Liu family’s backyard.

Seeing Second Elder Liu and Third Elder Liu glaring at Ye Cang and him, Father Qin sighed. Omg, still bearing a grudge?

“Senior…” Ye Cang greeted politely. “Watch out! Lightning Plasma (Raitoningu Purazuma)!”

Both elders were shocked and angered. They quickly unleashed Streaming Water Aura to block the attack. Just then, Father Qin took a step forward, stopping Second Elder with his left hand and Third Elder with his right. Using the sticking close and turn element in Tai Chi, he performed a Tai Chi Reverse. He used the qi from the Streaming Water Aura to strengthen his own. Meanwhile, Ye Cang unexpectedly changed his fist into sword fingers and beams of sharp flashing light were everywhere. The two elders were having a hard time as they were oppressed by Ye Cang and Father Qin.

“What a good Tai Chi Reverse. Able to restraining Tianxing and Tianyue alone. Well well, I never thought that your Yin Yang Divine Trigram has reached such a level, Qin San.” An old but majestic voice came out of nowhere. Father Qin raised his eyebrow. It’s the head elder of the Liu family, Liu Tianba. That old fella.

Under the moonlight, an old man with a cane in his hand appeared. Ye Cang slightly squinted his eyes. Such reserved aura. This old fella must be strong. He changed the Lightning Plasma to Lightning Superion (advanced version Lightning Plasma), covering the three of them. However, it was as if the swords had eyes, they did not harm a single hair of Father Qin but aimed at the two elders. (it is swords because Ye Cang turned his fist into sword fingers previously)

A smile appeared on Liu Tianba’s wrinkled face. He stuck out his cane a little bit and the stream of water turned into a roaring water dragon. It rushed towards Ye Cang. Ye Cang went head-on with the water dragon. Blocking waves of attacks with his arms, he madly ripped the water dragon into two halves. Qin San was amazed by Ye Cang’s incredible strength. Without any strengthening abilities, he was able to rip the dragons just like how he opened alloy doors.

“Oh, what an interesting little kid.” Liu Tianba was interested. As his cane swung, numerous water dragon rushed out. At this instant, a thunder struck the dragons turning them into ashes. “Liu Tianba! What’s wrong with you?! The older you get, the more stubborn you are? How can you bully my boys just because you have the advantage in numbers!”

A muscular old man, with a naked upper body, was standing in the pavilion located at the middle of the pond. His eyebrows were so long that they reached his ears and his white hair was swaying in the wind. He was the branch head of the Qin family’s Heavenly Dragon Martial Art Center, Qin Xiong. Standing next to him was Father Qin’s father, Old Qin Zhong. He then laughed. “Liu Tianba, you're really a shameless person. Luckily we came to have a look.”

“Hmph, bullshit!” As Liu Tianba swung his hand, hundreds of dragon rushed out all at once. The Scepter of Roaring Dragons in Qin Xiong’s hand suddenly let out a cry. Then, he saw how Fourth Elder Liu, Liu Tianfang was flying here from afar. “Junior brother, you go and deal with Liu Tianfang.”

Qin Zhong then flew to him as lightning flashing in his hands.

Upon seeing Qin Xiong, Ye Cang pondered. Such furious and arrogance. His strength is definitely not below that old man, maybe even stronger. He then turned to help Father Qin in fighting Second Elder and Third Elder. Ye Cang’s iron hands, lightning speed and professional moves which were as sharp as a scalpel, were working well with Father Qin’s strength-against-strength counterattacks. The two elders found it hard to fight back. The battle was so intense that they did not even have the time to blink.

Liu Fengsheng saw movements coming from the other side. The fake mountains were crumbling and the ground was cracking. He laughed bitterly. They destroyed your house so you come to destroy mine? He then jumped over to the other side elegantly, hoping to stop the fight.

Like a loach, Ye Cang was blinking in white shadows, making the two elders pissed off, Ye Cang then grabbed the opportunity and frost started to swirl in his hand. “Diamond Dust (Daiyamondo Dasuto)!”

Third Elder Liu knew he was aiming for his waist from behind but that speed was too fast for him to block it. Damn, I have already used 70% and above of my strength. This youngster is on par with an elder at his age. That’s unbelievable. He then swung his hand to block.

Ye Cang then changed his fist into fingers.

“Strong Diamond Finger!”

Chrysanthemum Sealing Finger!” 

“Three Fold Force!”

The third Elder laughed coldly. Playing tricks again? There isn’t a real sentence from this fella! Suddenly, his waist was in pain!

“My waist!” The Third Elder screamed in pain.

“Heh, that’s my own special skill. Diamond Dust changes to Hidden Assassination Hook.” Like a flash, Ye Cang quickly pulled back his left-hand hook that had been hidden all this while. He then raised it high up like a scorpion’s tail and said his childish skill name fluently.

“I’ll kill this idiot” The Third Elder was furious. But at this instant, Ye Cang had already run away. “Uncle, I’ll leave them to you. I have something on tonight!”

Father Qin was stunned. @#$% You just leave and expect me to deal with them? He immediately knocked them away and followed Ye Cang. Since we managed to injured Liu Tianxing, that’s it for now.

“Don’t you guys dare to run!” The two elders chased after them with full speed.

“Uncle, with your strength, you can definitely fight them easily. I really have something to do. Let me think...Oh yeah, I have to plan the Great Christmas War’s strategy.” Ye Cang said it in a serious manner but stopped a second when giving the reason. With this, Father Qin had confirmed that he was bluffing. “Good-Son-in-Law, with your speed and body resistance, you can completely restrain them for a period of time. I’ll go help Old Qin Zhong to get rid of Fourth Elder Liu.”

Suddenly, an enormous source of energy prompted them to turn and look. They saw Qin Xiong had gotten into a rotation position, the trigram appeared below his foot and started to spin. The two elders who were chasing after Ye Cang and Father Qin shouted. “You @$$hole! Second Elder Qin! How dare you do this! You’re going to destroy the Cold Breeze Garden!”

Despite they were shouting, they still evacuated to the outer area. Father Qin also dashed towards that direction. “Quick! That’s Heavenly Dragon Martial Art - 10 Revolving Spirits! That old fella just has to cause trouble whenever he comes out, doesn’t he.”

In a blink of an eye, Ye Cang caught up with Father Qin. He eye-signaled him and put on a wicked smile. Father Qin seemed to understand and looked at the two elders in front. This youngster is a badass. He then nodded. Ye Cang dashed past them and landed in the garden. Meanwhile, Father Qin jumped and unleashed the thunder trigram. The Empty Palm rushed out. The two elders quickly turned to block and Ye Cang dashed out from a blind spot among the trees.

The two elders were curious about Ye Cang location. Because of Ye Cang’s hit and run personality, they predicted that he might have reached the front yard already. This Qin San surely doesn’t know his place. Does he really think we would be afraid of him? Trying to make us get caught in the 10 Revolving Spirits? Sorry but you’re the one who is about to get caught! Just when they were about to attack Father Qin, they felt pain at their waists. It’s that idiot! They did not manage to turn around and Father Qin’s Empty Palm hit them right onto their faces. Damages coming from both front and behind. In split seconds, their waists were in serious pain and they both fell from the sky.

Ye Cang did a high-five with Father Qin and they immediately retreated.

“Good-Son-in-Law, your assassination skills are indeed amazing.” Father Qin laughed.

“No, no. The most inevitable martial art is uncle’s Yin Yang Divine Trigram.” Ye Cang smiled faintly. Behind them, the Scepter of Roaring Dragon was radiating streams of qi and they swirled like a tornado. The fake mountains started to crack and the swirling green energy suddenly exploded. Ye Cang saw how the true qi sent the two elder flying and they were still pointing at him and bad-mouthing. He could not help but laugh. “Much apologies, Elders Liu.”