“You’ll fight him first. But wait for me, I’ll come once I kill that bitch.” Lin Le swung his giant blade to get the last hit. Staring at the idiotic fella who actually killed the leader’s legendary character in a 1v1 combat, Nagasawa decided to back off.

“Nevermind, I’ll go kill some slimes first.” Knowing that Nagasawa did not have the intention to fight as she stayed at the corner of the tower, he shrugged his shoulders and went into the jungle. DemonSpirit saw the rune on Lin Le’s blade shining when Lin Le dragged his blade to the bushes near the middle lane. Suddenly, a massive shockwave blasted out and killed all the creeps under the tower, including Nagasawa. DemonSpirit was soaked in cold sweat.

Lin Le raised his chin and dashed to where DemonSpirit was. At the same time, RedMoon was hiding behind a big tree near to DemonSpirit. Upon knowing about the death of Nagasawa, RedMoon frowned. That Mad Devil Le has accumulated quite an amount of resources, it’s time to slow down his farming speed. She quickly went to the rocks behind DemonSpirit who was fighting the ice slime and surprise-attacked. However, Lin Le’s appearance shocked her. So fast! Does he still want the ice slime buff? What about the Ice Queen? He doesn't care about her life? I think he spotted me! I must kill her and then think of a way to escape. Unfortunately, things were not as she expected. Lin Le unleashed Giant Blade Slam at DemonSpirit and even RedMoon was knocked away.

“Two bad guys! Thank goodness that I’m alert! Eh? Why does the system say I killed a teammate and even deducted 100 souls from that person?” Lin Le did not bother. “Whatever! That bad guy! You made my teammate die! Go to hell!”

Lin Le chased after RedMoon. Upon landing, she gasped, stabbed her naginata in the ground and made a backflip. Without much hesitation, she ran away through another route. Meanwhile, Lin Le continued to chase after her, swinging his blade. “Give me back my teammate! Bad guy! I want to...Oh no, what is the phrase called? Anyway, you need to be responsible for the death of my teammate! Bad guy!”

At full speed, RedMoon ran and dodged while Lin Le’s chased her. She was shocked. How is it possible for this kind of strength characters to actually match up with my speed. If it wasn’t for my extra displacement skill, I would be a corpse by now! She was numb as she turned back slightly to see the giant blade which had an attack range of six meters. I can’t have even a little bit of hesitation or delay. If he catches up to me, I’ll be dead for sure.

At the base, DemonSpirit gazed into the distance. So he doesn’t even know who I am. With much sorrow, she sighed. “GreenDew, I truly understand your feelings now. I’m sorry.”

“......” ThornyRose and the others, especially GreenDew whom Lin Le couldn’t even recognize the most, smiled bitterly. “How is it related to me again?”

As RedMoon was about to reach the base and Lin Le was still following closely, Brother Zhao commentated excitedly. “Brother Mad Devil Le has passed through the 1st tower’s jungle and then the 2nd tower’s jungle non-stop. What a strong determination! Wanting revenge for his teammate has turned him into a hell demon. Base! He is about to reach the base! RedMoon’s life is on the line! Aota Hikoishi wanted to help but he is blocked by Brother Big Diamond at the empty area behind the 1st tower! Omg! He went into the base! God damn it, he actually went up to the base! He has activated the shield to block the tower’s attack and continued to chase after RedMoon! With all his might, he blocked her and killed her right in front of the spawn point! Not good! Nagasawa has revived and Brother Mad Devil Le’s health points are below 200. Looks like this is the end for him! He quickly ran to the space behind the base’s 1st tower. As he swings his legs, he starts to climb up the wall and plans to escape from there! Right at this moment when he was about to escape, Nagasawa seems like wanting to block him with everything she got. What?! He jumped back! And Nagasawa ran away! Yes, you are right! She just ran away from a warrior who has only 200 health points left. She even used a displacement skill to run away! Is Brother Le going to continue his escape? No! He is mad! Truly mad! He took the tower’s attack and now has only left a few tens of health points! He dashed at Nagasawa! He dodged the hook! One strike! Another strike! Nagasawa is dead! Well played! Brother Le points his blade at the sky and acts the war god’s pose! Yes, that’s right! He is posing at the middle of a few towers! Brother Le shouted something! ‘Revenge successful! Give me back my teammate!’ Wow! This is truly insane! Ah, what a pity. The two towers killed him cruelly.”

Upon finishing his sentence, a lot of veins had appeared all over Brother Zhao’s body. He then wiped the sweat. “That Nagasawa, did not attack him so the kill goes to the creep. In other words, the enemy does not receive any kills and even lost two players, especially a level 6 Nagasawa. What’s a pity is that he has achieved 5 death stacks. But still, he is able to obtain a new sub-skill.”

“Brother Mad Devil Le! Brother Mad Devil Le!” Everyone was shouting madly. Even though it did not manage to be heard on the battlefield, everyone in the stadium was already hyped up. CloudDragon was also hyped up due to the never-shaking guts. He then was confused as he recalled that DemonSpirit was killed by Lin Le himself.

“Even if he did not kill DemonSpirit. With that little health points, she would be killed by RedMoon anyway. So, Lin Le’s action was right. Although they have lost 100 souls, at least, the enemies could not get what they wanted.” VastSea squinted.

“Indeed. The result speaks for itself.” YellowSpring nodded.

BlackIce sighed and put down the doll. She then took a new doll and continued to poke it.

“It would be good if that time I had been at Really New Village.” MistyVeil thought.

Aota Hikoishi was battling Zhang Zhengxiong intensely. He was getting more nervous as his sword could not piece through Zhang Zhengxiong’s iron fist! All the energy accumulated inside! Looking at the virtual sword passing through the metal and stuck at the energy level, he quickly jumped backed to dodge the capture. He pondered. His capturing range is just too wide and it is also fast! With the momentum, he pierced. Zhang Zhengxiong smirked and casually grabbed the sword. He then pulled it towards himself and smashed him with another hand at lightning speed. Aota was shocked and wanted to retrieve his sword but it was stuck. It was impossible to pull it out!

Suddenly, Aota felt pain at his chest. He then kicked him to put a distance between them. Just when he was about to stabilize himself as he landed on the ground, a giant shadow appeared right in front of him. His heart sank. So fast! What kind of speed is this?! He quickly blocked Zhang Zhengxiong’s attack with his sword. However, he felt pain from his arm as if he was smashed by a heavy hammer. Illusion Art - False!

Knowing that Aota virtualized himself in that split second, Zhang Zhengxiong recalled Little Tian’s reminder. The electric current wave could affect his virtualization. He smiled coldly. The mechanical arms then began to function and he smashed into the ground. Waves of electricity rippled. Aota realized that his virtualization became unstable. Just then, a narrow sword pierced right into his heart. With three-quarters left, his health points dropped to zero instantly. He could not believe what he saw as he turned around. A faint smile and swaying white hair.