Ye Cang slowly pulled out his long and narrow sword. “As an excellent swordsman, not being aware of what’s behind you is a big no ya. Looks like you have a lot to work on. I know what you’re going to say but you can save those thanking words. Well, nonetheless, good luck!”

“Damn you asshole…”Aota Hikoishi could not withstand it anymore. He was then turned into a ray of white light and sent back to the base before he could finish his sentence.

“He has no moral value. I gratefully taught him a life lesson and some basic things which swordsman should be aware of but in fact, he scolds me? A’Xiong, thank you.” Ye Cang sighed.

“Brother, how can you be like this? That kill should obviously be mine.” Zhang Zhengxiong looked bitter.

“Oh, come on. Isn’t it just a stupid kill? Just wait for him to come over and kill him again. No difference.” Ye Cang rolled his eyes at Zhang Zhengxiong and hissed.

“You got a point. Then, I’ll go back and charge up.” Zhang Zhengxiong agreed with Ye Cang’s thought. He upgraded the motion system and recalled back to the base for charging.

“Brother Hero indeed excel in the assassin position. With that speed, it is hard to predict where he is. All other invisibility skills, excluding windwalk, would reduce one’s speed but his Speed - Hidden is otherwise. Its speed increment is relatively higher than the windwalk and it has no sign of activating it. Incorporating with the system now, he can activate his limit break ultimate Flash of Life, this kind of instant kill skill at level 6. For the light-armored players to escape out of his hands is nearly impossible. Not to mention that he is also well-farmed.” Brother Zhong stared at Ye Cang who turned and continued roaming.

“At the bottom lane, SpyingBlade has also reached level 6. It is going to be hard for the Black Dragon Union. When The Frenzied Shadow reaches level 6, it obtains the Shadow Riot - Uprising. Its other skills are indeed strong too. With Little Ye Tin’s Rainbow Mirage, RoyalMoon is no match for him as Broken Moon Flowing Water could not lock on him.” Brother Zhao was looking at the bottom lane. The number of shadows had increased and along with SpyingBlade’s attacks, the shadows were mirroring the real body’s delayed second attack.

“But to be honest, the Frenzied Shadow is also one of the hardest characters to be controlled in the current league. It is complicated. Different people have their own ways of using the same character.” Brother Zhong stared at the shadows streaming all over the place.

As the competition went on, Ye Cang had reached level 8. He had been ambushing the opponents at the bottom lane continuously with his Flash of Life. He even killed the giant crocodile alone. The enemies were forced to initiate the team fight as they could not delay any more.

“On the battlefield, there are quite a number of people who can kill the giant crocodile alone, the Three Brothers, SpyingBlade, Aota, and RedMoon. But among them, Brother Hero and Mad Devil Le should be the only ones who could kill it easily as one seems unharmed while the other specializes in killing giant creatures.

“There is a battle at the giant snake.” Brother Zhao was excited.

Lin Le and Ye Cang were battling the giant snake together. The six members of Black Dragon Union were heading towards them but Little Ye Tian and the others were on standby around there.

“Go in forcefully? There should be ambush.” Standing on high ground, RedMoon was staring at Ye Cang and Lin Le who were battling with the Super Strength Python.

“We have no choice. We would lose if they got the giant snake’s buff and soul. RoyalMoon, you and I have to lock on the giant snake. Capturing it is a must!” Aota Hikoishi grabbed the hilt, signaling to ambush.

On top of the big rock, Little Ye Tian saw the Black Dragon Union’s members who were preparing to ambush. A ray of light shined from her scepter. “Rainbow Fantasy!”

The appearance of the Rainbow Fantasy disrupted their vision and mentality but Nagasawa cleared it with Clean Breeze. Once it was cleared, the shadow streams were everywhere. They thought. Shit!

“Shadow Riot - Uprising.” SpyingBlade appeared behind Aota Hikoishi and started slashing with his shadow blade. Even though it was his first time battling with SpyingBlade, Aota knew he was a troublesome guy. He could not tangle with him here. He then slashed and activated Illusion Art - False.

SpyingBlade did not chase after him but then disappeared in thin air and reappeared at the shadow stream attacking RoyalMoon from behind. RoyalMoon felt something suspicious from behind and quickly turned around to block it. He reached out his hand to push SpyingBlade away. However, the blade disappeared as if he pushed a cloud of smoke.

SpyingBlade once again turned into a cloud of black smoke and disappeared, dodging Nagasawa’s hook and RedMoon’s slash at the same time. Not long after, he reappeared behind SpringOnSpringTree like a grim reaper and smiled coldly. “You guys missed one guy.”

A massive amount of shadow streams surrounded her and SpyingBlade cut her throat. She was killed in seconds. At the same time, the shadow stream had started to fade as the Shadow Riot - Uprising effect had ended.

Just then, RedMoon felt that there was a huge electric current wave in front of her. Her heart sank.

“Player DemonSpirit - Ice Queen has defeated player Aota Hikoishi - LeftHandedSwordSaint.”

The three of them looked at the Blizzard which the Ice Queen unleashed and the current attack caused by Zhang Zhengxiong’s arm which was functioning at its maximum. Little Ye Tian shrugged her shoulders. The formula is calculated and that virtualization is only a catalyst which made him die faster.

DemondSpirit was also shocked. I actually killed that SSS ranked LeftHandedSwordSaint! In the Great Christmas War! Is this a dream? She began to tremble.

“Steal it! If not, our efforts are wasted!” Knowing that they could not run away from this, RedMoon shouted.

BigBlackLord who was somewhere near Aota’s death location immediately rushed over and the rest of the three also sprinted. Zhang Zhengxiong stopped the motion, turned around and clouds of steam were coming out from his hand. He blocked them. “It is not allowed to pass through.”

BigBlackLord wanted to deflect him but instead, Zhang Zhengxiong grabbed his arm. Seeing an incoming kick, Zhang Zhengxiong accurately grabbed the leg with another hand and smashed him into the ground. With a smooth motion, he pulled him back and tossed him to the direction where the giant snake was. “Don’t you want to go there? I’ll give you a lift!”

“Lele catch!” Zhang Zhengxiong laughed.

Ultimate - Sun Shot!

With a slash, Lin Le cut at the snake and blood splattered. He dodged its tail slash with a cartwheel and ran towards the incoming BigBlackLord while activating Giant Assault. “One slash! Ha!”

In mid-air, he was chopped into two halves.

“200 souls received. Thanks Brother Lil’Xiong for the delivery!” Lin Le wiped the blood stain on his face and laughed.

Ye Cang pouted. I wanted that kill. He sighed as he dodged the snake’s bite and pierced its eyes. “A’Xiong, send me one too! Need 200 to upgrade my hairstyle.”

“Hey hey hey, what do you guys treat them as?” Brother Zhong smiled bitterly.

“Upgrade hairstyle...I remember hairstyle doesn’t give you any effect. Even though it would actually make it look nicer, he wouldn’t really use that 200 souls to upgrade his hairstyle right?” Brother Zhao wiped his sweat.

“It’s hard to say since they are the Really New Village’s Three Brothers.” Brother Zhong smiled bitterly.

“Old Blade, delay them for me. Around 30 seconds. Wait for my skill to be refreshed and let one of them come at me. So that I can send one to brother.” Zhang Zhengxiong shouted.

SpyingBlade was speechless and was cooperating with Little Ye Tian and DemonSpirit to restrain the three of them.

The audience outside started to wipe their sweat. “No wonder they are the Three Brothers. They indeed know how to have fun.”

Under Little Ye Tian’s command, DemonSpirit assisted SpyingBlade in all kinds of restraints. She broke out in a sweat. I didn’t even know Ice Queen could be used in such ways. Through the mirror to let that shadow...Let the chills… She totally did not understand what she was doing and even SpyingBlade was soaked in cold sweat.