qin turned it into ashes with the explosive black Empty Palm.

On the other side, a big hole was broken into the wall beside Ye Cang and an enormous creature with armor smashed in. Ye Cang slowly reached out his hand and the giant stopped, unable to move forward. In the middle of the fight, Ye Cang’s skinny hand looked out of sorts. However, his other hand had already pierced through the giant’s chest and was holding a crushed heart. Streams of blood painted the entire wing of the living room red. Everyone was amazed by his frail look as he made a great impact.

“Zhen, bring Zhen’er, Yanru and the others to the basement. Good-Son-in-Law and I will handle the situation here.” Father Qin shouted. Mother Qin immediately pulled ThornyRose who was shocked, Wu Na, Zhang Zhengxiong and the others to the underground fortress for shelter.

At that very moment, the screams coming from the outside were getting louder than before. Through the holes of the house, Ye Cang saw a flash drawing a half-moon and he smiled. Cold Moon is here. Numerous limbs flew up into the sky and a teenage girl who was wearing a white windbreaker and holding a long straight sword walked in like a grim reaper. She scanned the surroundings. Father Qin frowned. This girl gives people a scary feeling. Cold Moon laid her eyes on Ye Cang and lastly, came to SpyingBlade’s and Fang Ci’s side. Without anger, she said. “Bones and I just so happened to pass by Vermillion Bird district when I received your text. SpyingBlade, we have a meeting later. Don’t forget. The 10,000 Souls’ creeps on the outside have been cleared.”

Liu Yanru recognized this girl. I think we had met once after reaching an agreement with the 10 Commandments. She is the adjudicator in the legendary Silver Demon and Cold Moon - Cold Moon. She seems to be in the capital recently. Father once said she was one of the most dangerous women.  Despite her strength being unknown, I bet she is more dangerous than the Red Dragoness.

“Understood, Leader Cold Moon.” SpyingBlade was no longer that afraid of her compared to their first meeting. After getting along together, he realized something. Although Cold Moon was still scary, especially when you saw her mincing corpses, slashing people, chopping monsters and killing mutants, she was not inhuman at all. During meetings, she would defend  SpyingBlade and Fang Ci and she sees them as her own comrades.

“Thank you ma’am for your assistance.” Father Qin smiled. Cold Moon turned and slightly nodded, not having the intention to talk more with him. Even Father Qin was numb due to her arrogance.

Bones also walked in along with a few members from the elimination team. “Leader, I’ve eliminated every enemy on the outside.”

Bones was confused to see SpyingBlade and Ye Cang but she said nothing.

Liu Yanru expressed her gratitude but Cold Moon did not even look at her and disappeared in the night with her team.

SpyingBlade, Fang Ci, Zhang Zhengxiong and even Lin Le heaved a sigh of relief. Wu Na was also numb and not able to say anything due to Cold Moon’s aura.

SpyingBlade and Fang Ci looked at each other and smiled bitterly. Even though they were in the same team with Cold Moon, they were still anxious when talking to her.

MistyVeil sighed as SpyingBlade and Fang Ci seemed to be more relax. What a scary woman. She was surprised as she turned to look at Ye Cang who had blood all over his body smiling faintly. “What do you think of Cold Moon?”

“Nothing much. Rather than that, I’m more concerned about where we stay tonight.” Ye Cang shrugged his shoulders and pointed at the broken villa.

SpyingBlade and Fang Ci rolled their eyes. Of course, he would not have felt anything. She was trained by him! She was even his assistant back then!

“That’s right! If it wasn’t for Brother A’Xiong, I would definitely rush out and battle with her for at least 300 rounds.” Grabbing Zhang Zhengxiong’s sleeve, Lin Le complained.

Wu Na who was originally shocked facepalmed and FrozenCloud laughed bitterly. Meanwhile, Little Ye Tian kept rolling her eyes. Deep down, she knew the relationship between her father and that woman. She was a woman who sealed away most of her emotions and feelings and was one of her father’s most trustable person.

“What a cold woman. She is the total opposite of the Dragoness. Just like her name, Cold Moon.” Father Qin raised his eyebrows as he stared at the place where Cold Moon left.

“There aren’t any 10,000 Souls’ servants left.” Father Qin shook his head. The outside of the villa looked like a living hell.

“Cold Moon is well known for not questioning and not leaving anyone alive.” MistyVeil smiled bitterly. She only heard it as a rumor but now she witnessed all the broken limbs and necks. It sent chills down her spine.

“Attention, it was because of me that everyone was terrified tonight. So if you guys don’t mind, you can stay at my place for a night.” MistyVeil saw Liu Fengsheng bringing the elders along.

Liu Fengsheng once again thanked Ye Cang and Father Qin and apologized for what had happened. ThornyRose was impressed by Uncle Liu’s personality and the way he handles things. Looking at Ye Cang, she recalled his face when he single-handed blocked the incoming mutant. It was as if a grasshopper was rushing in rather than a gigantic monster. She then again remembered how Ye Cang once told her cousin brother that he was born with brute strength. What the hell, this isn’t some brute strength. It is a godly strength.

Father Qin did not reject the invitation and decided to stay at the Liu family’s place for a night. After that, he would bring the others back to his own house, letting them stay for a period of time. Mother Qin was also happy with the decision as the house could be repaired in the meantime.

A random simple apartment.

“Leader, 10,000 Souls’ new creatures are troublesome. Little Sweet almost lost her life. It was lucky that she wasn’t heavily injured. Oh yeah, why haven’t you talk to Silver Demon?” Bones was drying her hair with a towel after she finished showering.

“I can’t disturb his life in that world. Bones, there will be one day when you will want to live in that world.” Cold Moon said in low voice.

Even though Cold Moon’s tone was emotionless, Bones was stunned and stopped what she was doing. She then asked with a sad tone. “What about you, leader?”

“Revenge…” Cold Moon fumed as she pulled out her straight sword, staring at its shining edge.