After seeing that there was enormous spiral energy swirling at the backyard of Cold Breeze garden, everyone who was at the front yard gasped. Lin Le pouted. “Woah, what a big egg…”

“......” FrozenCloud was soaked in cold sweat. If I’m not mistaken, that’s a Qin family’s high-leveled Revolving Spirit Steps. It looks like 10 Revolving Spirits.

Little Ye Tian slowly frowned. What a strong flow of energy.

Liu Fengsheng sighed in mid-air. It still happened. The two old fellas even activated the 10 Revolving Spirits and Crash of Hundred Dragons. He smirked as he helped the two elders who were knocked off by the energy and tricked by Ye Cang and Father Qin to get up. The two elders were still scolding and nagging. “Damn those two @$$holes! Qin San and his son-in-law!” “We have to let them know their place.” “Ah, my waist!”

Meanwhile, the culprits Ye Cang and Father Qin were already drinking wine at the front yard.

Late at night.

Wearing a bathrobe, Ye Cang came to the bathroom. Even though he had wiped away the blood which had gotten all over his body, he thought that it was still better to have a shower. Heat was coming out from the bathroom. Looks like there’s someone inside. Ye Cang then walked in calmly. As he reached the border of the spring, flower petals were all over the water. He took off the bathrobe and got in. In the mist, he greeted MistyVeil who was a few meters away from him and nodded. “Hello…”

Naturally, MistyVeil greeted back with a nod. “Hello…”

Seconds later.

Suddenly, MistyVeil blushed and pointed at Ye Cang. “…”

“Don’t mind me. Got a lot of blood stains today. It’s better to have a shower to clean them away.” Casually Ye Cang waved his hand dismissively, telling her to just pretend he was not there.

MistyVeil was stunned and even her ears got red. She quickly covered her breasts and pretended to be calm. “You better go out. It isn’t appropriate in this way.”

Suddenly, Ye Cang got up from the water and appeared in front of MistyVeil. Their distance was only 10+cm. He then swung his wet white hair. “What did you say?”

MistyVeil was shocked and did not know what to do. However, staring into Ye Cang’s calm eyes, she was upset.

Leaning against the border of the spring, Ye Cang looked up at the starry night sky. MistyVeil quickly wrapped herself with a towel. What is this fella thinking? “Quickly wash. After that, get out.”

Ye Cang nodded and turned around. He said softly. “Okay, thank you.”

MistyVeil was dumbfounded all of a sudden. How shameless can this fella be?! Does he want me to help him rub his back? Her hands started to trembled and she told herself that it was just because he was her life-saver. She then started to rub his back.

“Use your force equally. From the top to the bottom.” Ye Cang ordered.

MistyVeil gasped as he was the most annoying person she has ever met. But she still continued. Ye Cang then yawned, feeling sleepy. “Aunty Perky, don’t stop. Continue.”

MistyVeil repeatedly resisted her urge to grab his hair from behind and mop the floor.

Long after, Ye Cang was feeling good. He turned to snatch away MistyVeil’s towel, wrapped himself and got up. Humming some songs casually, he started to wash his hair. MistyVeil was left in the water, astonished and half-naked.

Staring at Ye Cang who was sitting on the floor washing his hair, MistyVeil blinked. The, Ye Cang turned and blinked back. “What?”

A scream broke out. MistyVeil quickly got into the water, covering her breast. Her face was so red as if blood was going to burst out at any moment. She was speechless but Ye Cang just rolled his eyes and continued to wash his hair, humming the song. He twisted the towel and wiped his body including his d*ck. He then folded it nicely and stuffed it into her breast. Yawning, he casually wore his bathrobe, rubbed his hair and went back to his room to sleep.

Staring at the towel in her breast, MistyVeil’s mind was blank. Soon, she came back to her senses. Remembering that the towel was used to wipe the private part of his, she quickly threw it away. She blushed but was angry at the same time. She recalled that ever since knowing Ye Cang, he had always done many weird things. For example, he would just touch her butt whenever he felt like it. She did not know how his brain functions. However, what MistyVeil did not know about Ye Cang was that even though he looked no different from a normal person, he still had a lot of artificial human’s characteristics such as the weird outlook of his on gender.

As MistyVeil got up and was about to start showering, Ye Cang once again appeared. He was walking towards her rapidly. Afraid of what he would do, MistyVeil quickly jumped back into the water and ranted. “What do you want this time?”

Ye Cang then poured out some shampoo and started to wash his crotch. “Sorry, I forgot to wash this part. Grandma said that boys have to frequently wash it clean.”

MistyVeil gasped and rolled her eyes. Ye Cang had seen almost her entire naked body. Although she was angry, staring at Ye Cang’s emotionless eyes, she wondered. He doesn’t seem interested in me. What kind of idiot he is?

After cleaning himself, Ye Cang remembered something important as he looked at MistyVeil. He then sat in front of her, crossed his fingers and put up a serious face. “Oh yeah, I have a suggestion.”  

Not comfortable with Ye Cang staring at her in such a way, MistyVeil did not dare to look at him directly. So, she turned away and blushed. “What?”

“Regarding your promise of letting me touch your butt. So, it’s like this. Last time, I saw a lecturer named La Hongye in the capital. I’m planning on transferring the chance of touching your butt to her. Then, you would negotiate with her. In return, ask her to let me touch her breasts. It’s a good deal right?” Ye Cang said it in a serious manner.

“F*ck off! Letting you touch my butt?! There’s no such promise!” Anger filled MistyVeil as if her brain was being shot. She could not withstand anymore. She then picked up a wooden basin, soap, and anything that can be thrown and launched an attack on him. Ye Cang walked away, wore his bathrobe, and knocked away those things. He sighed. “What an ungrateful fella.”

As Ye Cang left, MistyVeil was grinding her teeth so hard that she was shaking. She repeatedly took a deep breath and lastly, she calmed herself down. Leaning at the border and staring at the night sky quietly, the blush on her face started to fade. Recalling of what happened and her actions, she could not help but to smile bitterly and shake her head.

All of a sudden, a white-haired head popped out from the door. “Aunt Perky, please consider it.”

A big wooden basin was thrown at him and MistyVeil’s scream broke out.

After confirming Ye Cang had truly left, she wiped the sweat off her forehead. She never thought that taking a shower would cause her to sweat so much. What kind of stuff is inside his brain? La Hongye is the capital’s dairy, right? What’s so good about her? The representative of big boobs and brainless. She sighed. What kind of repay is that?! She laughed. White-haired retard.

In the corridor, Ye Cang saw SpyingBlade and Fang Ci walking towards Liu Fengsheng’s room. They turned to see Ye Cang but did not say anything and continued walking. Ye Cang smiled. Looks like they are familiar with the business. He recalled Cold Moon’s opinion on those two. I’m going to leave my seventh group to you two.