DemonSpirit knew the gap between her S rank character and RedMoon’s SS rank character. I must not face her in a 1v1 combat! Even if I farm slightly slower, I must not speed up her farming!

When he was nearby the bushes, Ye Cang dashed right into it to attack. Then, RoyalMoon jumped out from the ruins and leaped towards Ye Cang, unleashing a slash from behind. The moonlight flash slashed through the bushes and finally Ye Cang’s neck. Unfortunately, RoyalMoon did not feel anything as if he only cut through leaves. Ye Cang’s shadow disappeared. He pondered. Shit! Just then, he felt a few slashes landing on his back and a sword pierced through his heart. What an astute predator.

Ye Cang pulled out his sword and sighed. “You’re too impatient. Didn’t you wonder why I dashed in so recklessly? Hah~ Rookie.”

RoyalMoon’s chest was heavy and not long after, he fell down and was sent back to the base.

“Well, RoyalMoon may be a rookie but he debuted for almost two years. As for you, you only debuted like a few months ago.” Brother Zhao was speechless when he saw RoyalMoon glaring at Ye Cang angrily as Ye Cang acted like a senior lecturing a junior.

“Just now that scene...I guess it was Piercing Thorn’s sub-skill, the camouflage skill - Speed Differentiation?” Brother Zhong replayed the scene where RoyalMoon missed the attack.

“I bet he even activated his unique invisibility skill - Speed Hidden.” Brother Zhao nodded. Throughout the journey, even though that skill is not used often, everyone knows that Piercing Thorn can turn its holder invisible. The Black Dragon Union has to be more careful about this. The same goes for Thorns and Roses. The LeftHandedSwordSaint is their main focus Once they have successfully oppressed him, the winner for this match will then be decided.

Just when Lin Le’s buff disappeared, Aota took a step forward when he was killing a creep. In a swift motion, a slash was unleashed as if it rippled through space. Lin Le was getting the last hit and his bundle of hair suddenly pointed behind. He immediately blocked the mysterious slash. Brother Zhao shook his head. It is better to dodge it. Only a few weapons can block that. The blade seemed to pass through his giant blade and blood splattered everywhere. Lin Le felt pain. Swiftly, he rolled over to dodge the second slash. Looking at Aota’s smile, he pouted. He saw Aota’s long sword was slightly invisible. Right at the moment when he wanted to get up, the other appeared right before his eyes, holding up the sword preparing to execute.

Lin Le knew he would not be able to block it. I’ll fight you head on! His face was red. With slightly less accuracy, the long sword landed hard, from Lin Le’s left shoulder to his chest. At the meantime, Lin Le hit his chin with a right elbow. Aota smiled and dodged it. This is not something you can... His thought stopped here as pain surged through his left cheek. He felt dizzy.

“He actually feigned that attack just now! The real deal was his left hand which moved away from his body!” ThornyRose was shocked by Lin Le’s fake attack. When Lin Le pretended to use his right elbow to block and hit him, his left hand was held back. With full strength, his left hand then smashed right onto his face. Lin Le’s body was almost twisted.

“What a Mad Devil Le.” CloudDragon nodded. VastSea saw that YellowSpring who was fooling around a moment ago became serious and said. “Looks like that fella has become stronger.”

“Yeah.” YellowSpring was in deep thought.

“Lose. Lose…” BlackIce was still stabbing the doll repeatedly.

As Aota was knocked out temporarily, Lin Le spun with his numb right side. His left hand grabbed the hilt and slashed with all his might. Aota pondered and immediately activated Clear Heart to nullify the stun. Knowing that he could not dodge the attack as he had no more displacement skill and the Illusion Art - False could only be activated when he reached level 6, Aota solidified back his sword and blocked it. The great impact almost caused him to lose his sword. With a roar, Lin Le swung his blade again. Even though Aota blocked it, his sword was still sent flying. Lin Le knocked him away and once again made him lose consciousness. Aota had lost one-third of his health. Lin Le then let go of his giant blade. With an opposing force, he reduced his inertia, took a spin and kicked as if he was a furious tiger. He performed the Giant Assault without a giant blade. With full speed, he forcefully banged into him. Aota was once again knocked back. Lin Le knew he could not give him any time to recover. Even though he was only level 5, with two executing skills (Giant Heaving Strike and Giant Blade Slam), one power attack and two points allocated to grappling, he hit Aota’s forehead with his knee. Aota then landed at the place where Lin Le’s giant blade was at. Lin Le dropped low and gave a strong uppercut, knocking Aota away. Enduring the pain on his shoulder, he snatched the blade with his left hand and held it tight with both hands. He then slashed. A giant moonlight flash appeared. Giant Heaving Strike!

In mid-air, Aota was slashed into two halves. Blood painted the floor red.

“Player HappyAndCheerful - Assault Warrior, defeated Plater Aota Hikoishi - LeftHandedSwordSaint.”

Lin Le stabbed the giant blade on the creep beside him and straight through the ground. A loud roar filled the stadium. Although the voice sounded childish, it was filled with spirit. “God damn it! Who’s next!! *Roar*!”

Everyone was shocked.

“What a beautiful counterattack.” Brother Zhong stood up and clapped. Brother Zhao also did the same. “Under that circumstances, he chose to be unexpectable and feigned an attack. With not even a hundred health points left, he defeated a full health LeftHandedSwordSaint. This is truly a classic battle.”

“Master Uncle Lele is so furious.” Zuo Yiyi was assigned to the other districts. She changed the channel to see Lin Le from Thorns and Roses in the China district looking furious after killing LeftHandedSwordSaint.

“I think Aota Hikoishi offended Tai Sui King this year.” FrozenBlood mumbled.

“......” ThornyRose, FrozenCloud and the others were speechless.

“Hehe, hehe, I’m angry now.” Holding the giant blade, Lin Le was coughing. He then upgraded the giant blade and his qi.

“......” (The audience)

“Woah, even Lele had killed that LeftHandedSwordSaint. No way, I must go too!” Zhang Zhengxiong did not bother about Nagasawa, under the tower, who was shocked and went to the top lane. “Lele, later when you are fully regenerated, straight away kill that bitch in the middle lane. I want to kill that whatever sword saint once.”

“Okays! Good idea! But Brother Lil’Xiong, be careful of his sword. It is weird.” Lin Le obediently nodded and recalled back to the base. At this moment, Lin Le had already reached level 6. The first player to reached level 6 among both teams. He obtained the Earth Splitter and barged his way to the middle lane.

DemonSpirit was confused. I just gave him the ice slime buff and he then killed the SSS rank LeftHandedSwordSaint? She wiped away the cold sweat as she did not understand the logic behind it. She then sneaked her head out from the bushes and whispered. “Brother Le, the ice slime is refreshed. Do you want it?”