Ye Cang smiled as Aota Hikoishi dropped low and put his hands on the hilt. Is this sword drawing style?

“His sword drawing style is way stronger than RoyalMoon’s. Many have died under his first slash. Being the world’s top 10 isn’t fake.” FrozenBlood stared at Aota’s death prediction.

“I remember his sword drawing style is a limit break ultimate and it comes with an instant kill.” SpyingBlade crossed his arms at the side.

“Oh, Flash of Heavenly Lock.” ThornyRose nodded as she stared at Ye Cang who was calm. Now, how will he deal with this?

“If they fight, the winner will be decided in that split second.” LordAsked squinted at the two who were confronting each other.

Ye Cang then walked towards him as if he was walking in the backyard. As their distance was decreasing, everyone was nervous, waiting for the intense battle to begin.

Just then, the audience saw both of their flashing shadows dashing towards each other. *Dang* When both of them stopped, everyone saw Ye Cang’s sword pierced right into Aota Hokoishi’s heart. “Flash of Life.”

Aota unbelievably stared at Ye Cang’s calm smile and recalled what happened in that split second. He actually predicted my sword trajectory and used a certain angle to block my attack with the hilt. Also, he got out of my attacking range and pierced into my heart at top speed. What a scary assassin.

RedMoon was shocked upon seeing this. That attack was marvelous. I’ve never seen such a sharp skill. It just defeated the Flash of Heavenly Lock so easily. Staring at Ye Cang, RedMoon’s respect towards him had gone up a level. A kind of respect for a strong opponent.

Nagasawa frowned as she looked around at the players. Their spirits had been greatly affected due to this loss. She squinted when she saw that RedMoon seemed to be looking up to Ye Cang. This girl must be kicked out of the Black Dragon Union. If not, she will soon take over my position.

Ye Cang then slowly pulled out his long sword, patted Aota’s shoulder and said. “Brother Aota, your sword drawing skill has flaws. Using it first before the opponent could do anything doesn’t necessarily work every time. When you pull out your sword, you did not think thoroughly and you are also impatient. A sword isn’t only made out of its blade. Sometimes using it after your opponent makes a move may work better, but of course, you would need to have my sharp eyesight. In conclusion, you still have much to learn.”

Upon finishing his sentence, he jumped off the stage and left like an expert.

“It appeared. The spawn camper and preacher characteristic.” OldWang mumbled.

SpyingBlade was soaked in cold sweat as he saw how Aota was not resigned. He looked very angry and slowly disappeared off the stage.

ThornyRose also broke out in cold sweat. These three fellas… their taunting skills are each better than the other.

Aota angrily stared at Ye Cang who was calm and said the words one by one. “We cannot lose the arena mode!”

“When Brother Hero and Aota Hikoishi battled at top speed, it is obvious that Brother Hero is more skillful. No matter in terms of mental or ability.” Brother Zhong replayed the battle in slow-motion and paused at the moment when they pulled out their swords.

“Indeed. At the moment they attacked, Brother Hero had already locked on Aota’s sword trajectory. It may look like he waited for the opponent to make a move but it was actually that he attacked in the split second after his opponent pulled out the sword.” Brother Zhao nodded as he recalled what Ye Cang said. “But he sure loves to lecture people after defeating them.”

“Of course. Do you think that the title of “The players I hate to face the most”, nominated by players themselves, was simply given?” Brother Zhong smiled. “The arena mode is about to begin. Both sides first pick were as expected. On Thorns and Roses side, it was the Three Brothers, SpyingBlade, Little Ye Tian and FrozenBlood as the backup. Meanwhile, on the Black Dragon Union’s side, it was Aota Hikoishi, RoyalMoon, RedMoon, Nagasawa, BigBlackLord and SpringOnSpringTree as the backup. Looks like the Black Dragon Union has given up on support.”

“Both sides are tense.” Brother Zhao rubbed his chin as he looked at both teams. The Black Dragon Union looked like they were about to eat them up but Lin Le, Zhang Zhengxiong and the others were sneering at them.

“Has anyone not tensed up when going against the Really New Village’s Three Brothers? These three always behave like an ultimate thorn. No matter when it comes to teammates or opponents.” Brother Zhong laughed bitterly. “It has begun.”

The scene returned to the stage. Pointing at the Black Dragon Union, Lin Le raised his head and put his hands on his hip. “Now, if you beg for mercy from Brother Le which is me, I might leave your corpse intact. But leaving an intact corpse seems difficult. Oh well, forget about it, I won’t do that. But still, be quick and beg for mercy, I’ll give you…I’ll give you...Let me think...What should I offer you? Damn it, I can’t think of something. Nevermind, I don’t want to offer you anything anymore. Quickly get on the stage and let me chop you to death.”

Ye Cang glared at Aota and said calmly. “Just surrender. Stop making useless struggles. In front of a trump card, it is meaningless.”

“Team leader is so handsome!” FrozenCloud cheered.

“Of course.” Ye Cang turned to answer.

“......” ThornyRose, FrozenBlood and the others were speechless.

“Those god-damn whiners. Leader…” Nagasawa was pissed off.

Aota took a deep breath. “Don’t get affected by them. They are just bullshitting, using such a low-class technique to piss us off. Later on the stage, RedMoon you try to restrain white hair, don’t let him attack Nagasawa.”

“Understood.” RedMoon said.

“BigBlackLord, you’ll support depending on the situation. Be aware of DarkBlade’s movements.” Aota Hikoishi continued to explain the tactic. “In this match, we’ll first kill their support. We can’t let her interrupt the situation. RoyalMoon, you must save your Heavenly Chop for her.”

RoyalMoon nodded.

On Thorns and Roses side, Lin Le continued to persuade them to surrender with a bullhorn. “Hey, over there, just surrender! Stop the useless struggle! We promise not to kill hostages!”

“Yeap! We promise in the name and reputation of the club.” Ye Cang took over the bullhorn and shouted.

“......” FrozenCloud facepalmed. Oh please, our club’s reputation is ‘Total insane’ all right?

“SpyingBlade, remember to support Little Ye Tian.” ThornyRose knew the enemy would not let go of the support.

“I’ll leave a shadow at her side. No worries.” SpyingBlade’s eyes shined in red as he put his mask on.

ThornyRose sighed as Ye Cang and the other two took turns to taunt the enemy. She then clapped. “Stop shouting already. Quickly get on the stage. Win it nicely. Since this is our first match, we must show them how strong we are. Let them know that we are the champion team of China. ”

Ye Cang shrugged his shoulders and entered the arena along with the others. The landscape of the battlefield was a relatively big open-air dojo and there were no obstacles at all. The teams stood each on a side. Little Ye Tian then frowned. I’m at a disadvantage due to the landscape. There’s nothing for me to take cover but I could clearly see their movements too.

As the timer ticked, Nagasawa immediately started to cast magic. Ye Cang activated his speed enhancement skill and sprinted to the right side. Yet, RedMoon dragged her blade and blocked his way.

Little Ye Tian had also started to counter Nagasawa while Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le attacked from the middle. In addition, SpyingBlad turned into shadows and disappeared from sight. Instantly, numerous shadows were scattered all over the place.