Knowing that his skills were about to refresh, Zhang Zhengxiong dashed towards them. He pointed at Nagasawa, ignoring the other two. He smashed the Kamaitachi, blocked RoyalMoon’s slash with his left hand and grabbed RedMoon’s naginata with his right. He then knocked Nagasawa out with a head smash and pushed the other two away. In a smooth motion, he grabbed her waist and tossed her to Ye Cang with Sun Shot.

Ye Cang blocked the giant snake’s bite and went after Nagasawa. With an upper kick, he sent her flying while she was still in mid-air. He then pulled out his sword and accurately, pierced into her heart from the behind. There was a cold flash. Ye Cang pulled out his sword, turned around and dashed at the giant snake. However, Nagasawa’s corpse was still flying in mid-air. There was an obvious speed difference between them. With Ye Cang turning around casually, looking calm, and his slightly shining and good texture hair, the scene was creepy but imposing.

She was already dead but the corpse had not landed on the ground. Yet, the killer had already entered into another battle. From the audience point of view, Nagasawa floated in mid-air for an extremely long time and landed in slow motion too. This weird feeling was due to Ye Cang’s speed.

“So handsome.” FrozenCloud blurted out.

“Uhh…” Even though ThornyRose was pissed, she admitted that the scene just now was indeed stunning. Can’t believe he actually managed to do the time speed differentiation. If his speed was slowed down to a normal player’s speed, Nagasawa’s body would have disappeared like a bubble. Staring at Ye Cang’s good texture hair which would sometimes leave a little beautiful stardust when it swayed, she was furious. “Damn this fella, he really used that 200 souls to upgrade his hairstyle in the Great Christmas War.”

“That’s our team leader. Using 200 souls to upgrade his hairstyle. Hehe~” FrozenBlood respected Ye Cang.

“I kinda pity him for being friends with Rose. Whenever I think of this, I actually feel sorry for the team leader.” ElegantFragance sighed.

“Who doesn’t?” FrozenBlood also sighed.

“......” FrozenCloud, GreenDew and the others were soaked in cold sweat. It was as if they saw a fire burning real strong through ThornyRose’s trembling shadow.

“That’s our Brother Hero. He actually upgraded his hairstyle in such important competition.” Brother Zhong wiped his cold sweat.

“What is he saying? Increase the volume.” Staring at Ye Cang being satisfied with the effect of his upgraded hairstyle, Brother Zhao saw him mumbling something. He then increased the volume.

“The effect looks not bad. Let me see, upgrading to the ultimate hairstyle costs me 3000 more souls. Hehe~ Its cost is more than upgrading a weapon. Looks incredible.” Brother Zhao knew something was not right upon hearing what he said.

“A’Xiong and you guys, keep those two people for me. I’ll come and collect them in a short while. I want to upgrade my hairstyle to the ultimate form! So, keep the souls for me!” Swaying his good-textured hair, Ye Cang shouted.

Everyone was stunned.

“Brother Lil’White is so incredible! You’re too smart! I can’t even think of such an amazing idea! I should have upgraded my hairstyle too.” Lin Le said with much respect.

“Damn it, that bad guy got to say it first.” Little Ye Tian mumbled something and then nodded. She said seriously. “That’s my father. Your opinion is always straight to the point. As long as our spirit is greater than the opponent, we have already won partially. If we manage to help father to upgrade his hair to the ultimate form, I’m sure the opponent wouldn’t struggle to fight back anymore.”

“Yeap, Little Tian and I share the same thought.” Lin Le who just killed the giant snake with Ye Cang, nodded. Meanwhile, Little Ye Tian rolled her eyes.

“Good idea, brother!” Zhang Zhengxiong laughed.

“Regarding leader…isn’t it too…” DemonSpirit was soaked in cold sweat.

“If Brother Lil’White said that he wanted to upgrade his hairstyle to the ultimate form, that that’s it. You...Wait, who are you? Brother Lil’Xiong, there is an unknown enemy beside you. Let me slash her to see whether we would increase or decrease souls.” Upon finishing his sentence, Lin Le made his way through. DemonSpirit was stunned when she saw his cautious look.

On the other hand, SpyingBlade was casually controlling the shadow stream and facepalming at the same time. He then sighed as he looked at Ye Cang. Upgrading the hairstyle to the ultimate form. Let’s try.

ThornyRose was grinding her teeth so hard as if she would crash her teeth any time. At last, she facepalmed. “Can this fella stop acting? God damn it! This is the Great Christmas War. Eliminating the opponent at the fastest speed is what’s important. Upgrading the hairstyle to its ultimate form? Wasting 3000 plus of souls. Does he know how much everyone has to give away in order to do that? Why is this happening to me?!”

“I still think the team leader is cool. F*ck it up all the way.” Once again, FrozenBlood said with respect.

“The Really New Village’s Three Brothers have once again put the competition at a weird pace.” Brother Zhong did not know whether he should cry or laugh.

Brother Zhao remained silent but nodded.

Everyone let Ye Cang kill the two enemies. After that, the entire competition pace was slowed down just to allow Ye Cang to gain as many resources as possible. For example, even though DemonSpirit had only 100 health points, she had to bear the risk of dying and carefully dodged the attacks until Ye Cang came to claim it. Another example was SpyingBlade saw Ye Cang coming when he was clearing the creep, he had no choice but to reduce all the creeps’ health so that Ye Cang could kill them with one slash and leave. Meanwhile, Zhang Zhengxiong went to the enemies jungle and tried his very best to prevent Aota and others from farming. If he could not fight them, he would run. If he saw them killing monsters, he would go and disrupt. If there were fewer people, he would kill them. Little Ye Tian, SpyingBlade and Lin Le then teamed up together at the middle lane, defending at all cost. Players like Nagasawa and SpringOnSpringTree were totally no match for Ye Cang. Without any choices, RedMoon and Aota could only let Ye Cang kill those two again and again. Ye Cang would just casually run away with Speed - Hidden. Even anti-invisibility skills were useless against him. As Ye Cang was getting more and more resources, the audience thought that maybe there would be a chance for the Black Dragon Union to take a break from the killing. Unfortunately, what audience saw was a bunch of insane perverts who were destroying the opponent’s mentality and Ye Cang’s hairstyle which got nicer and emitted light steam. His hair was getting longer and heavier. Nagasawa, SpringOnSpringTree, and RoyalMoon from the Black Dragon Union had no intention to battle anymore but they also knew it was impossible for them to surrender, especially when going against the China district.

Ye Cang had already reached level 13 and he once again killed Nagasawa with Speed - Differentiation’s camouflage skill. His Flash of Life was instantly refreshed. Blade Edge Blink! Aota Hikoishi and the others immediately protected SpringOnSpringTree but Ye Cang appeared beside RoyalMoon in a blink of an eye. Under that huge speed difference, he killed him as if he was killing a chicken. He received 113 souls. Alright! He then upgraded his hairstyle. His hair once again transformed. Its length reached his feet and it was glimmering as it swayed with the wind. He looked as if some god descended from heaven.

“Congratulations Player Pale Snow, Piercing Thorn to be the first person who ever upgraded his hair to the ultimate form in the hero mode of the Great Christmas War! From now onwards, all of his attributes will be increased 10% permanently, speed increases by 15%. Its effects and look would be permanent. He also received the virtual world’s honorable achievement (the one and only one) I’m Proud of My Hairstyle!”

Everyone was completely stunned. ThornyRose’s jaw even dropped as if it was about to reach the floor.