Upon returning to his room, Ye Cang opened the fridge and pouted. There was not any can of his favorite beer. He then poured some whiskey and put the bottle on the balcony table. Sitting on the railing with his towel around his neck, he drank it.


“Come in.” Ye Cang said without turning around.

As the door was slowly opened, Father Qin came in. Seeing Ye Cang sitting on the balcony railing and drinking whiskey casually, he smiled. “Good-Son-in-Law, looks like you’re in a good mood?”

"Don't you tease me, uncle. Thanks to you uncle, we managed to escape luckily. I need something to calm myself.” Ye Cang smiled as he raised his glass of whiskey.

Father Qin was speechless when he recalled how Ye Cang punished 10,000 Souls’ assassins. You need to calm your nerves? Oh, come on. With your speed and reaction, there’s no way you will be caught in the 10 Revolving Spirits. Father Qin felt hilarious. “Let’s spend a night to talk about life between us, son-in-law and father-in-law.”

Ye Cang shrugged his shoulders and put on a faint smile. Meanwhile, Father Qin took a glass, came to the balcony and sat on the rocking chair. Looking at the side of his face under the white hair, he said. “Hey youngster, after all these while, I realized I haven’t truly understood you.”

“Actually I just want to be a handsome young man.” Looking at the gleaming moon, Ye Cang sighed.

“.......” Father Qin rolled his eyes. Can’t this fella just talk normally?

After that, both of them talked about the main topic - La Hongye’s body shape. They promised to attend her lecture next time together.

Next day.

The Christmas bell was ringing everywhere and all the streets were engulfed by the celebratory mood. In the virtual world, it was more hectic. With the Great Christmas War around the corner, the ultimate stage was opened. It was busy and crowded as the top clubs from all over the world were gathered at this place.


“Sister Rose, why are the ultimate stage and our resting area not greater than China’s? This place is no different from a public toilet.” Looking around the small and simple temporary lounge, Lin Le complained.

“Lele, we are here to participate, not to compare the lounge.” ThornyRose said calmly. Even though she had always wanted to come to the ultimate stage, she never worried about the lounge. She then looked around. Well, it is indeed bad-conditioned.

FrozenBlood, ElegantFragrance, FrozenCloud, and the others looked at her as she sighed. They scanned the place. Where’s the team leader?

Just then, SpyingBlade pushed the door open and came in. “Team leader received the key of the Freedom Alliance’s palace. He asked us to go over there.”

“Don’t you guys ever....” Not waiting for ThornyRose to finish her sentence, everyone rushed out in a blink of an eye, leaving her alone in the lounge. Staring at the empty lounge, she was angered. God damn it, these humans! She heaved a deep sigh and walked out. Upon arriving at the Freedom Alliance’s palace-like lounge, she saw that there were various entertainment and training facilities. It was glorious and grand-looking. She then saw a temporary Thorns and Roses logo at the entrance. Biting her fingernails, she made a promise to herself. Next time, Thorns and Roses will also have its own palace-like lounge. We won’t borrow from others anymore! She sat on the leader’s glorious seat. It was indeed comfy. She could not help but exclaim. That’s what I call a palace-like lounge. This material...is the skin of nine-tailed fox? She acted as if she was a queen.

Ye Cang gradually walked towards her, pointing at the seat. “That...you are sitting on my seat.”

Looking at Ye Cang who was about to get furious, ThornyRose trembled. She then sighed. This fella did not have his medicine today. I better be careful. Without any complaints, she got up and came to Lin Le’s side to play board games.

ThornyRose stared at the screen. Gosh, when will that idiot stop harassing me?! “Our first match is against the Black Dragon Union. We can’t lose for sure! If we do, Thorns and Roses will be humiliated by China’s players for a long time.”

“Island nation and we were never at good terms, especially among the group of players. Taunting and rebuke are daily routines. But this is due to our history in ancient time.”  ElegantFragrance was doing manicure using the Freedom Alliance’s artificial intelligence.

“Hmph, who cares! Flame Dragon or Black Dragon. It’s going to be the same. Brother, Lele is going to use the Avalon, we better ally together to restrain him.” Zhang Zhengxiong was playing cards.

“That’s not it! Brother Lil’White, Brother Lil’Xiong is holding the butcher’s soul, waiting to turn to ghost king!” Lin Le quickly fought back.

After seeing Ye Cang’s card, Little Ye Tian kept quiet but could not help to smile coldly. Stupid Lele, father’s trump card is the descent of saintess. He is just waiting for you to use Avalon. SpyingBlade and Fang Ci saw Little Ye Tian’s wicked face staring at Lele and they sighed. These two…

FrozenCloud who was also playing the card game was calm as she was barely surviving. Heh, but don’t you think I’m weak. I’ll soon get the synthesis condition for the Heavenly Emperor’s precious ring.

ThornyRose sighed. These fellas. “FrozenBlood, your sister is addicted too.”

Then, ThornyRose turned to see FrozenBlood and Little Jade enjoying the grand virtual spa, not paying any attention to what she said. She was getting furious. On the other side, OldWang and AV, these two so-called family-and-friends cheerleaders were teasing the A.I. maid, having a lot of fun. She once again let out a deep sigh and laughed bitterly.

Virtual world. Ultimate stage. Opening ceremony.

In the sky, images of the historical idols were projected everywhere. ChrysanthemumEmperor, ShadowEmperor, UnparalleledSwordSaint, Angelite, FlameDynast, YellowEmperor, LeftHandedSwordSaint, CaptainAmerica,  DwayneHouse, etc. Their respective characters were surrounding the ultimate stage.

“Ah, I’m feeling so nervous. Although this is my second time being the emcee of the Great Christmas War.” An elegant blonde-hair girl appeared with a cute smile on her face.

“Ammelia, this is my first time…” Zuo Yiyi appeared on the stage too and smiled.

“Yiyi, it was shocking to see the clubs representing China this year. But I heard that you have earned quite a lot from this right?” Ammelia said sarcastically.

“Hehe, not too bad.” Zuo Yiyi smiled awkwardly and Ammelia did not continue to ask.

After much teasing, it was the singing and dancing performance as usual. Zuo Yiyi and Ammelia sang a song named ‘Glorious Galaxy’ together for the opening ceremony. The top management of the various game alliances had reached the place to cheer for their teams.

Just then, it was China’s turn. Even though Thorns and Roses was the champion, Flame Dragon was the first to come out. ThornyRose was not resigned and crossed her arms in the lounge while Ye Cang and the others did not bother about it. They were concerned about how to dress nicely. Ye Cang wore a black tuxedo, a top hat and held a cane. Zhang Zhengxiong dressed up as a gym coach. Lin Le was about to go out fully naked but he was stopped by FrozenCloud. He was then forced to change into bib pants and T-shirt, holding a butterfly net and wearing a farmer hat. He was given the countryside look. As for how they were to go out, ThornyRose could not care less. Ever since knowing them, she was tired of their bullshit. They could go beyond your moral values anytime. Seeing Little Ye Tian was up to something, she sneaked her head to look.

“Sister Zhen, the plan is entering the experimental phase. I have drafted the energy template produced by the macromolecular vibration. If possible, I hope the company can fund us in producing our own macromolecular vibration machine and not to use others. This is because others are really outdated. They can’t give me the results I want. I will design a new machine. With it, the future experiments can only then be possible to come into reality. Although the amount is so great, I personally think we shouldn’t be saving such money.” Little Ye Tian’s words made Mother Qin who was in the screen shocked, but she considered it and lastly, nodded.

ThornyRose broke out in cold sweat as she did not understand a single thing between their conversation.