Upon hearing Ye Cang’s words, ThornyRose was shocked too. That calm tone of his was like a tyrant's indifferent manner. She recalled that Ye Cang had also treated FlameEmperor in the same way as she looked at the messy white hair. She smiled. Currently, China’s strongest group ever is none other than these three fellas.

“Brother, how are we going to kill that b*tch and that Aota dog. Merely killing them is too easy, we must do something special.” After Aota Hikoishi and the others had gone, Zhang Zhengxiong put on a wicked smile.

“Lele, what do you think?” Ye Cang put on his top hat.

“Purifying Ritual No. 2.” Lin Le smiled.

“Heh, good idea. Lele always has the best ideas.” Ye Cang touched Lin Le’s head. Seeing Lin Le looking at her happily, Little Ye Tian ground her teeth. Damn Lele.

ThornyRose could not help but smile. She turned around to see SpyingBlade and Fang Ci who were whispering to each other and she felt the gay aura coming from them. “Do you feel that those two…”

“I’ve noticed that long ago.” ElegantFragrance gradually nodded and FrozenBlood looked at those two.

The glare of the girls caused SpyingBlade and Fang Ci to turn around. Seeing their weird looks, SpyingBlade and Fang CI broke out in cold sweat. “......”

As for commentary, in China, it was still Brother Zhao and Brother Zhong. However, Brother Zhao looked haggard.

“How was the punishment game?” Brother Zhong laughed.

“F*ck off, my ass is still in pain.” Brother Zhao trembled.

“Okay, okay. Who do you think will be the first one battling in the dueling for Thorns and Roses?” Brother Zhong looked at Ye Cang and the others who were staying in the preparation area.

“Any of those four will do. They are players who have top one-on-one combat skills. It isn’t surprising to see any of them being the first.” Looking sad, Brother Zhao brushed his nightcap.

“Just now Brother Hero said that they wouldn’t let Black Dragon Union get even one point. Why don’t we bet? According to that condition, we put 10 million of Thorns and Roses characters stock as the betting item.” Brother Zhong smiled faintly.

“Hey, get your mind off my character stocks. But the Black Dragon Union is quite strong too. Not getting one point...this bet is risky since we don’t know which entertainment mode they will get.” Brother Zhao rolled his eyes.

“I’m not so sure about that. So, wanna bet?” Brother Zhong provoked him.

Brother Zhao then thought for a moment thinking cap. This Old Zhong must be hiding something from me. However, this bet is indeed risky. The Black Dragon Union is no match to Thorns and Roses but not getting one point seems impossible. After all, the Black Dragon Union has still one chance at using the LeftHandedSwordSaint character. Those three fellas also always lose points by getting technical fouls. After much consideration, he shook his head. “Forget about it. The risk is too high. Besides that, I won’t use my precious stocks as betting chips.”

Brother Zhong smiled. “It’s about to start. Thorns and Roses first pick is Brother Big Diamond - HeavenShakingMight while Moon Edge Samurai - RoyalMoon fights for Black Dragon Union.”

“RoyalMoon can be considered as a strong rookie recently. In reality, he is the eldest son of the famous sword art Royal family. However, he is definitely no match for Big Diamond. If you have seen his fight with CloudDragon, you will understand. He is a grappler who is on par with CloudDragon, good in capturing and grappling skill.” Brother Zhao searched for the data which shows Zhang Zhengxiong and CloudDragon fighting each other in the group battle, looking at the both of them falling from mid-air.

Zhang Zhengxiong stared at the long-haired handsome guy, holding a long sword. He looked swag.

“This fella really needs some punches in the face. Brother Xiong hit him! Hit him in his face!” OldWang cheered for Zhang Zhengxiong while FrozenCloud was rolling her eyes. RoyalMoon was indeed very handsome and liked by women. You are just jealous of him.

RoyalMoon scanned through Zhang Zhengxiong who had already turned into his character. Looking at the pair of big mechanical gauntlets, he dropped low and slowly pulled out his long sword.

“Pulling sword and slashing as an opening. It is the specialty of many island nation samurai players. Used to both defend and attack. Also, they use it to test the opponent. It is extremely powerful. An agility kind of player. If you are careless, you will be executed under one slash.”  SpyingBlade stared at RoyalMoon’s pose.

“But to Shaking Bear, all these are useless.” FrozenBlood smiled bitterly.

“Stop wasting time.” Zhang Zhengxiong cracked his neck and stomped his feet. As the mechanical gauntlet charged with current, he dashed out like a flying bullet, roaring out loud.

RoyalMoon was shocked. He stopped moving and got into a defence position. He closed his eyes to estimate the distance and with a grip, he pulled out his sword. A flash appeared like a moon in the sky.

Zhang Zhengxiong smirked. His dashing body suddenly stopped and he raised his head. The moonlight sword edge swung past his throat. RoyalMoon was shocked. Damn it! I can’t pull back my sword at this instant!

Without mistake, Zhang Zhengxiong sent him flying with an elbow strike at his chest. Smoothly, he grabbed his head and raised it up in mid-air like a little chick being captured. “Crescent Slash!”


It exploded like a volcano.

“HeavenShakingMight won!”

Zhang Zhengxiong loosened his mechanical hand, leaving a headless burnt corpse. Staring at the Black Dragon Union, he smirked with his eyes filled with evil. “Next.”

ThornyRose smiled bitterly as she saw Aota Hikoishi looking serious. RoyalMoon is obviously no match for him. With him being instantly killed by Shaking Bear, Aota was not shocked at all?. No wonder he is a SS rank.

However, deep down inside, Aota was actually shocked. What kind of body reflexes was that?! Jabbing immediately and dodging the attack with that speed? He was too flexible to be a strength type of grappler. Why does China always have these kinds of monsters? FlameEmperor, CloudDragon and even LordAsked. He was not resigned.

“That fella gives people a weird feeling. You’ll feel it the moment you battle with him. The specialty of a strength type player. But with that level of dexterity, his reflexes are nearly invisible.” VastSea stared at the headless burnt corpse.

“Not only that. His aura was like a monstrous beast oppressing you. Even though RoyalMoon is not bad, it is obvious that he was terrified by it. There was a bit of trembling in his slash. Moreover, the members of the Black Dragon Union were shocked too. This dampened their mood. It’s obvious that they will lose terribly.” CloudDragon said after looking at the devilish Zhang Zhengxiong and the terrified Nagasawa and the others.

“What a terrifying monster.” The ChildOfLight, Cadone was sitting in the preparation area, watching China’s status.

There were noises coming from the audience too.

“RoyalMoon died terribly.”

“Big Diamond is so manly. No explanations needed.”

“No wonder he is the descendant of the Korean Federation. He has the aura.”


“Hmph, this is just the beginning! God Aota hasn’t come out yet! Whiner!”

“The island nation dogs are starting to bullshit. Hehe.”

“Don’t bother about them. FlameEmperor also instant killed the Australian Federation’s Nature Union’s leader, RainStone.”

“Not surprising at all. Do you think the title of one-on-one combat king is simply given to anyone?”

“Well, he is the ultimate of China’s district. In the previous Great Christmas War, he defeated all five people from the Middle East District alone. Say, is he insane?”