DemonSpirit was slightly nervous since it was the Great Christmas War’s stage. After collecting her emotions, she got to her position.

ThornyRose thought of something. Judging from the opponents’ characters, including the LeftHandedSwordSaint, it is better to have an ice element character on our side. I’m not hoping for it to deal much damage but that it could provide them more resources and battle space. But which particular lane should she go? Middle lane? Or…Hmm...we must act out of people’s expectation. Why not be like this? “DemonSpirit, you and that idiot go for the jungle.”

“......” DemonSpirit broke out in cold sweat. “I can’t even kill an ice slime at level 1.”

“Lele would help you.” ThornyRose predicted that LeftHandedSwordSaint would be on the top lane.

DemonSpirit nodded. After much preparation, the timeout had ended. Ye Cang entered into the map along with his teammates. Lin Le run down the top lane after buying the items and DemonSpirit followed suit. Zhang Zhengxiong was in the middle lane while SpyingBlade and Little Ye Tian were on their way to the bottom lane. As for Ye Cang, he disappeared into the woods.

“Is DemonSpirit going to assist Mad Demon Le in oppressing Aota Hikoishi’s LeftHandedSwordSaint?” Brother Zhao saw DemonSpirit was following Lin Le. However, both of them did not go for the creeps. Instead, they went to where the ice slime was located in the jungle.

“One’s status would be quite good after killing the giant ice slime. If they can kill it fast, it is a good choice to kill it first and only then to go to the lane for creeps. I bet the slime was for DemonSpirit.” Brother Zhong analyzed.

With the passive, Giant Slayer’s effect, Lin Le was slashing madly and not long after, he killed the giant ice slime and got the buff. He stuck out a big thumb and said. “You’re welcome.” Then, he turned around and marched his way to the top lane.

“But...helping me to kill means I should get the last hit and take the buff.” DemonSpirit was stunned as she stared at the slime gel on the floor. She heaved out a deep sigh. Luckily I have reached level 2. It is enough to fight the goblins.

“......” Brother Zhao was speechless when he saw Lin Le going to the top lane with the ice slime’s buff and DemonSpirit who got nothing went fighting the goblins. “I don’t understand it.”

“Me neither. Even if it is a jungler, one would need the buff. Not to mention, the Ice Queen, an early mage who needs resources.” Brother Zhong was also speechless.

Aota Hikoishi had also reached level 2. Seeing Lin Le coming from the river pathway, chills went down his spine. He had killed the ice slime? So fast! Tens of creeps were walking towards Lin Le and with a slash, he killed three. Aota frowned. His buff should be gone when I reach level 4. I must use that opportunity to battle him and sent him back home.

Aota then decided to get last hits steadily and upgraded his weapon to a long sword.

In the middle lane, even though Zhang Zhengxiong was a close ranged fighter, Nagasawa was having a tough time. RoyalMoon who was using Aota’s Yakuza Sword Saint for jungling, wanted to ambush the middle lane with the help of Nagasawa. However, his instinct told him not to as he felt there was a pair of eyes observing him from behind.

Swiftly, Ye Cang killed most of the monsters in the jungle and climbed up a small hill. He then saw RoyalMoon who was roaming at the river path beside the middle lane and finally went into the jungle where Ye Cang just came from. Ye Cang smirked as he jumped down the hill and sprinted towards the bottom lane.

BigBlackLord and SpringOnSpringTree were being cautious when it came to SpyingBlade. Most of SpringOnSpringTree’s arrows were blocked by SpyingBlade’s shadow which popped out automatically. They had no choice but to back off and get last hits. And yet, it was not what they expected. More than 40% of the last hits were blocked by the shadow stream. Meanwhile, SpyingBlade was getting the last hits without any worries under the protection of Rainbow Fantasy and Ashes of Shadow Stream. BigBlackLord pondered. This is not good. If he continues to get last hits in this way, it might cause a big imbalance. We must kill the rainbow knight as soon as possible. But what’s important now is to deal with the large number of creeps that he pushed towards us. We must get most of the last hits from here on.

SpringOnSpringTree stared at the big tree far away as she saw movements. RoyalMoon is here! She signaled BigBlackLord secretly.

“Little Tian, someone is coming from behind.” SpyingBlade said as he killed the last creep.

“Father is here too. We need to act strong so that they wouldn’t suspect us.” Upon finishing her sentence, Little Ye Tian and SpyingBlade had no intention of backing off. Instead, they tried to move forward. The distance to their own tower was not far too. They were in a position where there was room for attacking and also retreating.

In the bushes, RoyalMoon pondered. Hmm...they seem to be quite steady at this pace. Even if I ambush them from behind, they still have the chance to run away. That SpyingBlade is strong. Since BigBlackLord’s and SpringOnSpringTree’s are under-leveled, I must wait for them to up level through this wave of creeps. I’ll stay here for now.

Suddenly, RoyalMoon felt something was not right but he could not tell what it was. Where is their jungler? The resources in the jungle have already been collected by him. Logically, he should be infiltrating our jungle. So, now he should be somewhere around the jungle near the middle lane. No, wait. His speed might be a changing factor.

A scream disrupted RoyalMoon’s thought. Shit! Seeing a narrow sword piercing through SpringOnSpringTree’s throat and SpyingBlade’s forceful attacks, he knew it was too late.

With Little Ye Tian’s help, SpyingBlade killed BigBlackLord. In a split second, he then turned into black mist, disappeared from the spot and reappeared behind Little Ye Tian to dodge the tower’s attack. As for Ye Cang, he escaped the place and blocked the tower’s energy shot with Blade Edge Blink. Not reducing any of his speed, he dashed towards the bush where RoyalMoon was. Along the way, he upgraded his weapon.

“We don’t have to go. If father can’t catch up, it is useless for us to be there. But if father manages to do so, RoyalMoon is no match for father who has upgraded his weapon thrice. In the meantime, we should use this opportunity to gain more experience and last hits.” Little Ye Tian said faintly. SpyingBlade then stopped moving towards the jungle and quickly turned around to clear the creeps.

Ye Cang sprinted through the bushes and reached a forked route. Without much hesitation, he ran towards the route which linked to his second tower. RoyalMoon was shocked. Normally, when a player chases after the enemy, the player would definitely pick the route linked to the river path. How does he know that I’m here? This is bad. I have to pass through the jungle area where HeavenShakingMight is. He would definitely come and block my way. Counterattacking is my only choice! I can’t be hiding in the bushes, it is too obvious. He then turned to hide behind the ruins, holding the hilt firmly.

The death of both players at the bottom lane shocked the members of Black Dragon Union. RedMoon dragged her naginata to the top lane’s jungle, prepared to infiltrate. DemonSpirit knew it was dangerous there. She thought for a moment. Staring at the exit, she decided to retreat. RedMoon was disappointed when she saw the free food had just run away. If I infiltrate now, she would definitely discover me. She then turned around to kill the nearest goblin gang.