RedMoon held her naginata tight as Ye Cang was dashing towards her at lightning speed. Here he comes! Then, she unleashed three blood-red slashes. Ye Cang smiled as he casually blocked one of the slashes. In a smooth motion, he took a side step and went past her without stopping or hesitating.

RedMoon’s heart sank when Ye Cang went past her stoppage easily as if she was nothing but air. She quickly chased after him, turning herself into shadows of blood-red sakura with six petals which looked like blades. However, the blood-red sakura did not manage to catch Ye Cang.

His speed! So fast! Upon landing on the ground, she once again turned into blood-red sakura shadows to chase after him. Unfortunately, all she saw was Ye Cang turning around smiling. She was getting further and further away from him and she felt totally helpless. “Be careful!”

Nagasawa immediately stopped chanting and attacked Ye Cang who was coming at her with magic. “Useless scum, can’t even buy me a little time!”

“It isn’t that RedMoon was not good. It is just that Ye Cang isn’t someone who can be locked down by ordinary players in the current league, except for supports who can use sealing arts like FishSeller. Who knows Brother Hero might get caught accidentally?” Brother Zhao shook his head.

“I’m afraid that Aota Hikoishi will only be able to stop him for a moment.” Brother Zhong said as he saw the lightning-like movement speed. Brother Zhong had not even finished his sentence when Ye Cang had already gone past him. Aota turned to see Ye Cang was about to reach Nagasawa with Blade Edge Sprint and Blade Edge Blink. He sighed. It’s too late. I can’t hesitate. He then shouted. “BigBlackLord, follow me and break through the middle.”

He pulled out his sword and slashed at the taunting skill max Lin Le who was dashing towards them while making a ghost face. Meanwhile, BigBlackLord blocked Zhang Zhengxiogn with his two tonfas.

On the other hand, SpyingBlade appeared and blocked RoyalMoon. With a slash, he did not get the real body but an image. Although he saw the real one from the corner of his eyes, he did not turn around to block him. Instead, he turned into shadows and disappeared. Little Ye Tian who was chanting saw an incoming lunar corona but she had no intention of stopping her chanting or even dodging. Suddenly, black mist rose up from her feet and turned into a shadow. SpyingBlade came out from the shadow like a grim reaper and blocked the moonlight slash. He then followed up with a second attack. Along with some of his shadows which pretended to attack, he forced RoyalMoon to back off. Seeing that RoyalMoon frowned, black midst was radiating around SpyingBlade’s body. Even the black shadows surrounding Little Ye Tian had started to tremble, flashing non-stop. His eyes shined in red under the mask. “Shadow Riot - Uprising!”

“Rainbow Mirage!” Little Ye Tian cast it on SpyingBlade. Instantly, SpyingBlade who was moving among the shadows was not able to hide in the illusions. Little Ye Tian blinked. Hehe, this is a new trick I discovered. This skill, it is as if it was created for Brother SpyingBlade. Under the Rainbow Mirage, his shadows would be doubled! And not only the mirror images! To him, this skill is like a limit break ultimate.

SpyingBlade crossed his arms and stood in the flowing shadow beside Little Ye Tian. Both of them watched RoyalMoon struggling against the shadows. Just then, the message of Aota Hikoishi being instantly killed by Lin Le shocked SpyingBlade. He then smiled bitterly. Lele’s battle instinct is as creepy as hell. The ‘not born with talent’ was nonsense. Are those invigilators in the city college who write the comments stupid? His instinct and learning capability are terrifying.

Looking at Aota Hikoishi who was being chopped into two halves, Lin Le made a hmph sound with hands on his hips and looked up at the starry sky in 45 degrees. He then reversed his grip and stabbed at Aota’s crotch. Blood splattered everywhere. With the ‘I’m inevitable’ aura, he said in a stern manner. “Motherf*cker, who’s next?”

BigBlackLord dodged Zhang Zhengxiong’s incoming claw and with a spiral ultimate, Devastating Kick, he sent Lin Le who was still enjoying himself flying. Almost half of Lin Le’s health was depleted. “Ah, painful.”

ThornyRose and the others who were outside of the stage facepalmed. Usually, at this moment, Lin Le would always be taught a lesson by someone and it would happen again the next time. It was useless because he never learns from the past. Everyone recalled the hyped-up scene. Even though it was partly because Aota Hikoishi underestimated them, that furious little bull was still impressive as he managed to change the titanic chop into a pulling sword slash. In that split second, he grabbed the opportunity and chopped the opponent into two halves with full strength. It looked like the Aota who specialized in sword drawing technique never expect that one day, he would be instantly killed by a first-met opponent who used a similar skill. First being pierced by the team leader and now Lin Le’s slash. This slap sure landed tight on Aota’s face.

At the moment he died, a name flashed through Aota’s mind. The fearless war god - Solas Angelite.

“How stupid can this fella be? Fighting Lele head on?” Zhang Zhengxiong swiftly grabbed BigBlackLord and smashed him on the ground, leaving a big hole. His hands glittered with light blue sparks and instantly a blue flame rushed out and exploded beautifully. Dark Crescent Slice.

What made SpyingBlade wonder was that Nagasawa should be the first to die as the team leader could kill these light-armored players in a blink of an eye. When he turned to have a look, he was instantly soaked in cold sweat. Ye Cang was blocking RedMoon’s attack and using the hilt to smash Nagasawa’s beautiful face at the same time. He would also sometimes hit her at the throat to prevent her from talking. Even if she had a displacement skill, Ye Cang could catch up with his speed anyhow. SpyingBlade then snapped his fingers and tens of shadows blocked RoyalMoon’s limit break ultimate. Knowing that RoyalMoon was only a few meters away from the shadow stream, he waved his hand. “Shadow Stream Explosion!”

RedMoon smiled bitterly as her attacks meant nothing to Ye Cang. She once again turned into numerous blood-red sakura shadows and besieged him. Ye Cang quickly drew his sword and blocked all the attacks. Although Ye Cang seemed like he was only blocking the attacks, his sword was counterattacking like a hurricane. “Blade Edge Blink. Reverse - Counter Storm!”

Sword by sword, RedMoon felt her health points were dropping like an ebb tide and lastly, a sword piercing through her heart. She looked down at the flash at her chest. He is too strong. My shadows were useless in front of him. The voice exposed my location. So, this is how China’s champion team looks like?

With a faint smile, Ye Cang casually pulled out his sword and patted RedMoon’s head. He said in pity. “Kid, don’t be blinded by the beautiful look. Marvelous attacks are made by the endless basic stuff, not illusional tricks.”

Upon finishing his sentence, Ye Cang turned around and once again smacked Nagasawa with his hilt. She was speechless and unconscious. Feeling the sensation and the advice, RedMoon recalled. “Don’t be blinded by the beautiful look. This is truly a…”

She then turned into a white light and disappeared in the arena.

However, the people outside the arena were thinking. ‘That’s our Brother Hero who always showed off after killing people.’

“It looks like they are about to do something insane again.” Brother Zhao knew Ye Cang left her until the end on purpose.

Brother Zhong saw how Lin Le angrily got up and pouted. “Where’s the bad guy who kicked me?”

Zhang Zhengxiong grabbed the headless corpse and it turned into ashes when he threw it in the air. He smirked. “Here.”