The second player representing the Black Dragon Union was RedMoon, a female warrior using a naginata. She looked cool, with her long black hair, holding the weapon and preparing to charge forward.

“A rookie recruited from Bloody Sakura. They say that she is good…” ElegantFagrance mumbled.

“Hmm...this girl is quite interesting.” Ye Cang smiled.

“Oh? Why?” ThornyRose knew that Ye Cang was good at observing people.

“You’ll see.” Ye Cang shook his head.

Just then, RedMoon slashed with her red naginata. It was as if blood-red sakura were falling from the sky and three red flashes were sent to the opponent.

It was a powerful attack as its angle and accuracy were precise. Upon seeing that, Zhang Zhengxiong was hyped. Not planning on backing off, he took a step forward and roared. He swung his right fist. Overlord Fist.

Three sounds of the clashes were heard. RedMoon felt that the naginata in her hands was about to be knocked off. With the momentum, she turned into 6 blood-red shadows and scattered like petals. Then, the six of them changed into bloody flashes as they dashed towards Zhang Zhengxiong who was in the middle.

Zhang Zhengxiong smirked. This is a bit interesting. Immediately, he activated the electric current shield to protect himself. Turning his fists into palms, he swung the energy in his hands and blocked all six attacks. *Dong* Six different blocking sounds were heard as if an impregnable barrier was created.

As the bloody flashes intersected, it created a ★ sign like blooming blood-red sakura. RedMoon frowned when she landed. With a leap, she turned into multiple shadows and attacked Zhang Zhengxiong rapidly in circles. Zhang Zhengxiong felt annoyed because she was too fast and most of them were mirror images. Attacking them would be useless. Where’s the real one? He continued to block all the attacks while blood-red slashes were all around him.

RedMoon was having a hard time dealing with the shield created by the macromolecular electric current. When attacking it, she had no choice but to received the electric shock. Just then, she felt something wrong below her feet. Swiftly, she jumped. A giant hand slashed through like scooping the moon. She was shocked. Omg, that was lucky. His wisdom is this high? Until an extent where he can predict my shadow?

“Oh, you dodged it?” Even though Zhang Zhengxiong was disappointed, he knew he was close enough. He then smiled. Just as I expected. His mechanical gauntlet opened wide and the gears went into overload mode. At an instant, his right hand was filled with a massive electric current. As he punched at the ground, waves of electricity were dispersed.

All the surrounding shadows suddenly stopped and disappeared. RedMoon’s heart sank. This is not provided in the skill information…

“He never used this skill before right?” Even ElegantFragrance was confused. This is actually a good skill but why did Zhang Zhengxiong never used it before?

“The skill is too predictable and it doesn’t cause much damage. It even reduces a large amount of energy. He is right. If possible, don’t use it, unless it is used to deal with special occasions. For example, using the electric current waves to disrupt the relation between mirror images and space, destroying the illusions and mirror images.” Since she had used this character before,ThornyRose understood it well and also knew all the data about it. Mechanical Street Fighter had quite a number of skills and they were all powerful too. However, due to the motion system, he could not use his skills indefinitely. Once the motion energy was fully depleted, it did not only prevent one from activating strong skills but also affects one’s damage and defence. Hence, if it was not for special occasions, it was better not to waste much motion energy. This was also the reason why Mechanical Street Fighter had such high-damage skills. If the target was caught by it, the target had no chance to get away and would be instantly killed by Meteor Piledriver, Dark Crescent Slice or Crescent Slash.

RedMoon jumped backwards and once again charged at him. The waves had restricted her from using sakura illusion as she could only fight Zhang Zhengxiong head-on. Both of them were fighting intensely. What made Zhang Zhengxiong surprised were her straightforward attacks and incredible instinct. In such a short period, he could not defeat her.

“This rookie, RedMoon who was recruited by the Black Dragon Union this year...Her strength was incredibly shocking. Who knew she could fight Big Diamond to this extent.” Looking at Zhang Zhengxiong and RedMoon battling vigorously, Brother Zhao complimented her. She was heroic.

“Yeap. If she is nurtured well, she has so much potential.” Brother Zhong nodded.


V.I.P. seats.


“CloudDragon, what do you think about RedMoon?” VastSea smiled.

“She does have good combat skills and personality that suits her appearance.” CloudDragon was impressed. “But, it will end soon. She is still no match to HeavenShakingMight.”

The longer they battled, the more shocking RedMoon was. It may look like they were fighting vigorously but Zhang Zhengxiong did not seem to be threatened. As for her, she would be dead if she made a mistake. Seeing an incoming hand from the corner, she immediately blocked it with her blade. However, Zhang Zhengxiong’s mechanical hands were operating at full speed. In a blink of an eye, it hit her with powerful strength and knocked her weapon away. After stunning her with a headbutt, he got to her back, grabbed her waist and shot her up to the sky like a javelin. Sun Shot!

He then followed up with a leap and back-hugged her in mid-air. “I’m looking forward battling with you next time. Goodbye.”

RedMoon’s heart sank for a moment. I’ve lost. Maybe next time? She then slowly closed her eyes.

“Meteor Piledriver!”

Both of them fell like a spiraling meteor.


“Player HeavenShakingMight wins!”

Zhang Zhengxiong walked out of the huge smoke and looked at the terrified Aota Hikoishi. He signaled him. “Your turn.”

“A’Xiong, let me handle this.” Ye Cang gradually walked towards the stage and Zhang Zhengxiong shrugged his shoulders. Both of them made a high-five to indicate substitution.


As Ye Cang took off his top hat, his tuxedo turned into a long black windbreaker when he turned around. His shirt was changed into a silver light armor and his cane turned into the Piercing Thorn. With a faint smile, he then tied his long white hair while looking at Aota. “Come on.”

“Ah, so handsome.”

“That acting whiner, God Aota will teach him a lesson.”

“Oh, they are bullshitting again.”

“Can this fella stop showing off.” ThornyRose was speechless after looking at Ye Cang’s actions.

“All hail team leader!” OldWang shouted.

“Brother Lil’White, good luck!” Lin Le cheered for Ye Cang. Seeing that Aota was staring at Ye Cang and still had no intention of going up the stage, he taunted. “That...what so-called idiot, what are you looking at? Quickly get up there and received your death penalty! Die! Die! I later have to chop you and that bitch. So be quick!”

The stadium was in an uproar. Among the audience, both districts had started to shout at each other.

ThornyRose, FrozenBlood, SpyingBlade and the others gasped, wiping away the cold sweat. This fella’s taunting skill is at max. Aota Hikoishi was so angry that he could not say anything but just pointed at Lin Le with trembling fingers.

“Brother Le is the best!” OldWang and AV cheered.

CloudDragon could not help but laugh. “This Lele is indeed a troublesome person. He has all kinds of weird skills. Aota might not be able to win against him. That creepy instinct of his, even FlameEmperor had lost to him.”

“Indeed.” YellowSpring laughed bitterly.

“Damn it, that whiner.” Nagasawa was furious and she turned to look at RedMoon. “Useless scum. Wasted the leader’s effort to recruit you.”

RedMoon frowned and turned away, not saying anything.

Aota Hikoishi took a deep breath and turned his anger into laughter. He then hopped on the stage. “Let me see what you can do, white-haired whiner.”