As they slowly walked towards her, SpyingBlade saw that Nagasawa was angry and furious. She is about to make a run. He sighed and knocked her out with a shadow hilt.

Everyone was watching the five of them grouped together discussing something. Whenever Nagasawa was awake or able to speak, they knocked her out again or muted her.

“So we have come to a conclusion. The purifying ritual No. 2. Let’s get started.” With his arms crossed, Ye Cang nodded, giving permission to start the punishment.

Zhang Zhengxiong touched the war banner and summoned the sixth person, FrozenBlood to come in. He whispered something to her and FrozenBlood sighed as she looked at Nagasawa. She slowly walked towards her, once again knocked her out and locked her to the ground, facing her butt to Lin Le. Meanwhile, Lin Le was holding his giant blade and mumbling some verse. Nagasawa was terrified. What are they going to do?

The Black Dragon Union members outside of the court frowned. Don’t tell me they are going to...No way?! SpringOnSpringTree shouted. “Referee! Referee!”

The audience was excited.

“Hope the world will be a better place.” Upon saying the verse, Lin Le prayed. Ye Cang and his teammates did the same too. Even the audience, Brother Zhao and the others followed them to pray. “Hope the world will be a better place.”

Then, Lin Le held his giant blade high up and shouted. “The purifying blade!”

Many turned around as they did not dare to see what was about to happen. Not long after, a scream filled the stadium. Seeing the giant blade stabbed at her butt, Ye Cang stood out with a smile and nodded. He acted as if he was some great ritualist. “The sins in this place have been purified. Hope, kindness and beauty will stay with us forever.”

Once again, he prayed after saying the sentence.

“Thorns and Roses! You guys went overboard!” Seeing how pale Nagasawa looked, Aota Hikoishi shouted. With a bitter smile, ThornyRose shook her head. Thorns and Roses is going to take the blame again? She let out a deep sigh.

Ye Cang and the others who were in the arena stared at the furious Black Dragon Union members and the pale Nagasawa. Ye Cang nodded with a smile. “No need to thank us. You don’t have to pay for the ritual.”

CloudDragon facepalmed. “Just where is these fellas’ bottom line as a professional player?”

FrozenBlood saw Nagasawa’s look full of hatred. Hehe, looks like a feud has started. But we aren’t their target. This was because she saw that Nagasawa looked at RedMoon in that way. This woman can’t tolerate similar type of players, not to mention people who might replace her soon. Looks like she put all the blame on the rookie for not being able to stop team leader.

It was as expected by FrozenBlood. Nagasawa recalled what had happened. If she had managed to block Ye Cang, I would be able to finish my chanting. The outcome might not be the same as this. Her hatred for RedMoon had increased.

“Leader Aota, I’m sorry for not being able to block Brother Hero.” RedMoon said sincerely.

Aota Hikoishi did not say anything because he knew even he himself might not be able to block Ye Cang. Besides, the next match was hero mode. If they win the hero mode, they would then reach a draw and decide the winner in the entertainment mode. “What’s next is the most important. RoyalMoon, you’ll take my character.”

RoyalMoon nodded. Looks like the leader is going to use the honorary character which can only be used once in the season. The LeftHandedSwordSaint.

ThornyRose knew the enemy would be using a legendary character and that it could only be the LeftHandedSwordSaint. If we had an honorary character, that would be great. But she knew these characters could not be bought, one would have to be worthy. However, it can be borrowed. Since Flame Dragon, MadWar, Lord’s Reign and Freedom Alliance have each used one, Misty Rain House was the only one left. We can only find her. But it is too late to go now. She then reached out her hands. “Wait!”

“Looks like Thorns and Roses wants to stop for a while.” Brother Zhao saw ThornyRose’s hand sign.

“Hmm… during the last match with Flame Dragon, they were at a disadvantage due to the legendary characters. Even though they managed to win the entertainment mode, these legendary characters strengths are all above SSS rank. One of the weaknesses of Thorns and Roses is that they don’t have any of these characters. Hence, when it comes to the crucial point, they lack a trump card. Although you can only use them once in a season, it has always been the deciding factor because its power is on par with a nuclear weapon.” Brother Zhong looked through the information about the LeftHandedSwordSaint.

Just when ThornyRose stopped the match, MistyVeil appeared in the lounge. She glanced at Ye Cang and said to ThornyRose. “Sakura Martial Artist - Izayoi Majima, I’ll lend it to you guys once.”

MistyVeil’s sudden appear shocked ThornyRose. Immediately, she knew MistyVeil was just repaying Ye Cang since he saved her once. ThornyRose was so happy. Yes, the chance to use Sakura Martial Artist - Izayoi Majima once! We can now completely oppress LeftHandedSwordSaint. With much gratitude, she thanked MistyVeil. “Thank you very much, big cousin sister.”

MistyVeil transferred the rights to use the character and sat on the sofa to watch the match. She even chatted with Fang Ci.

Aota Hikoishi frowned as he saw MistyVeil’s appearance. Since Misty Rain House did not use it, I bet she comes here to transfer the rights to use. Such low-class whiners.”

When she saw Aota staring at her, MistyVeil smiled. “Sorry, Aota-kun."

“Hmph!” Aota Hikoishi was pissed off.

When ThornyRose wanted Ye Cang to use the character, Little Ye Tian shook her head and analyzed. “We don’t need it for this match. Although the opponent is using a legendary character, we aren’t at a great disadvantage. We’ll just need father or Lele to restrain the LeftHandedSwordSaint. It is best for us to keep this legendary character for the future. It will be useful when we face against Knights of The Round Table or Union Alliance.”

“The little girl has a point.” MistyVeil smiled.

ThornyRose gradually nodded. Yeap, that’s right. Maybe I don’t have much experience in the Great Christmas War so I was a little nervous. For us to advance further, it is best to save the trump card for special occasions. She then looked at Ye Cang. “Do you have confidence?”

“A trump card doesn’t need to use a legendary character because I’m destined to win.” Ye Cang said faintly.

“Err…but you were f*cked up by Flame Dragon’s Red Lotus Conqueror.” ThornyRose teased him.

“No, you don’t understand. That time my hands were just slippery.” Ye Cang said righteously.

“......” Everyone was speechless.

*Cough* *Cough* “So…” ThornyRose started to plan the strategy and told everyone what they need to be aware of when it comes to LeftHandedSwordSaint in detail. Especially Ye Cang, Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le these three people. However, she knew, during the Golden Age Carnival, they had fought against LeftHandedSwordSaint with Chrysanthemum Emperor’s characters. So, they have experience in battling it, especially Lele. In terms of lineup, there had to be some changes as they must have researched our strategy thoroughly. Due to the fact that there might be trouble caused by Ye Cang and the other two, ThornyRose was in thoughts.

“Here comes Thorns and Roses lineup. The Three Brothers, SpyingBlade, Ye Tian and DemonSpirit. Oh, they actually sent a spellcaster up to the battlefield. This is surprising. But can an S rank Ice Queen be well-farmed?” Brother Zhao raised his eyebrows.

“Regarding the lineup, there are a lot of possibilities. DemonSpirit might not be the carry.” With his fingers tapping the table, Brother Zhong gave it a deep thought.

“You are saying that it might be a support? Two supports in a game? So does that mean out of the three lanes, there will be two lanes which have two players each?” Brother Zhao questioned.

“I’m not sure. Let’s just see how it goes. Thorns and Roses lineup is always unexpectable.” Brother Zhong shook his head.